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  1. Yees !! im doing this. Is exacly what i think...i will make money to buy equips to creator, BUT i can make a soubreaker ou a magician with bazerald. i alread thinking in doing that ahahah, thx for you opnion. About my TCs...i choose the Sleipnir, because with that i can put a GEC or something in a future, and sleip is helping me, i alread have a IP to use (is...borrow from my friend? idk how to write this but you will understand lol)
  2. hmmmmm.....its because i will farm the LKH quests, but to do that i need lv...to lv i need to up, and to up i need to equips, lol. i think i will choose the sleipnir, because the dif is lower when compare with zenys and the loot of cards from the quest! The LKH use "easy" items, the problem is the money and i will make the money when im playing/farming...so to me, hes easy to quest. i will gain exp, itens and money catching the items...in the case of sleip, the cards is from weak mobs so i will waste my time to drop all cards and gain no XP lol D: i alread make all the quests, so i have acess to moscovia, buuuuut, I die so easy to mavkas in lv72 D: im using "standards" armors and a VVS Fire Damascus. I have a icepick too, its from my friend but im using to help-me in the sleepers but in my situation, i will need more lvs to flee the atks and HIT my atks, both are hard with no flee equips. Im going from the Sleipnir. i can slot this in a future and put a good card to a creator (any ideas?) its will be more helpfull in a "long time" game... So the true is.... Zeny is cheaper and slow, TC is overprice and faster. no advantage about any item in the shop in the end... Again really really sorry about my english write D: and a BIG THX to all!
  3. Hi guys, Skedar here! I try to use the search with this topic but i have no sucess... im new on this server and i have a Stalker (lv72/36) and want to play with a future Creator (for the first time!) So im NAKED and want some gears! ahaha for now forget about the LKH, i will make the quest in the future. (maybe) So, i have 30 TCs, NO equips. What is the best gear i can buy in the Guru in a GENERAL, using the TC and still better than buying the SAME item with zeny's/quests ?? Because, srly...i dont understand why a lot of itens in guru is more expensive in TC oO so because that im asking what is the best TC ITEM to buy, and if have any o_o Sry for my english, im not so good to write txts, but i understand everything perfectly. thx guys!
  4. Skedar

    Pixelated or Blurry problem "solved" !!

    the problem IS the pre-renew clients, and we have nothing to do about it... But the WIN + L works...everytime in every PC with every setup. so its VERY usefull!
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    Eu sou o Dougras, voce nao é o dougras
  6. Hi, My english is not so good to write but i will try do my best, and i think you guys will understand, because is a simply resolution!! I found what cause the problem of pixelate or/and blurry problem on the Ragnarok with a end graphic cards (not only 750ti, but all new cards) The problem is the SETUP of your client.(and all clients who use a "REG" type setup) I dont know WHY, but if the config is made using the REGISTER (legacy) this problem shows up, but if this is set to using the LUA setup, all will be fine, and no issues appears. The problem is...to do that, you NEED to exclude the register created by TalonRO, because only change in the setup not take the effects. i don't know why but the TalonRO patch use only the REG setup...if you try to use LUA, hes subscribe and use the REG instead. (i try to make a manual change in the "setup.ini" putting LUA to default but no success hes continues to use REG configs) If you exclude the REG, he is use the LUA but NO WINDOW SIZE will appers.(So you, USERS, dont do that!). So you guys need to fix why the TalonRO patch dont change REG to LUA. I tested it on kRO, iRO, bRO official servers and others private servers who use the "clean" kRO+Sak setup. and in this cases, the Setup already is the new version with LUA only (you cant choose if want LUA or REG), and NO PROBLEM shows up. If i try to use Open-Setup, or other servers with a "REG setup" type, all are pixelate and/or blurry again. So, THIS is the problem, the REG setup type, and the TalonRO Mini or Full already is configurated...hes use the REG no matters what you do. I hope this will be useful to you guys, and to the people who want to try solve this.. Cheers. EDIT: I DISCOVER ITS BECAUSE OF THE PRE-RENEW SERVER, ONLY RENEWAL USE THE LUA SETUP AND FIX THE PROBLEM, SO THE ONLY SOLUTION IS TRYING TO BRING THE SETUP OF RENEWAL TO PRE-RENEWAL OR MAKE THE MINOR CHANGES IN THE NVIDIA CONFIG. !! A TRICK I DISCOVER IS: LOGIN IN THE TALON RO, USE "WIN + L" TO GO TO LOCKCREEEN, UNLOCK, GO BACK TO THE GAME AND SEE THE MAGIC !! If someone who write English better, "translate" what i trying to tell with the correct words, i edit this text and put the "correct" one in the place.