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  1. steambun87

    Magma Dungeon/Farm (Question)

    Thank you guys so much, I appreciate the help. One last question would you guys Reccomund magma lvl 2 also? And Are there any other decent farming sport for Solo Wizard. I tried look everywhere the keep saying magma...
  2. steambun87

    Magma Dungeon/Farm (Question)

    Hello guys, I am level 95 Wizard farming trying to farm at Magma right now because a friend told to farm magma lvl 1 until I buy some of my Wiz gears. It's just that idk which item to sell to NPC and vend. Are there any other better farming place for solo Wiz farming? My Current equipment set up: Head: Kaho Mid: Robo eyes Lower: Ninja Scroll Armor: +7 Odin Bless(Pasana) Weap: +9 Lich bone(x2Drops) Sheild: Valk Shield-Borrow from a friend Foot Gear: +7 Shoes (Moonlight) - Borrow from a friend Garment: +4 NSFW (Stern - Borrow from a friend Accessories: x2 Cele Ring - Borrow from a friend PS. My friend letting me use his gears until I get my mine.