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  1. The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    expensive at the moment
  2. The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    anyone know what the hair and clothes palettes looks like?
  3. TalonRO Summer Cook Off! | Forum event

    If only i knew how to cook
  4. Last Person To Post In This Topic Wins.

    hmm its 2017
  5. TalonRO Re-packaging Contest

    In-Game Name : Kaska Yearsley Repacked - M&M Limited Edition (Ragnarok Online Collaboration/Promotional) Original Packaging: Credits: Notes:
  6. TalonRO Springbreak Screentake Contest WINNERS!

    Nice, Thanks... IGN: Kaska Yearsley
  7. TalonRO Re-packaging Contest

    OMG!! only one entries per person... (This is hard, to many good ideas that pops in my mind, lol) Can i use 2 or more item of the same product or just 1 Packaging? (e.g Cup noodle of a same product in various flavors). just want to make sure
  8. A Lone Assassin Cross's POV

    Literally alone in the shadows T_T...
  9. Interview Spotlight : GM Naus

  10. ★ tenpoundpixel's pixel place ★ [SEASON 1 CLOSED]

    cool any slot/queue available?
  11. TalonRO Springbreak Screentake Contest!

    You need F11 a lot since the announcement pops the main chat box (Even the mini event girl, if you are in town) /Effect Off useful only if you don't like the aura thing, skill effect backgrounds, and etc... /Aura Off just simplifies the aura. Some maps are better when Use Lightmap (Object Shadows) option is enable in the setting, but some map will appear darker when this option is selected (e.g. Comodo).
  12. TalonRO Springbreak Screentake Contest!

    In-Game Name : Kaska Yearsley Entry #6 - Hugel, Best Parties Ever. #Springbreak2017 Challenges: GM Rainbow, GM Cherri. Entry #7 - Springgggg-tastic!! Mt.Mjolnir Experience Challenges: GM Rainbow, GM Mimi. Entry #8 - Hazy Spring, eat hearty! Today will ride the ponies Challenges: None Entry #9 - Before Rachel, comes the rainbow Challenges: GM Rainbow << Previous Entries
  13. HIII :3

    Welcome to TalonRo Have fun >:3
  14. Back to Ragnarok~

    Welcome, There are lowbie parties around payon dungeon, you can try to party up in glast heim prison too. Have fun >:3
  15. Pets that attack things

    are there Monster Mercenary available?