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  1. Afaik it isn't a bug and just a skill adjustment made by Gravity, while already being renewal. https://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/236173-may-10th-renewal-maintenance/
  2. It could've been just fixed as well, since that, like Double Attack critting are changes to skills that where only introduced in renewal and do not belong to a pre-re environment.
  3. I wouldn't be so sure of what @howrah posted back then. I tested the same hypothesis with the Dark Illusion Card combo, and equipping two Dark Illusion Cards did not double the combo's effect. Then again, there was at least one item pre-iduna, that did double the combo's effect when the part with the script was equipped twice.
  4. The transition was rough around the edges and some links are still missing, but, this Halloween Event beautifully displays whats possible now with the new server software and I can't wait to experience the new instances mechanics. The cyclone to carry you to Error, brings back fond memories of pixel art style games and I absolutely loved how smooth it worked as well. While I think there should always be room for feedback, I do understand that it can get rather unsatisfying when all you hear is negativity - with this said, I too, want to cordially thank the whole staff for their continuous work and passion that you put into TalonRO and together, as a server, we shall prosper o/
  5. If you mean the raffle costumes, they are claimable on all your other game accounts via the machine in Lutie.
  6. Enable following items to be turned into brownie points at Grandma Boxter: Golden Tiara (5179), rare mining drop - 5 tc Silver Tiara (5149), rare mining drop - 5 tc Frog King Hat [1] (5528), 2.10% droprate from Toad - 10 tc Mask of Ifrit (5429), 10% droprate from Ifrit - 6tc All these items have barely any value due to being either not known to the average player/newcomer, or are easily outclassed.
  7. Askein

    Black Face+Hair

    With the introduction of Iduna many hairstyle+color combinations where bugged and resulted in black hair+face. Since this has now been flagged to be fixed for the next patch, I wanted to inquire whether its possible to have one color retain that behavior, since it allowed a plethora of new styles all around.
  8. If you can't switch out the carded armor, to prevent it from turning off its own buff, its useless. When this card was introduced, you where able to swap out the armor and not lose the buff, that was the official intended behaviour at that time. The only reason it changed is because renewal clients decided to remove most lingering skills once their source is removed, and the reason why it doesn't matter in a renewal context is simply its enormous power creep and the tons of new, better items that are released like candy is thrown at carnival.
  9. The problem, opposed to Maya Card, is that keeping the armor on with the card makes no sense because it being autocasted will cancel the buff on the second procc, that really just defies the existance of the card. You get the card because you get hit, to receive a damage reduction, but now with every other hit your damage reduction just gets canceled cause the second activation will do just that, then again on a third activation you will get the buff again and so on.
  10. Askein

    Talon Cash Ticket

    With the transition to Iduna, a new cash shop was introduced which only works with Talon Cash. Currently Talon Coins and the last remnants of Copper Coins have to be exchanged to Talon Cash, which in turn is immediately added to your balance on that specific game account. Whenever you get Talon Cash via Tickets you will have to consume them first and then exchange the Talon Cash to Talon Coins if you do want to trade them to another account of yours or simply vend them. Now my suggestion and question is, why don't we just make Talon Cash Tickets storable/vendable directly? I know they pretty much replace Copper Coins which never have been storable/vendable with the reason maybe being, fluctuating exchange rates. But with that gone there seem to be no real reason to complicate the process of handling Talon Cash. The only other thing I can think of is, that this would slowly fade out the need and existance of Talon Coins altogether - and that might be something, you want to retain.
  11. Least favorite: Eye of the Storm Getting and bringing the flag from the middle to your own base does not really yield quite enough points to make it worth it, generally, the map also seems to be to big for the average BG population, and with Domination existing as well, many seem to be confused at first. Most favorite: Bossnia Despite the map being to big, and players often not knowing what to do, and when to do it. It offers a variety of classes a meaningful tasks be it, delaying the own MVP being dragged to the enemies, defending the own MVP with heal/pneuma/sw/wof/LP/status, defending and capturing the flag, being major DPS to take down the enemish MVP, supporting the DPS or simply killing other players.
  12. Askein

    Mercenary loyalty

    So fair if you gain loyalty with, for example, a swordsman type of mercenary, you only increase the loyalty count in that specific guild - he suggests to make the loyalty gain be global, as in, covering all 3 guilds alike.
  13. Generally the bigger problem in terms of elemental attacks, are physical elemental attacks and breaths. Ifrit for example will one shot you with Fire Breath even on fire element armor (wearing devi), so will his EQ oneshot you on Power Up, if you are alone on the screen. Also especially high level Water Balls can be a pain in the neck even on the corresponding armors. LP does not block Wide Stone Curse, when fighting Gemini there is readily a LP applied, yet people get stoned on the regular. You're trying something new, more power to you. Still, if you want real answers you should just go out and test it yourself. If money really is no issue than there is no problem in purchasing stuff just for the sake of testing.
  14. I think I only now really understood your question. The reason why old skills had no acd, maybe stems solely from the fact that they where created in a context of a lower level cap and no rebirthing, which was an innate barrier to their ceiling itself. With raising the level cap and the introduction of rebirth (+ stronger gear), stat points became abundant and the natural barrier dissipated - so maybe thats why a rather artificial barrier in acd was introduced for trans skills. (or maybe it was due to certain .grf edits that would totally run rampant if you only had aspd (animation) based delays)
  15. What other skills do you have in mind? Also maybe not so much the regular MVPs, but many custome ones have Magic Mirror which renders HWs practically useless - to use JT to its fullest certain criteria need to be met, regarding nonboss/boss and element, and most of the time SG is superior in that the crowd control is to good to pass upon. I think having easy acd sources, like renewal (bragi before the change), leads to much steamrolling, also do monsters not cope really well with being hitlock, through multi-hitting spammable skills.
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