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  1. @GM Luna Sure thing! Just send me refs/details whenever and I'll get to it whenever I can (which.. might not be for another week or two). EDIT: Actually, redact this. I... haven't been able to draw lately, much less anything that I like. So I probably won't take this commission either ;_; Sorry! ---- And on that note! I'll probably be closing commissions for a while (of course, I'll be finishing all the current commissions I have ongoing and Luna's), since I'm a bit busy with work (and my Cintiq died, so I have to rely on my other tablet which is a lot older and smaller). EDIT: Aaand yes; I'll just be closing commissions indefinitely (and dropping any I currently have ongoing). I'm not satisfied with anything I've drawn lately, and haven't had much time to draw. Sorry, all! orz Maybe when I collect myself again...
  2. #magnificentia @GM Lance New Gamemaster Challenges for Lance and Saen..?! '0')!!

    1. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      Thank you for your entry submission. /ok

  3. And not RO-related in the slightest but I wanted to fully colour something n_n... so here we go o/ An (old-ish) oc of mine which is definitely a boy but dresses like a girl for the hell of it \o/
  4. I must stop forgetting to post stuff to this thread (and... on my tumblr... but I'll leave that to future me): For hazelae: For Lance:
  5. Okay! Send a PM or post references (or whatever method you want to commission me by, haha)! `w`)9
  6. How dare you try to make me stop being lazy..!!!
  7. waaa thank you! And yes!! Looking cute is super important `w`)9 ♡♡ Thank you!! And yeah, many.. many hours have been spent looking at costumes hehe... orz
  8. Beep boop \o/ dropping off random chibi doodles I did n_n An OC of mine (named... Mistreil! my main boi); not RO-related. Aaand my soul linker (Mistreil) and assassin (Papopi)! I may have used 20TC to buy a hat costume instead of gearing up for geffenia farming. Hehe.
  9. waaa!! Your art is so cute (and so clean... and such nice lighting) onedayiwillhavezenytospareaaaahhh
  10. Mail it to Mistreil, please! :> And thank you ♥♥
  11. Is this okay? `w`)9 Let me know if I should change any of the colours or anything!
  12. No problem! Is this smile okay?
  13. @Mei Magnolia (Waaa -- your characters are all so cute!!) Is this okay so far? `w`)9 Let me know if there are any changes I should make before colouring ♥ -- Also... decided to draw my two high-priests-to-be (which I'll be using to leech my characters, hehe. One for GHC, and the other for Niflheim!)
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