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    Mind, maidens, we spare not
    One life in the fray!
    We corse-choosing sisters
    Have charge of the slain.

    Sleep tight mere mortals,
    And know, I fight for thee,
    Justice hath been served,
    When they die by me.

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  1. Saitama then suddenly decided it was time to rest.
  2. Congratulations to all the winners and participants! You had us all salivating.
  3. GM Elixia

    cyns art

    These are absolutely adorable!
  4. Welcome back; here's to a pleasant stay!
  5. Absolute masterpiece!!! This is so perfect! Thank you!
  6. Oh wow! These all look so good! And the creativity of the presentations! Holy Moly you guys are Talon Master Chefs!!!
  7. Oh my! Such lovely artsu! Slot for Chibi? *poke*poke*
  8. Yay! I would love it in this art style! So soft and manga-ish
  9. I would love a slot please *poke*poke* teehee~!
  10. I agree with @nowzee! Bottled ship toys, wooden paddles on the wall, wooden picture frames plus some stripe-y bedsheets, pillows and linens, maybe some old world map on the walls too as a suggestion (P.S. I interior design Valhalla from time to time )
  11. PAK na PAK! I approve this tutorial! Is "PUSH MO YAN!" next?
  12. This is such a cute masterpiece! Thank you!
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