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  1. IGN: -Alecs- GM challenges: GM Phoenix - Love for cutscenes (this is before the start of bossfight where she reintroduced herself), GM Seiren Challenge - Landscape Mode (Although the bg is not clear because i blurred it out xD it's ancient jupe map :)) This is the lineart: Colored rosalind: With background of juperos 3rd floor (gaussian blurred): Final outcome: "OsDelight_malware_execution.exe"
  2. In-game name: =Aviana= GM Challenges: GM Aqua Challenge (include a snowball fight) it's outside the window >_< GM Spica Challenge (Add a christmas cake in your artwork) GM Lance Challenge (Include Tamtam in your artwork) GM Haru Challenge (Include a hot drink in your artwork) aviana in her natural habitat, getting ready for christmas and drinking her hot choco
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