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  1. Generally the bigger problem in terms of elemental attacks, are physical elemental attacks and breaths. Ifrit for example will one shot you with Fire Breath even on fire element armor (wearing devi), so will his EQ oneshot you on Power Up, if you are alone on the screen. Also especially high level Water Balls can be a pain in the neck even on the corresponding armors. LP does not block Wide Stone Curse, when fighting Gemini there is readily a LP applied, yet people get stoned on the regular. You're trying something new, more power to you. Still, if you want real answers you should just go out and test it yourself. If money really is no issue than there is no problem in purchasing stuff just for the sake of testing.
  2. I think I only now really understood your question. The reason why old skills had no acd, maybe stems solely from the fact that they where created in a context of a lower level cap and no rebirthing, which was an innate barrier to their ceiling itself. With raising the level cap and the introduction of rebirth (+ stronger gear), stat points became abundant and the natural barrier dissipated - so maybe thats why a rather artificial barrier in acd was introduced for trans skills. (or maybe it was due to certain .grf edits that would totally run rampant if you only had aspd (animation) based delays)
  3. What other skills do you have in mind? Also maybe not so much the regular MVPs, but many custome ones have Magic Mirror which renders HWs practically useless - to use JT to its fullest certain criteria need to be met, regarding nonboss/boss and element, and most of the time SG is superior in that the crowd control is to good to pass upon. I think having easy acd sources, like renewal (bragi before the change), leads to much steamrolling, also do monsters not cope really well with being hitlock, through multi-hitting spammable skills.
  4. I've fully checked two game accounts of mine and couldn't fine any faults in terms of missing items, changed stats/skills. I had to change my hotkey's tho, they where not the same anymore, I think they just had the default layout. Edit: Being able to acces the bank anywhere is great, I wonder tho if its possible now, to make it forum account wide?
  5. I haven't seen it, but is the renewal client party ui gonna be a thing?
  6. Askein

    Hiding Headgears

    You are aware of the ones at the Rental Master, price is 25 bronze coins each.
  7. Afaik, on renewal servers it's bound to a hotkey.
  8. They announced it on one of their media channels as some sort of sneak peak.
  9. Apart from every one-handed weapon equipping in the left hand slot (shield slot), after dual-wielding, there is a delay which I think is based on your ping to the server, dictating how fast you can swap gears. From what I have observed, the delay between swapping > 1 item, is pretty much your ping to the server + whatever input delay your body/system produces. Therefore issuing the second command to swap to ck after having swapped to a shield, will not be registered if it's done so to early. I usually just spam the ck key after swapping to a shield. Side note: Iduna's, swapping to a whole different gear setup with one button, will surely come in handy in those situations.
  10. Askein

    about GMC

    Just an assumption, but there might be coming up a "Favorite"-Item tab where you can put only the things in you want to, regardless of their type.
  11. Askein


    3. I can only speak for myself here and make assumptions, but I think that especially the BG community, is not very keen on having to farm just to be competitive in the mode they actually want to play, and I'd rather have them play more BG instead of having to farm X amount of time to fund their supplies. Secondly internalized supplies add an extra layer of depth, in that you can't just go out and spam your AD 24/7 until you get killed, but rather have to be thoughtful on who to target and when/how you aim to suicide in a way the other team doesn't directly know what your goal is. (same for webs/gems/poison bottle). Yet addressing WS skills should be considered, because even with CT spam their effectiveness is greatly reduced by being melee, maybe some weapon could reduce the costs per refine upgrade, but I think that was somewhere suggested already? All this doesn't mean that I think it's already perfectly balanced. Sinx seem to have it rough with their bottle supply and the fact you 95% of the time run around without soul link, making 1 hitting already very hard - but maybe that just means we haven't figured out how to play them correctly in that environment. 4. It's true I haven't WOE'd really at all. Just as a BGer though, I'm content with how Conquest plays out, to me with the current class meta it even seems that the attacking team is slightly favored in terms of winning, but your mileage may vary, heavily depending on what team comps you had and how many people generally played at that time. It's true that there is a lot of walking, but off the top of my head i couldn't think of a way to address that, without giving the attacking team a substantial buff.
  12. Askein

    Dokebi Horn [1] change

    Not sure what your application is, but it still proccs without having any Zeny on a character. EDIT: Nvm, it doesn't procc on 0 Zeny - its just that once your Zeny count reaches 0, it takes some time for it to be recognized.
  13. Askein


    1. and 2. sound great. 3. What is it that you want to achieve with that? I'd rather think it would drive off some of the BG population, in that they cherish not having to farm anything for it, or the class focus would shift to classes that do not need external supplies. Secondly, having internal supplies is a great handle to balance things, and its imho one of our BGs biggest feats. 4. Care to elaborate?
  14. Not a fan of this, because it would dilute the costume market even more. I am generally not sure if its wise to try to motivate people by making it profitable, since imho, thats not the reason why you engage into end game content - by making something profitable you will give rise to potential abuse. Edit: I could see Glory Coins being a good incentive, in that they motivate you to try to win, instead of just motivating participation. Still, if costumes are considered, I'd rather see unique ones instead of recycling all the ones whe have, in just one more additional box - making them vendable is another story, since while Glory Coins promote winning, making it profitable may give rise to very cheesy playstyles, to maximize "farming".
  15. Askein

    BG, Rush

    In the BG mode Rush the idea is that both teams try and take the Emperium first, to later defend it. Now it pretty quickly established to feel out, whether one should take the Emperium or not, depending on the teams composition, because certain team comps are better at defending/taking. However this more than often leads to a stalemate, in that none of the teams feel confident enough to be able to defend after an initial take, so no one takes at all. A last minute break is not viable, since the timer will reset to 5 min, granting more than enough time for the attacking team to retake the Emperium. An option to address this issue could be, to make the timer not reset at all when the Emperium is taken. Taking the Emperium would become always the goal to achieve, instead of both teams idly sitting in the Emp-Room waiting for the other team to take.
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