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  1. Oh, I'm never seen a build with a malangdo enchantment. I will consider it. thank you so much. yep.
  2. I'm just poor newbie 77 Lv professor and i always simulate and search for better auto spell professor's gears settings build. First, look at this calc result. https://calc.talonro.com/?caGbIa8ababbLabbLabumaakvhaQaQaaaalnehHaaaaaahkaawkg1eueKclfegwflgZlZh7vsaaeeeeagfkkkfbaaZkaaahSaaaaHaaaaa Here, i found 190 aspd setting without any agi due to the thorn shield+horn of buffalo. [DD was also taken considered because many(or generally) searching result of auto spell professor settings(INT+AGI build) are based on DD] But I don't know that the efficiency when giving up AGI and giving it to VIT status. Obviously, i understand that investing VIT stat is better reduce receiving damage than agi-tree. What i'm saying is wall of fog skill was meaningless. Nonetheless, the reason of insist on this build is it can be put on the 1 imp card more in comparison with double celeb ring. (not consider brisingamen. it's tooooooooo expensive T_T) Thus, i want your suggestion that what do you think about which build(AGI vs VIT) is better?