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  1. Silent Raven

    The Eden Group

    Mannnn I'm speechless... This is all I thought about suggesting, and to see it being implemented out of nowhere... just wow... @GM Phoenix and everyone, my dears, thank you for bringing a little bit of the RO old magic to all of us!!!
  2. Silent Raven

    TalonRO Valentine's Bakeoff!

    @Heffron Till tomorrow, acording to the post... Run my friend, RUNNNN
  3. Silent Raven

    A Week In TalonRO

    Welcome to our little safe haven!!! I'm sure the moments of frustration can be because of someone's behavior, but do know that we're always trying to help each other out, and I'm sure you will feel at home in no time.
  4. Silent Raven

    TalonRO Valentine's Bakeoff!

    LADYS AND GENTLEMAN, KIDS AND ADULTS!!!! There's nothing special here, move along... Jokes aside, here's my humble contribution to our little back-off, the: Glacial Heart + Burning Heart Combo This tasty combo, created by a traveling bard from Comodo, has it’s roots in a story of love and betrayal… Rob, the bard used to visit many cities in his travels, but he always had a fondness for the city of Rachel; playing in the central square, helping the priests and the population, it was his favorite place to visit. But one day, while helping a local to harvest herbs close to the Ice cave, Rob met a woman, a Gypsy with flaming red hair and an attitude to follow… Her husband had left her for another woman, and now, she decided to visit the cave, in the hopes off finding a way of ending her misery. Rob, touched by the woman’s story, took upon himself to find a way to make her happy… He entered the cave by himself and made friend’s with the siromas that lived there. When the woman entered, they offered her, heart shaped ice and protected her from entering further down the cave. All to gain time for Rob, who had the idea to cook something for the woman. When he came back, holding biscuits filled with a cream as red as her hair. The surprise, was that the woman awaited for him; learning about his difficulty to help her, she decided to show him how much she liked his efforts, Making something for him,with the help of the siromas. Those two treats, made with love and care, became a common present in the city of Rachel, known as the Glacial and Flaming heart combo. Here are some of the photos of how the combo looks! If for whatever reason you’re unable to befriend some siromas and ask for their help on the making of the ice cream. Or you lack the knowledge of the magma dungeon secrets to find the right spot to melt your chocolate. Or maybe you don’t have the detrimidexta to make scarlet red dyestuff… In any of those cases, you can always try the “normal” way of making them… you know, the boring way! Here are the recipes: This treat is best served cold. But it's sure to melt the heart of you're significant other!!! And I offer my creation to every player on our lovely server!!! Luve y'all... Of course, let's not forget my challenge, as lady Mikzie herself requested: GM Mikzie "Capture the Essence of Young Love!": Include a nostalgic story with your recipe. Here's a little tale of a great date I once had. And that's it!!! Took me some time to make everything, had some problems here and there and got myself drunk before posting it... that kind of made it hard to write all of this Hope everybody like the sweets! And of course, hope it tastes as good as mine!!! Forgot the in game name... : Is just Silent Raven, or anything with raven on it! Y'all know that by now.
  5. Silent Raven

    Brand New to RO

    Welcome Strunzy! Hope you find this game a lot of fun! There's a lot to learn and to explore, so go into this adventure with all you've got! I secretly envy you for the new experiences... you haven't heard that from me tho. Good luck, and most of all; Have Fun!!!!!
  6. Silent Raven

    Where is the MMO?

    @Bifrost Just a quick clarification! I did play a lot of the quests of the game; although i must admit that I lack the knowledge about the newer quests lines (Port Malaya and some others). But as you said yourself, aside from those that play the quest with the interest for the lore, there’s nothing else to be offered, and in most cases, rewards are quite weak. So by the end of the game cycle, most players finish the game only doing the quests that give them entrance to another dungeon or something similar… That aside. I completely agree with you about the untapped potential of this game. If like me, you ever went for a tour around the maps of this game, you probably found that there’s so many unused and forgotten spaces throughout all of the maps. From cities to dungeon areas to map buildings, the game has many things that never came to be touched, and that’s a shame. The problem of it in a way, comes from the way the lore is given. Is almost close to how Dark Souls handles the idea of lore, there’s something in there for you to find, but the game doesn’t go out of it’s way to show you or even teach you about it (a big contrast when you compare it to WoW, where the hand-holding for the lore is absurd). That creates the problem of a divide between the players: you have the ones, like yourself and to some extent me, that enjoys the lore and wants to know more about it; and you have the players that don’t care for none of it, and simply do it for the sake of getting something out of it. That gets even worse, when you consider that the game, at least on the original, never told you where a quest is going to start. TalonRO helps a little with the quest icon that shows up on the NPC that starts the quest, but the places where they stay and which quest is going to be given is a complete mystery. One of my favorite quests of this game never got a real conclusion. The quest about the secret bio lab on Yuno, and the monster people that survived the destruction of the place. Considering that the quest gives barely any real info about what happened and the fact that by the end you find a complete village full of the descendants of said monster people, it would be fair to expect more from such a quest line, but it ends there, with no real conclusion. The same can be said about the: Bio labs/Rekember corporation conspiracy; The Heart of Ymir research; The Royal Family Assassin; The Resurrection of Satan Morroc and Ash Vacuum; and many other little quests that don’t really find their way into a real conclusion. And sadly, the ones that get close to such a thing, like the Ash Vacuum exploration quest and Splendid/El Dicastes quests. End up being either, ignored because is too long, or done just for the sake of getting into the good rewards, like dragon manteau and proxy skin vest. I actually even sent a quest archetype to the GM’s some months back. A little tie-in into the Bio lab quest line and all of that. In my opinion that’s the best we can do. Try to adjust and improve the incomplete work that was left by Gravity. But is not like we would ever be able to completely resolve all the issues that the game has. That would be a lot of wishful thinking.
  7. Silent Raven

