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  1. Askein

    Marc in what armor ?

    It heavily depends on where your application lies, but for general purpose people tend to choose wind armor, because it pairs nicely with a fire armor, the fact that earth property attacks are not as common and the due to the existence of SG and LoV.
  2. Askein

    Halloween | Melodia Haunted Festival

    You click on the prize NPC, choose "Costume Raffle, choose "I'd like a classic costume" and voil√° - there's the items names from last years event, which you can then proceed to look up.
  3. Askein

    Halloween | Melodia Haunted Festival

    You can use their names to look them up at the stylist in Prontera?
  4. Askein

    Halloween Main House Quest Guide

    Yes it is.
  5. Askein

    Halloween | Melodia Haunted Festival

    Zombie Run so far, seems as deserted at last year. Maybe putting it in closer proximity to a more popular Town Game, people would casually join more often, once the other game just started.
  6. Askein

    Switching gear during SG

    How is it any harder than it already is (difference between min and max matk)? Its just a % based reduction I thought?
  7. Askein

    Switching gear during SG

    I always wondered with the equipment changing working how amp would be considered, because if amp does in crease the damage by whatever percent, and that buff persists throughout all hits, what happens if you amp > sg > amp - as you describe it, it just seems to freeze the picture at that stage and use it for all the calculation, nice find.
  8. Askein

    Rolling Back Super Novice

    If you roll back a trans class you can become a high novice, if you roll back any non-trans class you can become a novice. (or the (high) class of whatever class branch you've chosen)
  9. External bleeding does work on non-boss monsters like any other status ailment, tho its even slower than poison. (the only real application it might have, is that it can cancel casts when it procs)
  10. Askein

    Character costumes and Testing mode

    They first was already once declined, because they want to be distinguishably different from a renewal server, and 3rd job sprices, apparently, would not helpt that.
  11. Askein

    Evolved Pets Question

    In some PVM instances like Wave Challenge, Nightmare Rift and the last floor of GMC (the ones I know, there might be more) you do not lose intimacy as well. Edit: In BG you also do not lose intimacy.
  12. Askein

    Peco peco speed

    There is Campus Festival Hat (ID: 18547), as a source for Agi Up (level 2).
  13. Askein

    Change homunculus sprite

    I think he is referring to the two different sprites for one class of homun: Not, just choosing any of the sprites ignoring type restrictions. Not sure how feasible it is, but I don't see why not, if it is.
  14. Askein

    Perfect Dodge

    PD only works for auto attacks and not skills, that's why its pretty much useless in any pvp scenario.
  15. Askein

    Monster view distance

    Nope, we at least can zoom out enough to directly see them when being rendered. On official servers you see a fraction of what we are able to.