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  1. can I join my 99/70 Gunslinger here? I'm currently farming for Vanilla gears
  2. Yep yep. Maybe be a new headgear?
  3. I would like to suggest to reduce the bullet expended to some skills of Gunslinger, Like Desperado (10 bullets per cast = 100 bullets per 10 cast),Rapid Shower (5 bullets per cast) I think it's not efficient to use Gunslinger to hunt but I'll keep using this job because it's way more fun (atleast for me) The problem is Gunslinger have a low weight limit like 2k+ (not enough to carry more bullets because of other necessities, but I'm using Cartridges to reduce this problem but again the skills is just too much, it's eating my bullets, just half an hour all of my cartridges is gone) Ways to be efficient enough lol 1. Reduce the bullets expended (atleast 3 bullets per cast) 2. Reduce the weight of the bullets and cartridges 3. Gym Pass? I think this will bring the gunslings to compete with the Snipers in terms of farming (I hope so lol)
  4. GM, Problem Solved! I reinstalled it and it works again! Thanks for your concern
  5. So i'll just wait for a GM to answer?
  7. Help! I'm not using any illegal GRF modifications, but after the patch it suddenly pop-up BUT I'm playing tRO yesterday peacefully.
  8. + Free Buffs
  9. I'm giving it a try to +7 it too.
  10. Can we have a TOOL DEALER every town/city? Just like in Payon the TOOL DEALER is at the side of the mailbox/Lotto, it's near on the KAFRA to store some. Like you don't need to walk extra minute just to buy a stack of Flys, Bwings and Awakes & also I have a friend of mine, first time playing RO, He doesn't know where to buy stuffs in other town so I said just go save at the PAYON to buy stuffs.
  11. or Ctrl + Right click the specific items then it will go all to the storage not Click + Drag + Enter i'ts so hustle
  12. Happy Beerday! /heh

    1. GM Howl

      GM Howl

      Hahaha - perhaps so! I'll take the birthday wishes, too! Thanks so much! /no1

  13. Anyone can help me with my LK? I don't know the stats for Bowling Bash LK and Equips. I'm planning to go to Rachel Sanctuary or Sleepers to farm. Thank you guys! Sorry I'm new to this job BTW. I'm Lv. 80 with Muramasa (Agi Crit LK) Planning to change to BB type.