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  1. Also remember these boots are vanilla... GEC isn't
  2. Selling the below: Deviling Mushika Combat Knife int+4 Staff of Magi (empty) Kris (as many as you want) Pm here or mail Paisa Wala in game with offer
  3. I used to leech all my trans chars to 79 in abbey and I stopped going there ever since iduna mainly cuz of the perma endure on the necros. I just started going to DG instead. I'd also always leech to 79 using a non trans wiz that would get into the pipeline of going trans next time through cross trans. Kinda miss those fun days. One pointer I'd add here, for people that don't have a SOM or vesper or even kaho. Explore the option of using isilla cards in your headgears, upper and or mid. Isilla procs a lot in Abbey, more than most other places, because of too many undead mobs each taking multiple hits from SG. Each SG hit on each monster has a chance to proc isilla. With a single isilla card proc you get 50% cast time redux on amp magic, and with two isila cards in mid and upper, when both proc it gets even better. Gearless HW can even use 2 isilla procs, with firewall on necros/undead mobs, to get insta cast without any other gear. Just something that people still low on gear or mid tier of gear can explore. (http://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=item_db&item_id=4412)
  4. Depends. Bow gives you the advantage of easy access to elemental damage and the ability to switch elements at will. Sword/dagger gives you the ability to use a shield.
  5. yeah changing graphics device didn't help. I'll try updating nvidia drivers, thanks kutsu
  6. No I haven't. Will try it out and get back. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I've been facing an issue with frozen screens very often. I can play fine on normal maps, but during instances sometimes my screen freezes up. If I alt tab, it fixes the freeze sometimes but most of the times my screen turns completely black and its stuck that way . My character doesn't get disconnected regardless of how long I wait but my screen remains black. I tried running in windowed mode but I still face the same issue. This has started getting bothersome as I cannot participate in any instances anymore because the only way to restore functionality is to reconnect and I often cannot enter back once I reconnect. I have tried experimenting around a bit and it appears to happen mostly when I have a dual client open, but I can't be 100% sure about that. Any help or advice is appreciated! Thanks!! Also wanted to add that I have also tried doing a fresh install
  8. Title says all, please send your offer via mail to RapidFiiire in game or rapidFiiire#5056 on discord.
  9. I turned 2 in after the patch and got king soul stones. Nothing new.
  10. HW - wolfriderrr HP - Devudu
  11. Class : Professor IGN: White Baroness Class: Champ IGN: Rapid Sura
  12. Maybe it only works in ET. I donno. I haven’t tried in thors but i can assure u that it works in ET. I have tried it several weeks. I’m not gonna tank without defender for testing purposes and risk a wipe for the whole team, sooo... yeah. Defender reduces spiral in et by a significant amount for me, if u don’t wanna use it thats upto you. 🙂
  13. I think his explanation is correct, since he is referring only to magic attacks and as your quote also suggests that demonstration isn't magic. As for Defender, I haven't been on this server for too long to know how it worked earlier, but currently defender definitely helps with spiral pierce and Bee's spirals in ET don't hurt for more than around 6k with defender, alice and assump on. They do around 30k without defender on. This is all variable and depends on the SB's gear, but I feel like its worth for you guys to revisit if you'd like to try.
  14. @Black Metal Kinda off topic but pretty sure Defender reduces Spiral Pierce damage even in PVE. Saying this based on my experience as a pally in ET at Bee and LK floors.
  15. Hi, Beta 9th March slot 2 - 2:30 PM please. Party Name - "Project L"
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