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  1. IGN: Dragonzar Name: Alluring Design: fusion with Drops: 1 Blush of Groom ID #5800 30 Rouge ID #739 30 Crystal Mirror ID #747 1 Female Hairstyle Notes ID #8889 30 Golden Hair ID #1060 Backstory: Alluring is a member of poring group that went to hollywod and reach success among top class actress. Alluring was born as Maryling Monroing. During her career, her films grossed more than $200 million. Alluring overcame a difficult childhood to become of the world's biggest and most enduring legends. Alluring is a sex symbol of the rune midgard's monster. Numerous scandal she made with deviruchi of geffen dungeon, condor of morroc field, even the most handsome knight turn into abyss and now walk like a zombie in glastheim (abyssmal knight) because of her. Everywhere she goes, every monster in the map will follow her. Agressive monster become non-agressive when they followed her. If she is killed, then every monster that follow her will attack the one who killed her.
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