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  1. Merry Christmas and happy holidays all ye oldies <3.
  2. Usually, when donations promotions are done, the organization states and reveals (beforehand) how much of each dollar donated will actually be donated to the charities. If this is not stated beforehand, then the organization can adjust for "various" and "variable" expenses such as advertising. Unless the server is currently suffering fron lack of funds, it should have enough cash flow or cash assets to pay for these normal costs as uaual. Hence, the current statement of "actual donation = player donation - advertising - server costs" is as vague as it can get, since the server can spend expotential amount on advertising (variable cost) if player donation increases expotentially due to this promotion. As such, it would preferable to let players know that 90 cent per dollar will be donated, or X% of $1. When donations are involved, it is better to be clearer than vague since such promotions can be a conflict of interest between profit and charity.
  3. Or add option to pay with copper coins or rental points!
  4. Derp... I guess you are Muri'ing me. I have not rented out the rooms yet, but the price is on the higher side for your everday players to make use of. Is it possible to lower the price on the smaller sized rooms if there is any? This way, big ones can be rented out by guilds doing events or GvG, while smaller ones can be used for few friends/guildies wanting to play around.
  5. Rental PvP map sounds great!
  6. Good times lol. Yes! back on track! Grats!!
  7. Sell and buy many Brys! muahaha!
  8. Congrats!! lol @ the impressions and the wheel thing was pretty trippy No +1 free upgrade?? I guess Cass finished her +10 slpnirs.... 8DDDDD
  9. See ya! oh wait, what's this... I can reply?????????
  10. Could you guys automatically link the # of achievements or achievement points to the forum (siggie or left side)? I am guessing you can't look up what other people have achieved, so this may give at least some quantifiable comparison/show-off mechanism.
  11. It says I'm not allowed to view the Achievements page.
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