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  1. you'll get over it

  2. This is such a good event idea, but I almost thought it was an IRL cosplay competition which would have been so cool. I was already planning a Develling costume for myself hehe
  3. TalonRO absolutely destroys the competition when it comes to voting! We have over 10,000 INS and the next closest is 2,000 hehe. We rock!! Keep it up cuties :)

  4. dont know if im having any luck with this

    1. GM Luna

      GM Luna

      Don’t give up /lv

    2. SeySey666


      hanging in there... 
      deactivated facey twitter and insta and just locked away alone but hoping i can recover soon.. thanks luna <3 :( u angel

  5. we talked about love and what life could really be for me..
    she said when that shit is real you just know
    and i was thinking about u you already know

  6. hate  life

    1. GM Luna

      GM Luna

      Hang in there SeySey! You are stronger then you think /lv

    2. SeySey666


      r u sure? :( things are terrible at the moment. thank you luna ;_;''

    3. GM Luna

      GM Luna

      You'll get through it all, I know it may seem impossible now but things will get better. Take this moment as a lesson and learning everything you can from it /lv

  7. I am hoping this went well. Looks so cute! I'll have to make it to the next event and do screenshots =]
  8. What's This Guild you Mentioned About? And i'm writing here because somewhat i can't send any messages.

    1. SeySey666


      It's ok, i got the same error. I tried to inbox someone yesterdya but ut jhust says 'You are not allowed to do this' or something. lol. o well. i think cos my account is brand spankin new :)
      Now, the guild! I received a very sweet invitation from someone in my introduction thread. I can get the link for u asap or tag u in the post :) hows ur night going anyway tho sweetie. sending possitive vibes from australliiaaa mate 

    2. Willywalruz


      Counter Positive Vibes From Indonesia :D . Sure Please Do Let me Know the link. Kinda Boring to play alone. Though i've met some friend already in-game. It's a good day today, First time finishing Hunting Board and got a Clock Card . Tho it's Sleep time as it's 2am my time already. So see you later i guess.

    3. SeySey666


      Done :) i tagged u babe

  9. me waiting to vote like.. ahhhhhh!
    also how do i change my signature lol cant find the button...


    1. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      Hi SeySey! If you click on you Account Settings under your profile and select the 'Signature' option you should be able to edit it there! Let me know if you run into any issues. /no1

    2. SeySey666


      oh, lucky me :) thank u lance

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