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  1. The thing is. We need more Plot-related info of the quest than random items. Of course some of the items are related to it and holding something could trigger a different dialogue from a npc, or a place.
  2. Searching a bit more, you are right. Both of them. I agree with you, In the Talented Smiths section I said that are about players, but you could learn it from a Smith NPC. Sorry if it wasn't clear. Exactly. We will never know.
  3. The Dagger of Edda, the (not really good) theory. There is already 2 old threads about this. A lot of what I say here is on those threads. Search for the Gods and The Hunt Begins. Tell me if I should delete or move it. Intro Now, some clues Edda Ginnungagap Niflheim Shrine More of the game Berta Talented Smiths Meta Intresting Searching Areas Random stuffs Thank you for reading it all. Sorry for the long post