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  1. Your explanation is wrong, since Demonstration for example does indeed just behave like that, if it's source is a monster.
  2. Askein

    BG, Rush

    In the BG mode Rush the idea is that both teams try and take the Emperium first, to later defend it. Now it pretty quickly established to feel out, whether one should take the Emperium or not, depending on the teams composition, because certain team comps are better at defending/taking. However this more than often leads to a stalemate, in that none of the teams feel confident enough to be able to defend after an initial take, so no one takes at all. A last minute break is not viable, since the timer will reset to 5 min, granting more than enough time for the attacking team to retake the Emperium. An option to address this issue could be, to make the timer not reset at all when the Emperium is taken. Taking the Emperium would become always the goal to achieve, instead of both teams idly sitting in the Emp-Room waiting for the other team to take.
  3. I just tested it out and all magic aoe, single target, fire pillar and fire wall are reduced by long range reduction. Spear Boomerang will count as a melee ranged attack, if the monster is ≤ 4 cells close. All physical skills, but forced ranged skills like Spiral Pierce or the auto attack of ranged monsters, will change their range property depending on the distance to you.
  4. I wouldn't know if there is a list, but from the top of my head, only Naght Seiger is custom in that it also uses Earth Quake. All the other regular mvps behave, afaik, as they do on official, in terms of skills. Generally I would use the RMS database. If you'd face them correspondingly but still have problems, then its maybe time to investigate. For all the GMC MVPs, Elysian Garden MVPS and Valkyrie: Battle of the Nine MVPs you can only resort to inductive methods, which is possible due to video material being around for all of those.
  5. For pretty much all non-custom MVPs the RMS skill database still holds true, for everything else, just be observative. Most skills are easily identifyable by their animation, or by whatever damage they do to you, in context of what gear you are wearing. It can be hard to be alert during the battle, so maybe recording those can help.
  6. Its the mage branch mount.
  7. BG is infact vanilla only. I haven't checked lately, but it used to get going around 04:00 pm sv time daily and even more so on weekends. You have to realize tho that its a rather pvm based server with GMC, Wave Challenge, Old Glast Heim, various seasonal instances and the chain of Events hosted by our dear GM Lance.
  8. Askein


    If you don't stat any luk, having 1+3 luk, you could reduce it to zero by using Thanatos Despero Mask, which makes you immune to curse.
  9. Some platinum skill quests do give bronze coins, both on Archer and Acolyte - I can't talk for other classes tho, but I would assume it does correlate with difficulty, since Novice ones do not yield them.
  10. Please, that's not even a blurred teaser. It looks like a forum members, or online users list
  11. Askein

    Infinite Fly Wing Box

    @wobi~ Wouldn't your argument rather promote single day infinity fly wings, costing 1/7 th? In any scenario, 2x 7 days compared to 1x 14 days should always be superior or at least on paar, because if you find yourself in a situation where one of the 7 days is just running out and you won't be able to play the next day, the second one (still in its box) will not lose any durability until you open it, while a 14 day version would just keep expiring.
  12. Sorry, I thought you where clear about it - yes its the red critical explosion. Funfact, it uses the same sound file as the player skill Critical Explosion does.
  13. Flee up, by iRO Wiki and RMS called Agility Up looks like the acolyte skill Increase Agility, minus the "AGI UP" text.
  14. You are already dispelled when you join a BG match.
  15. It just does not protect from statuses inflicted by other means but magic, but, sg is magic and will neither hit nor freeze you.
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