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  1. RapidFiiire

    PvM | Valkyrie: Herja

    Hi, Beta 9th March slot 2 - 2:30 PM please. Party Name - "Project L"
  2. RapidFiiire

    Project Iduna - What is coming?!

    There's some stuff about new instances and exchanging tokens for rewards similar to GMC but about 9 different Valkyries each with their own instance. We got a sneak peak during the Project V beta run this weekend. Should know more next week during the official Project V run.
  3. RapidFiiire

    Recruiting - New Party for Nightmare Rift - The Crown

    Have 7/12 members needed for this Rift and still looking for the below classes. Let me know if anyone is still interested in getting access to Elysian Gardens. Classes we have: HW, Bio, 4 Snipers, Prof Classes we still need: SB, Pally, 2 HP, 1 Sniper/WS Message me here or on discord at @RapidFiiire
  4. RapidFiiire

    Recruiting - New Party for Nightmare Rift - The Crown

    Hi Guys, Requests for open slots on the Nightmare Rift. Time still to be decided. If you don't have the Nightmare Insignia yet but want it and are geared enough for the Rift, please message me here or on discord at RapidFiiire Classes that we have currently: Champ,HP, HP, HW, Sniper, Sniper, Bio Still Needed: Sniper, Sniper, HP, Pally, WS, Prof Reach out even if you only have one of the classes that we already have listed and we'll figure out if we can move things around to accommodate you.
  5. Hi, GMs appear to still be taking requests for new parties that don't have access to the Nightmare Insignia / Elysian Garden. I understand that a lot of guilds/parties already have access but if there is anyone here that doesn't have access and would like to give the Rift a shot, shoot me a message here or to RapidFiiire on discord. I'm trying to put together a team and then request the GMs for a time slot that works for everyone. Message me with which class you would like to play as well as a preferred time slot so I can put together a request. Here's a link to the post by the GMs in case you need more details: PS: I didn't see a recruit section on the forum. Please feel free to move to a different section if its more appropriate there.
  6. RapidFiiire

    Halloween Main House Quest Guide

    @GM Seiren Is the monster database going to be updated for the mobs in the dungeon/ bosses so we know what we are dealing with and can go semi prepared? Its going to take quite a lot of time to get an entire party prepared with soul stones for each and it'd be great if that effort doesn't go to waste. Would also incentivize people to try the instance if we know what drops to expect from the boss. Its a limited time event only open for 2 weeks, just like the evil octopus instance, why not be transparent about the boss? The instance aside, it would also help anyone hunting the normal mobs in the dungeons as well.
  7. RapidFiiire

    B> 2 X Celeb Rings

    I'm buying 2 celebs. Please pm offer or Mail/PM Demonic Merchant.
  8. RapidFiiire

    Selling Holy Dagger and stuff

  9. RapidFiiire

    Selling Holy Dagger and stuff

  10. RapidFiiire

    Selling Holy Dagger and stuff

  11. RapidFiiire

    Selling Holy Dagger and stuff

    Updated: Selling the below items: pm offer on forum or mail Demonic Merchant in game Dragon Slayer [2] Holy Dagger Tegron [2] Rosevine Diablos Manteau