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    It seems quite strange that BG is limited only to vanilla. If the premise of doing so is to limit the damage, then it also cuts away many tactics based upon non-vanilla items, which grant some unique effects and make PvP more interesting and diverse. As such it would be really desirable to create unrestricted BG, where non-vanilla items would be allowed. (or atleast non-SQI items) Suggested changes: Warp girl: PvP -> Battlegrounds [vanilla] => PvP -> Battlegrounds (Battlegrounds Arena Ready Room is the same for vanilla and unrestricted participants) Battle Recruiter -> Register => Battle Recruiter -> Register -> Vanilla || Unrestricted (make 2 separate queues) Make the same Match Modes for Unrestricted queue, but without limit to vanilla items (basically copy-paste + a little change for restrictions) Make Battleground announcer note of the match type (Vanilla or Unrestricted) If it would seem, that Unrestricted Battlgrounds have some kind of advantage over Vanilla Battlegrounds (or the other way around), then it could be dealt with by changing the amount of given coins. (although, I personally don't see how one mode would be advantageous over another) Critique is wellcome.