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  1. MossDeep

    New gears/rebalance for extended classes?

    I've been thinking why the Gunslinger SQI (Scouter) doesn't have "Increase *insert possible digits* more damage when using RAPID SHOWER/FULL BUSTER, while Artemis got Increase damage with Double strafting?
  2. MossDeep

    Investigate Geffenia

    Pure Luck
  3. MossDeep

    Investigate Geffenia

    Oh gahd. I think I'm lucky enough I got my first D. Manteau after i post this thread. That time i'm giving up after an hour but luckily a D. Mant dropped, saying don't give up lol.
  4. MossDeep

    Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    This seems to be a fun guild Can I join my 97/70 Champ here? I'm currently farming D. Mants at DG I'm also seeking advice lol
  5. MossDeep

    Investigate Geffenia

    Seriously? Omygahd
  6. MossDeep

    Investigate Geffenia

    Hmm. It's been 2 days since I've started farming at DG. Honestly it's not painful but I'm not that lucky. I got 700pcs Fragment of Darkness from Angels still no D. Mants Soo.. Is farming in Geffenia as Champ is not effective? or I shall go back to sleeper?
  7. MossDeep

    Investigate Geffenia

    Thank you guys!
  8. MossDeep

    Investigate Geffenia

    Can someone teach me how to one-shot or two-shot while sustaining using investigate skill the Incubi & Succubi at Geffenia(If possible No SQI's). I'm planning to farm here for a change of pace when I'm lazy farming at DG I have : Kaho Incu Blank Eyes [Str+1] Silk Robe[Gloom] [Str+3] Gangster Scarf Any recommendation on Weap? Cause i got only the Luna Kaleet[AkAkAk] +7 Deviling Hood +7 GEC Sandals The Sign No accessories at the moment I'm broke cause no D. Mant in the past days Also I got : Marriage Soul Link High Priest What stats build? Currently Lvl. 96 Champ Thank you guys in Advance
  9. MossDeep

    Extended Class Rebirth

    So my Super Novice & Gunslinger is stuck both 99/99 & 99/70, it's fun to play this classes but I see no future tho like joining GMC's, Wave Challenge & ET Runs I thought can i cross trans extended classes? i tried but it can't ( i thought so) Soooo can we make Extended class to be cross trans to MAIN CLASSES?
  10. Ok i win. Where's the prize?
  11. MossDeep

    Selling Items!

    Is the Krasnaya[3] still avail?
  12. MossDeep


    Yep yep. Maybe be a new headgear?
  13. MossDeep


    I would like to suggest to reduce the bullet expended to some skills of Gunslinger, Like Desperado (10 bullets per cast = 100 bullets per 10 cast),Rapid Shower (5 bullets per cast) I think it's not efficient to use Gunslinger to hunt but I'll keep using this job because it's way more fun (atleast for me) The problem is Gunslinger have a low weight limit like 2k+ (not enough to carry more bullets because of other necessities, but I'm using Cartridges to reduce this problem but again the skills is just too much, it's eating my bullets, just half an hour all of my cartridges is gone) Ways to be efficient enough lol 1. Reduce the bullets expended (atleast 3 bullets per cast) 2. Reduce the weight of the bullets and cartridges 3. Gym Pass? I think this will bring the gunslings to compete with the Snipers in terms of farming (I hope so lol)
  14. MossDeep

    Illegal GRF Modification

    GM, Problem Solved! I reinstalled it and it works again! Thanks for your concern
  15. MossDeep

    Illegal GRF Modification

    So i'll just wait for a GM to answer?