    Where is the MMO?

    I agree with some of your points, but at the same time, some of them just don’t work on the long run. RO has a great amount of wasted space and mostly untouched maps. Everyone levels and farm on the same maps and as you said: some MVPs and other mobs are ignored due to the difficult to reach said mob. But even when a mob has a massive reward that could give a lot of money, just a select group of players go through the trouble of hunting it. One of the best examples would be Nidhoggr. Is a common thing of game design; the fact that a player, if given the chance, will take away the fun of the game in trade for higher reward or better effectiveness and higher efficiency. Experimentation dies and it becomes this cookie cutter situation where everyone does and use the exact same thing. The problem of saying that older players don’t like to read a bit of dialogue is also a problem. We’re talking of a game with no voice acting, and most importantly an RPG, one of the most information intensive types of game. Reading is just a natural part of playing and if going through a bit of dialogue is that much of a hassle, then the problem is on the player and not the game. Since every single RPG has a high amount of info dumps and text to be read… But let’s imagine we can make all of that change, would still be the game we all came back to play? You said the changes wouldn’t have to be big, but the only thing that can be done to change the situation without a bigger effort, would be to change numbers and drops. If suddenly Detardeurus dropped a really good and unique weapon he would be more sought after, but at the same time, the majority would still ignore him simply because; entering Abyss Lake is annoying and going through all the trouble just takes time. The change of drops and exp would also cause some instability in the rest of the game. Suddenly, because Abyss Lake was buffed, now the exp per hour is better than that of Odin, so everyone migrates from one place to the other and you just relocated the problem somewhere else. Or even, if the exp is the same, the problem will just spread, because now you have just another niche party archetype that focus itself on going Abyss Lake to make some profit out of it… The idea of new content, at least brings the chance of rescuing that sense of adventure, and most importantly, it gives the chance for the player base to explore and maybe mold itself around something different. Making some small inches of progress towards a higher player interaction can work, although quite slowly. In my opinion, one of the best bets for something like that would be an Overhaul on the Hunting Board, giving some small party wide quests to clear an MVP or a sizable amount of mobs together. But then again, that would be trying to force players into a party set-up, and some people just don’t go with that kind of approach.
  8. Silent Raven

    Where is the MMO?

