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  1. Interesting. Thanks. Can;t believe in 2 years theres been such small developments on this. Can't compile a client for us?
  2. you'll get over it

  3. wooo! hell yeah let me know when you're ingame, maybe we can meet up and i'll see if i have anything cute in storage for you (Granted you're account isn't already full of items and zeny hehe) Be safe and hope you find a fun guild and some friends and that you arent too overwhelmed by how much RO has changed in the last 7 years xooxoxox
  4. Welcome friend Now go level up hehe and have a great time. Xoxo
  5. Omg yay Malaysia!! Im from Australia. We are thrilled to have you here and i wish you a fantastic first month here. Christmas came early hehe dont forget to vote and to claim all the dree rewards this month in Prontera.
  6. Welcome! !! How are you finding it so far ? We loooooove new players, yay!!
  7. Big, squishy, warm welcome from all of TalonRO! We're super glad to have you here and Ireally hope you have a fantastic time getting back into the beautiful world of ro Have you still got your old character?
  8. CATS!!! question: Electronic music or traditional?
  9. SeySey666


    Thank you so much and yes hehe there was a post here, but it's gone now.
  10. Being From Jersey Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry - Cobra Starship
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