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  1. Are you a fan of collecting cute thing? Well, I am. IGN: Seikishi Name: Dollring Look like Ordinary Poring except has visibly stitch marks and shirt buttons as its eyes. Maybe the red isn't as bright and look very old. Drops (If there are too many. feel free to get rid of some or add more dolls! I saw more that drop from instances) Poring Doll ID #741 Chonchon Doll ID #742 Spore Doll ID #743 Baphomet Doll ID #750 Osiris Doll ID #751 Rocker Doll ID #752 Yoyo Doll ID #753 Raccoon Doll ID #754 Black Cat Doll ID #7206 Little Ghost Doll ID #7268 Rice Ball Doll ID #7272 (Personal Favorite. I keep in inventory as Lucky Object for Good Loots!) Munak Doll ID #7277 Girl Dolls ID #12366 Capsule Dolls ID #6083 Story Once belong to a young girl in a big city of Prontera. Her poor parents sew this Dollring by their hands as a birthday gift for her. However, she was unhappy with the ugly Stitch Marks and Shirt Buttons as its eyes, that was left visibly on her Dollring. Made fun by all of her friends, who have better and cuter dolls. She discarded her Dollring, casted it away in some dark places and never look back. The next morning, all her friends also lost their own dolls. They all testified seeing Dollring ate their cute dolls at night before it teleported away.
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