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  1. Silent Raven

    The Starlight Soiree | You’re Invited

    Forgot this gem!!!
  2. Silent Raven

    Temporary Map Events

    So, way back in the days of playing this game on the official servers, there was a type of event that always got a lot of attention and movement up; that being those little "time limited" special map events. Stuff like, a map where only MVP spawns, or a large map with an elemental/race/size theme, where there’s a far larger amount of mob spawn, in comparison to that of the original map of that monster. Example: Plant themed map: Mavkas, Wooden Golem, Wood Goblin, Wild Ginseng etc. (Of course, I used Mavka as more of a proof of concept. A map with a higher concentration of farming mobs could cause a big influx of players on just that area... But it works as an example.) Due to the temporary nature of an event like this, and the high amount of exp and loot to be gained. I’m sure it would incentivise newer players to form parties for leveling, and also help on the drop of some items. (Provided that certain mobs would be used on such an event, E.G.: Necromancers, MVPs, Banshees etc.) We already have a really well thought out system for teleporting players and organizing maps. So I believe implementing it as a TP from minigame girl, or even warp girl, could make it work! Just a thought tho!!!
  3. Silent Raven

    The Starlight Soiree | Summer Social

    "Let us rejoice on this fine evening with good music, and even better company!"
  4. Silent Raven

    TalonRO Re-packaging Contest

    And now... For the reveal of the brand new coffee brand of talonRO!!! "drum roll" Here is the one I used as the base!!! Hope ya'll have a good cup of coffee and a great time farming! Game name: Silent Raven
  5. Silent Raven

    Hey! (For like, the thousand time)

    Hey guys! So, I'm new to the server, been playing for like, 3 weeks or more by now, so I decided to make a little introduction! I played this game so many times that I kinda lost the count. I've Been looking for a stable server to have some fun for a long time, and I think I found it here. The whole comunnity seems to be very welcoming, and I already had my time fooling around on !main. I'm sure, I'll have a lot of fun with you guys! And even though I still have to deal with the crushing fact of being really poor, I'm sure that with time I'll have a lot of fun bashing people on PVP with my guitar!! So, that's that, hope to have a lot of people to play with, and some fun goofing off on the main chat! May the RNGesus, bless you all, and have fun!!