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  1. Can we please have the old settings back on this one? I lost "Auto Guard" as soon as I shift shield. Thanks
  2. 251 Base Flee (yes I agree) one hit SBK >> 3 MA's 150 Dex w/o buffs is awesome but I can't afford it. xD
  3. is there something we can do for SinX MA cooldown like before Iduna Update?
  4. Natsu Matsuri (Summer Festival) IGN: Lettuce Dance
  5. Of course nobody owns a concept or thematic, but I also believe it isnt right to use similar ones for their own enteries especially an existing one is presented. If you have been here for years, you then know the hardships of trying to create thematics and concepts to make one's art shine. Its extremely grueling just making the art itself alive, so when you say that its okay to use thematics of similar concepts of earlier enteries, it means why bother making an original concept when you can just copy and claim it as your own. Wouldnt you say that original means in terms of the current contest which is this (2019 SUMMER POSTCARD), meaning it should be a different thematic from others. Because if using the same thematics with just simple alterations is called original, then what is the gain of the original artist? NOTHING. Instead their hard work is then overshadowed. Veha even replied. I have pointed out what is needed in terms of this conversation. You can still continue if you shall desire but in my point of view, a person's behavior is shown on how they execute actions. We all want to win, but not utilizing others.
  6. imo, it look liked the Munak who wears the PoringKini. Munak is a well know monster in RO, you could've use it on a different way. Munak, PoringKini, beside the beach Yours is: Munak (hat and hair for distinction), Poring becames alive as monster (you could've use a different monster / poring), beside the beach (different pose). Before entering the contest, you should've seen the other entries. In that sense you'll have the general idea of what concepts were used. You already seen that concept, sure the details are different but think about it. How will feel if you're the artist who posted it first using that idea to see your concept that you took time and effort to draw was reused and redrawn better. Wouldn't you be upset?
  7. I post to raise awareness specially for the Judges since they're the one who made the rules. It's all about the fairness, I have nothing against the artist themselves, they are all talented and appreciated. In music world, there are A LOT of good bands (music artist) who can play music their own chosen genre. But not all of them write their own songs. same as Art, they are A LOT of people who can make Traditional Art, Digital Art, Pixel Art ETC's but not all of them can think of their own Idea's and Concept's.
  8. Entries must use original, never used before artwork and cannot be copied from someone else's work.. Concept on Ayo Postcard is already in 1st page ~ Entries must use original, never used before artwork and cannot be copied from someone else's work Again, another idea stolen.
  9. Since we're going rAthena for Iduna update, I think it's time to add some character slots on our in game account. More characters to make, more time and reason to play. we have 12 Character Slots as of now, I think adding three or more is enough for a change.
  10. Hai hai Milu-chan ~ Kindly please add me to your waiting list too. <3
  11. Pirate Dagger - ATK + 5 like @CrossKiritostated above [useful and not that pricy] Dragon Vest and Manteau Combo (Bathory and Deviling) - [you'll definitely need this if you go Geffenia] Two Celebration Rings - Check Reward Guru if you're not familiar with this one. Alternatives are ~ Bradium Earring [1] ID #2788 MATK + 2%, INT + 1, DEX + 1] or Bradium Brooch [1] ID #2790 FLEE + 4, Attack Speed + 2%, AGI + 1 Mid STR SK +20 Flee or Mid STR BK ATK +30
  12. Tried it just now.. " Some of em' " is yeah, not accurate but d' others work like magic. Thanks for this ~
  13. Hmm, I have a stalker using BB farming on sleepers map BUT.. When I do "Lazy Farming 101" I go Triple Attack (auto-attack using /nc). Depends on your mood I guess.
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