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  1. Why you should use ASPD Dance

    You have to be aware though, that this greatly reduces sp regeneration and therefore is not advised to be used on homunculi using a lot of sp.
  2. questions about Tracking

    From what I know it should reduce it, but if you don't want to commit to buy one just to figure out, that it does not - you may have some -cast time equip laying around? Like a Dark Illusion carded headgear?
  3. How can i achieve insta-cast with mine current build?

    You do realize that the slotted Robo eye does not retain the stats it has while unslotted? For 150 dex you could play around with Drops Card (weapon card, +1 Dex +3 Hit), Stem Worm Card (garment card, +5 Dex), Moonlight Flower Card (shoes card, +5 Dex +25% MHP), Observation Card (armor card, every 18 base Vit +1 Dex). Otherwise browsing the itemdb with "bDex" in the Item Script input field - is fairly easy and result rewarding.
  4. Ask The Person Below You Anything

    A: The simplest solution often times is the best. Which would be in this case, just doing whatever one's putting off. It sounds incredibly mundane but does work, for certain people at least. Otherwise one could give "Tapping" a try. Q: When you try and help a friend, where do you draw the line between telling them what to do (in your opinion) or guiding them to find their own answer since they are the best person to decide what's to be done in the situation they're in.
  5. I know it has been multiple times suggested to have 3rd class sprites and I understand your point as to why you don't want to implement them, that specific problem doesn't apply to what I suggest. Though I am not sure if it should work both ways, or just if you rebirthed. Cons: - in WoE, stacking might change due to some second class sprites being different in size as to what they were in trans - hard to differentiate between and actual second class character and the trans version (is that important though? maybe for leeching?) - sprite delay issues (along the lines of zero delay sprite, I don't know to much about the issue but from my limited knowledge I think there should be no problem) Pros: - more diversity (even though the class distribution graphic displays that there are much more second class characters <.<) - people get to play with their favourite sprite (skillanimation/attackanimation even death animation if you will)
  6. #gaudium




    @GM Lance

  7. A Lone Assassin Cross's POV

    I actually think from a pvp kind of perspective having a generic sprite for most of the SQI's (except bows, due to arrows deciding its element) is better, else telling which weapon ones using is to easy?
  8. Hidden Enchantment

    Hey guys, I just wanted to know, if hidden enchanting your armor can break it if it fails to succeed?