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  1. Askein

    Q> unslotting items

    2.) Was suggested and declined
  2. Askein

    Bronze coin not being character bond

    Eden Merit Badges are already game account bound, its not a suggestion. Iirc the cooldowns for quests are character bound. I don't see the party play thing. Eden in its whole is for leveling and new players, yet the badges are game account bound and not char bound, but I do agree that with job changing or platinum skill quests one could to easily obtain to many bc. Just from a selfish preference kind of view, I would still like to see it happen, because it is a drag to farm bc on some characters, but thats not a valid reason as to why it should be changed, obviously.
  3. Askein

    Bronze coin not being character bond

    +1 Eden Merit Badges are as well, and I don't see why not. Edit: Neutral towards it, see posts below.
  4. Askein

    Monster skills on monster database

    There is no accessible database for it. Just be observant. If need be you could record your playthrough and analyze from there. The skills they use are not new, from what I know, and are an intersection of class skills and https://irowiki.org/classic/Category:Monster_Exclusive_Skills
  5. Askein

    regarding the previous update (month of april)

    Replying to this suggestion A first question that needs to be asked and answered is what does the staff want MVPing to be. Do you strife for a competitive competition or do you rather want people to take care of MVPs just by chance, being coincidentally on the same map while it spawns?
  6. Askein


    If you really want to know, you can get bonus bundle and use !petinfo to monitor its intimacy, it will be shown as a numeric value. Iirc, Munaks (which are lv 31, whereas Sohees are lv 33) get 40 intimacy points per feeding. Edit: Also the time I have recorded, from it being satisfied (Hunger level: 100, right after feeding from neutral) until neutral (Hunger level: 75) it usually takes between 24-25 min.
  7. Askein

    High INT for Frost Diver needed? [HELP]

    Yep, thats what the base chance refers to. And as s4w already said, you need int, or more specifically matk, to be able to not miss. A miss occurs when your dmg is to low, because it is reduced to a value thats negligible by the enemies overall resistance and mdef.
  8. Askein

    High INT for Frost Diver needed? [HELP]

    From https://wiki.talonro.com/A_Guide_for_Common_Status_Ailments#Frozen.2FFreeze: Frozen/Freeze - Chance = BaseChance - BaseChance * tarMDEFItem / 100 + srcBaseLevel - tarBaseLevel - tarLuk - Duration = BaseDuration - BaseDuration * tarMDEFItem / 100 + 10 * srcLuk - Default base duration = 12000ms = 12 seconds The chance formula is the same as for stone curse, resulting in achieving both status' true immunity in 97 hard MDEF. In the other hand, the duration is reducible, although an in-game test prove that pseudo immunity is almost impossible - you'll still get frozen for 0,xx seconds. Another interesting fact, the duration is unreducible by the target's Luk unlike most status ailments, yet the duration is increased by the source's Luk. In other words, a Wizard/Bard with high Luk can make you freeze longer. The amount is pretty negligible, though (at 100 Luk it will only be 1 second longer). Another thing to note is the strong nature of Luk on lower base chances, where just 10 Luk is enough to resist the self-freeze from Ice Falchion (10 base chance).
  9. Askein

    Refresh VS Mute

    If you are in a guild you can use "/gc @refresh" and bind that to an alt+ slot, since one can't get muted by spamming in guild chat.
  10. Askein

    Pneuma ArtShop [Open]

    Hey, may I also have a slot for a character?
  11. To actually give an answer to your question, the plants of alchemists used to procc on-hit things, but I have no knowledge of whether that does work on tRO.
  12. The change that was made is that physical reflect damage, off any source, does not count as a melee attack anymore and therefore does not procc things with " activate ... when hitting monster (script: autobonus)".
  13. Askein

    What's a good card to put in Evangelist for FS HP?

    Fact is, the aspd will only help with skills which only have an aspd (animation) delay. Heal for example has on top of its animation delay (which is shorter than its after cast delay), an after cast delay of 1 s. Its reduceable by bDelayRate reducing items, not by aspd.
  14. Askein

    Nightmare's Rift: Arena of Champions

    Does this mean we take turns in beating the MVPs i.e., one group kills Lance, next group tries and so forth until the groups drop out one after another? Or does it just mean all parties compete for one Lance (like the halloween MVP battle thing) and just the order of MVPs is specific?
  15. Askein

    TalonRO's Winter Lottery [Week 6]

    3 IGN: Elpheleth