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  1. Hi Fellow TalonRO players. Can someone please post stalker 1hitKO BB build for stalkers? I've been stalking the forums for some time now but all I see regarding mavka 1hit are LK's BB and Spiral. LKs are cool and all but the thing is, I enjoy playing stalker more than anything else, and as they say, "farm with the job you enjoy playing the most". So can someone please be kind enough and share some wisdom regarding Stalker 1 Hit BB mavka faming please, and if possible the cheapest and budget friendly build please. I don't need those overkill build, just plain 1 hit would be nice. I am running on weeder knife+4, robo eyes, chicken hat and doing basic/3ple attack atm, and it's cool with the "snatcher" skill and all, but it takes long to kill 1 mavka, and I was hoping I could imitate those stalkers out there doing steal+BB then move on to the next kill, they seems time wise farming afterall. Well, I talked long enough, and don't want to bore you people, so hopefully someone posts their "stalker 1hitKO BB mavka" build here. P.S. Sorry if I posted on the wrong section, I'm kind of new here, if so, could someone kindly move this post to the right section, thanks in advance.
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