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  1. KiraK

    Leech le Cass - [ CLOSED ]

    must ask her to leech, super pro who dont complain lag kills her...ahahahahaha definitely a must buy leecher...price is good too
  2. KiraK

    Include seller NPCs when using !shopjump and !whosell

    there is already !whosell just dont habe the jump part, !ws is the shortform
  3. KiraK

    How to fix server lagness for those who lag

    not upgrade the internet, the server host so that it can accomodate more people...the isp in my country suck but even we complain to them its useless and its always the same restart modem procedure which is practically useless..yes i also get lags especially during events where people like to login multiple accounts making the server lag like crazy just to get prizes n stuff...its still a suggestion to upgrade the server host because i think its at its limit of accomodating about 2k of people..if server host is good im sure the lag issues will reduce..
  4. KiraK

    How to fix server lagness for those who lag

    then what do you suggest, at least it fixes the lags for most people...either that or upgrade the server so that it can accomodate more people...gms dont have lags but players do especially those around south east asia...at least we do...
  5. suggestion: add in vpn so players can log in using different vpn channels and dont need to download and pay for each n single players, server gets donation why not the server pay and fix the lagness one go...eg would be estland ro, they manage to solve the lagness but since the gms there arent making any updates or anything its starting to lag as well...according to one of your gms is the routing problems from players side, fix it by introducing vpn channels so different country can use different ways of accessing the game and i am sure it will reduce the lag as well, its uncomfortable for players to play while mobbing andsuddenly the game just hangs for few seconds and the next thing they know they are dead...its just and idea and im sure that if the lag is fix more players will be back to play as well