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  1. I think it is less about them complaining about surviving, and more about having the ability to kill anything. Without endgame gear or even mid game gear, they are not going to be able to kill any of the tough monsters/mvps or even low level mvps. But it can definitely be fun for newbies to join an event where they can actually kill something and not feel like they have to compete with end game geared players for a reward. They are most probably not going to be able to beat an end game player at anything that has gear allowed to be equipped. I think its great to give such events to early game players, the more engaged they are at the early levels, the more they will see big group events and the more likely they are to continue playing. The end game player already has several events that are extremely rewarding and keep them coming back for more.
  2. Btw, probably in response to the original post, there was an experimental event yesterday catering to lower levels. I didn't play it but based on #recruit messages, it seemed to be a monster invasion catering to level 40-50 players. If some GM saw this post and decided to act on it immediately by throwing together a new event, my mind is blown at how awesome the GM team is It could also have been pure coincidence and the GM team is awesome in that case too
  3. This would be fun for newbies but its kinda hard to design it such that geared people don't take the fun away from lowbies. Like you could put a level cap on it, and say char must be under 79 to participate and keep the difficulty low, but nothing to stop a level 75 with end game gear to enter and handle the event easily and make it pointless for ungeared people to be there. Only counter would be to make the rewards less interesting for the geared people to turn them away or to host the geared and ungeared version simultaneously to make them pick one, but not sure how effective that'd be. There are several events already out there where players must be gearless and level doesn't even matter but I guess none of them are really monster hunting events.
  4. @GM Radius Beary Tough Quiz still doesn't have a single entry with all 3 correct answers?
  5. There's plenty of posts for SG guides and pointers already in the guide section. Use forum search. You can also look up the wiki(https://wiki.talonro.com/Star_Gladiator_-_Leeching_Guide) . Won't have details on newer cards like bakonawa etc. Anubis is the economy option. Alice is great but has the risk of taking additional damage from frus/skogul if you ever engage them in combat. Bakonawa is great as well, as long as u don't have issues surviving.
  6. There's various viable combinations of weapon cards with each having its own advantages and disadvantages AK AK Kiel - highest damage, no hp leech, reliance on Kaahi for health regen, Odin specific and can't use this book at DG cuz hit is needed AK SN Kiel - Balance damage and hp leech, can handle bigger mobs with kaahi on without any issue, decent survival even without kaahi as long as miracle is on, odin specific and can't use this book in DG cuz hit is needed SN Kiel Phree - DG book, can be used at odin as well, but lower damage and the high hit is not entirely necessary at odin (im stingy to have 2 books so I use this book at both places) AK Kiel Phree - DG Book, can be used at odin as well, Balanced damage but the high hit is not entirely necessary at odin, reliant on kaahi for health regen
  7. If spamming buttons is your main concern then maybe try using /q2 , set meat in 7/8 hotkeys, and use mouse wheel to use meat. Easier on the finger and spam rate is faster.
  8. freaking amazing is an understatement. Very excited Lance. From my perspective, all the Valk content and the events are the true MVPs in Tro at this time. Pat yourselves on the back. Actually BG is great too Everything is great, just get SQI and databases back and this is the perfect server from every perspective
  9. RapidFiiire

    Costume Set

    Hi, Is it possible to implement a costume set where if you wear all 3 slots (upper mid lower) of the costume together it will give the additional effect of the garment slot (or some other type of cosmetic visual effect) ?
  10. If a card for fire is out of question because of the combo with Ktul is too strong, shouldn't a garment combo for wind be too strong with Boitata? Also, the Boitata + Magmaring OP combo already exists for Earth prop. Also the Roween + Wood Goblin combo for water.
  11. Also remember these boots are vanilla... GEC isn't
  12. Selling the below: Deviling Mushika Combat Knife int+4 Staff of Magi (empty) Kris (as many as you want) Pm here or mail Paisa Wala in game with offer
  13. I used to leech all my trans chars to 79 in abbey and I stopped going there ever since iduna mainly cuz of the perma endure on the necros. I just started going to DG instead. I'd also always leech to 79 using a non trans wiz that would get into the pipeline of going trans next time through cross trans. Kinda miss those fun days. One pointer I'd add here, for people that don't have a SOM or vesper or even kaho. Explore the option of using isilla cards in your headgears, upper and or mid. Isilla procs a lot in Abbey, more than most other places, because of too many undead mobs each taking multiple hits from SG. Each SG hit on each monster has a chance to proc isilla. With a single isilla card proc you get 50% cast time redux on amp magic, and with two isila cards in mid and upper, when both proc it gets even better. Gearless HW can even use 2 isilla procs, with firewall on necros/undead mobs, to get insta cast without any other gear. Just something that people still low on gear or mid tier of gear can explore. (http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=item_db&item_id=4412)
  14. Depends. Bow gives you the advantage of easy access to elemental damage and the ability to switch elements at will. Sword/dagger gives you the ability to use a shield.
  15. yeah changing graphics device didn't help. I'll try updating nvidia drivers, thanks kutsu
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