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  1. Kuripurin

    Let's show our Lifs!

    Ok I want to ask you guys 1 thing. How many of you heal your Lif. And how many of you just let it die then revive level 5?
  2. Kuripurin

    Let's show our Lifs!

    That's very sad... for my lif
  3. Kuripurin

    Let's show our Lifs!

    Hello, I am very new to homun and bio as a whole. I just started making my Lif and try using stats grow at low level. The HP seem to be very high. I assumed it will grow lower as i level up? I don't know how stats grow work. Only know that it's random. really looking forward to raise mine up >< Edit: After reading around it seem I need high int? Should I remake new Lif? Not sure what stats grow suppose to look like.
  4. Yes get this. Even if you change your mind to play other class later. You can still use it on other character. This was also my first purchase with TC.
  5. Kuripurin

    You are hired to overhaul ragnarok!

    Alright let me start... Note that I am new to RO in general and So far I play a lot of wiz. 1. Longer range on Quagmire skill. This was one of the most annoying thing as the party always ask me to quag the boss. Everytime I tried to do it, I walk forward from the safe spot. 2. The super annoying 1:1 window that block all my Q W E R slot skills. Yes I know there is a way to make it not popup and go to main chat window instead, but I prefer it to show up separate window for easier conversation tracking purpose. I wish I can press enter to get out of the 1:1 window like the main chat window. 3. Lastly, this will be for "fun" purpose if i can code to change anything in ragnarok. I want more interaction with other character. Holding hand. Princess Carry. Hugging. You name it. As if now, we just sit next to each other. That's what we do. That's how we social. Don't you think it would be cool if you can punch your friend in the face or high jump kick that cause them to moved away 2 block and only available in town? There are way more stuff I would love to change honestly. But hey, rule state only 3 so...