    Although I agree with many of the points y’all commented; the real problem with the game is that RO is naturally outdated for any perspective you could look at. Is a Korean RPG archetype that relies on constant play and grinding in exchange for rewards. Just look at the amount of quests RO has in comparison to the average to below average Western RPG. There’s basically no quest to do, and the few that you can do, are either gated by level or a necessity for items and other little things. In a simple comparison, WoW and Guild Wars have a questing system that carries you from quest to quest until you reach max lvl (which in most cases, is the point where the MMORPG experience tend to become more competitive and less robotic). But on RO, the best you can get from quests is a small amount of exp, something like less than 5% of the exp bar from a +90 character; and in the moments they do exist, they are used not as quests that tie in to a bigger story or a simple and interesting side story (of course, there are some exceptions), but as means to reach a new place to grind and farm. Because that’s how the game was made to be played, grinding and farming. There’s no other means of reaching the goal of max lvl other than farming and grinding. Renewal brought the Eden Group, as a way to mitigate the absurd lack of quests and oriented farming, but still, the quests are nothing more than hunting a set amount of mobs for the reward of a small boost of exp. (not that far from our own Hunting Board). The question of: “Where is the MMO?”, is cracked by the simple fact that this is a game from 2002. Just look at the average number of players online everyday: ~1.500 or so. More than 60% of those players are AFK mists and vendors. A good 15-20% is high lvl players sitting around talking to guild members and friends, and the rest is players looking for parties and farming. The MMO aspect of RO died a long time ago, no server other than something like IRO, has enough traffic to pull of the MMO experience. Hell, even the MMOs that are still holding up, mainly WoW, are only alive to this day, because the player base that started all the way back in burning crusade are still playing. MMORPGs are a relic of the past now, and expecting to find the same amount of parties and lively chitchat on the cities as if you where on a server back in 2006, is just a bit naive. Don’t get me wrong though, I love this game to death and would really enjoy seeing new and different things from it, but implementing something as big and complex as a: “Brand New chapter” of quests, maps and npcs, would take a long time and effort. And aside from new and never seen content, there’s really nothing much that could force the main bulk of the TalonRO player base to play different things. The vast majority of players here are already economically and level secure; They have massive amounts of money and a whole bunch of 99/70 chars to play with. What else can they do other than to farm for items and money? Sure they can go pvp, but anyone can see that the lack of incentive and reward makes the pvp arenas all ghost towns (populated by the random ghost assassin cross or so), they can go in the Woe, which a bunch of guilds do, but not everyone likes Woe, so not every guild plays it. The BG is (at the moment), under testing to be re-implemented into the game, but even with that, the options for an already max lvl player are still limited. Gating the use of dual or triple client would only cause problems, since a lot of players only play this game because of this liberty. Remember, this isn’t a new game, the only way to make money other than farming, is to sell things with your merchant; a complete class. The fact that you have to make a character just for this simple purpose, you have to be logged in, and use a specific skill to be able to sell your things, already shows the massive oversight on the idea of economic control. If you’re selling, you’re not playing, and vice-versa. So dual client takes that problem away. It also helps players that like to play alone (like myself), making it easier to do some maps and other things by yourself. The fact that there’s not that many parties, is not a problem of solo players using dual client, is simply that there’s not enough players to even get close to a high density traffic on any given map. Even with Abbey or Odin parties, you can still find mobs and find things easily. When back in the day, some maps had so many people, that finding a single mob was a miracle. I think the way to find balance and more parties is new content, being content that was released on the IRO, and adapted to our own rates, or a TalonRO original quest line or something. Whichever it might be, it would take a massive effort to produce and implement, and without the help of the player base itself, it would simply not happen. Forcing parties don’t work, people always find a work around to it, or simply, gate the entrance in the party by requesting: “full build hitter; full build pally; full build HP”… He’s making a party but the person is forcing a gate onto other players by themselves. No matter what, getting yourself in to a party can be an issue if you’re not one of the main used classes, and some of the more unreliable classes, like the clown (RIP),who got affected by power creep because of talonRO nerfs, so it becomes a rejected class by most players. Solving this problem is really a matter of player help and new content. Old players come to the server every now and then, most looking for people to party and farm together. And most of the time, they end up farming alone, because there’s not enough low lvl players to go with them, or because people just don’t want to slow their own speed by helping someone else. In any of those cases, the only way to help mitigate the problem, is to either: Do something to help by yourself (you know, be the change you want to see in the world and all that), or, try to figure out something that might incentivise play and interaction, and suggest to the GM team.
  9. Silent Raven

    Hello guys ~~ I'm Riiko

    Welcome, Welcome!!! I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of parties to play with! And if not, you can always talk to people on chat! We talk a lot, but I can assure you that we're friendly!?! Hope you have fun
  10. Silent Raven

    TalonRO Valentine's Bakeoff!

  11. Silent Raven

    Temporary Map Events

    So, way back in the days of playing this game on the official servers, there was a type of event that always got a lot of attention and movement up; that being those little "time limited" special map events. Stuff like, a map where only MVP spawns, or a large map with an elemental/race/size theme, where there’s a far larger amount of mob spawn, in comparison to that of the original map of that monster. Example: Plant themed map: Mavkas, Wooden Golem, Wood Goblin, Wild Ginseng etc. (Of course, I used Mavka as more of a proof of concept. A map with a higher concentration of farming mobs could cause a big influx of players on just that area... But it works as an example.) Due to the temporary nature of an event like this, and the high amount of exp and loot to be gained. I’m sure it would incentivise newer players to form parties for leveling, and also help on the drop of some items. (Provided that certain mobs would be used on such an event, E.G.: Necromancers, MVPs, Banshees etc.) We already have a really well thought out system for teleporting players and organizing maps. So I believe implementing it as a TP from minigame girl, or even warp girl, could make it work! Just a thought tho!!!
  12. Silent Raven

    Nice to meet y'all

    Welcome, Welcome!!! The only nerf is on Bragi, wich makes the class a bit lacking on the support side of parties. Since you were more of a solo player, I believe the nerf will not affect you that much!!! Have fun! And come talk to us on main chat
  13. Silent Raven

    Played a decade ago

    Welcome to our humble server! May your stay be pleasant and fun!!!
  14. Silent Raven

    Prototype for a Quest!

    I'm working on the detailed document, I'll send to someone of the staff when is finished!