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  1. drazte

    Time Trials Guide 2015

    NPC 7 Which monster doesn't appear in the Ability Test of the Wizard Job Change Quest? - Orc Warrior - Horong - Marin - Andre <---- Correct Answer? NPC 8 In which dungeon can the Watery Grave BGM be heard? - Beach Dungeon - Hidden Temple - Bibilan Dungeon - Prontera Culvert Which of these dungeon has a secret floor accessible for a short while only after defeating the MVP? - Thor's Volcano - Payon Cave - Ice Dungeon - Ant Hell When doing the hunting board quest, what are the rewards? - Experience points and healing items - Bronze Coins and Copper Coins - Bronze Coins and Experience points <---- Correct Answer? - Healing items and Copper Coins Where is the Orphanage located? - Prontera - Morroc - Lutie - Hugel <---- Correct Answer? What is a "Counteragent"? - A NPC on an airship - A skill used to counter physical attacks - A MVP drop - An item used to make Dyestuffs <---- Correct Answer? Eddga drops the ingredient for which questable headgear? - Boy's Cap <---- Correct Answer? - Black Cat Ears - Teddybear Hat - Winter Hat
  2. drazte

    Time Trials Guide 2015

    NPC 7 (Need answers) Where can you find the mini boss Angeling? - Ice Dungeon - Beach Dungeon - Prontera Field - Toy Factory What does MOTW stand for? - Monster of the Week - Map of the Week - Minigame of the Week - All of the above Which is not like the others? - Poring - Poporing - Marin - Mastering You speak to the Mini Game Girl NPC when you want to.. - Go to the Endless Tower - Bet on Monster Race - Store your items - Warp to a dungeon Which of the following ingredients for obtaining Camel Dung is incorrect? - 1x Unripe Apple - 6x Monster's Feed - 1x Yellow Potion - 1x Empty Bottle Which monster won't aggresively attack you if you're level 99? - Luciola Vespa <----- Correct answer? - Necromancer - Banshee - Obeaune Which class cannot use the skill "Heal"? (unless equiped with a card) - Super Novice - Knight <----- Correct answer? - Champion - Crusader NPC 8 Which live GM event commonly features exploding Porings? - Death Dice 1.0 - Sink or Swim - Minority - Hide and Seek
  3. drazte

    Time Trials Guide 2015

    Name of the upgrade NPC? Answer - Hollgrenhenn Number of trunks for sakkat? Answer - 120 Orphanage location? Answer - Hugel
  4. drazte

    Frozen Boy 2015

    Eeprnts em htwi efvi fo a airlitcc geeidrinnt ni a uplraop rceatkohs! Present me with five of a critical ingredient in a popular shortcake! 5 strawberries
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    CLOSED thanks!
  6. drazte

    The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    Might want to add 25 Oranges to the possible gather missions
  7. drazte

    The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    This is what I got from advanced box.