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  2. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

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  4. TalonRO Summer Cook Off! | Forum event

    Pom Pom Yggdrasil Berry w/ Mango Coulis by Fritzeen Ingredients 4 whole Yggdrasil Berries (Zucchini Flowers) 1 whole Juicy Mango (Ripened Mango) 1 tspn of Nitrogen Acid (Flaked salt) 1 cup Flour 1 tspn Cloud Crumb (Yeast) 1 tspn Spicy Sauce (Chili / Red Bell Pepper) 1 cup Holy Water (Water) 3 small wheels of Cheese (Ricotta, Cream Cheese, Cheddar) 4 cup of Cooking Oil 4 Oil Paper Cooking Method Pom Pom Yggdrasil Berry Make a mixture of Flour and Cloud Crumb. Use sifter if necessary to mix it well Combined the mixture into Holy Water while whisking to avoid clumping till you reach the consistency of glue or thick cream Put a pinch of Nitrogen Acid for power and flavour Leave the mixture for 1-2 hours till the Cloud Crumb activate. You will end up with fluffier mixture which means it’s ready to be used While waiting for the Flour and Cloud Crumb mixture, mix the 3 kinds of Cheese. (Cheddar is hard cheese so you will need shaven, grated or powdered version) Clean the Yggdrasil Berries and stuff the cheese mixture inside. You need to lock it by twisting the petal. This will keep the cheese stuffing inside Heat up the Cooking Oil in deep fried pan with high heat Dip the flower part of Yggdrasil Berries into the fluffy Flour mixture and deep fried it Wait until the colour is golden brown before taking it off the oil Leave the deep fried Yggdrasil Berries on Oil Paper to absorb Mango Coulis Blend the Juicy Mango with blender, do not forget to take the seed out Mix Spicy Sauce in the blender depends on level of spiciness required Do not forget to add a pinch of Nitrogen Acid to bring out the flavour Presentation Finally you can present them on a flat plate or cheese board with the Mango Coulis on the side as dip. You can spread a pinch of Nitrogen Acid for added decoration. Challenges GM Luna Challenge GM Mimi Challenge