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    Mind, maidens, we spare not
    One life in the fray!
    We corse-choosing sisters
    Have charge of the slain.

    Sleep tight mere mortals,
    And know, I fight for thee,
    Justice hath been served,
    When they die by me.

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  1. There comes a time in every endeavour to say goodbye, it is always sad when you have to leave your friends behind but harder when its your family, and TalonRO, to me, is just that.

    I want to thank every Talonian for your support. You welcomed me as your new GM with open arms a year ago and since then, it has been an amazing experience creating/hosting events for you all, the endless banters and conversations with you guys I will be missing the most.

    I want to thank the hardest working GM team ever, and my bunny sisters @GM Lance, @GM Spica, and @GM Luna, as well as the great admins who I look up to.

    I am leaving behind hundreds of great memories, companions of many victories and an incredible community.

    Although there remains a lot to do, I am tremendously proud and confident that TalonRO will continue to grow and strive with all the players.

    Thank you to everyone for the amazing memories, all of you will hold a place in my heart forever.

    Impossible is nothing /bawi


    Farewell from Valhalla,

    GM Elixia 


    ELIXIA | #15.gif

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    2. GM Haru

      GM Haru

      Best of luck out there, Elixia! Thank you for guiding me and teaching me. You will never be forgotten! We hope to see you soon! /lv2

    3. DON IS HERE




      talon ro  miss u

      Whenever you remember times gone by
      Remember how we held our heads so high
      When all this world was there for us
      And we believed that we could touch the sky
      Whenever you remember, we all be there
      Remember how we reached that dream together
      Whenever you remember


      Now I have to say goodbye, but it`s very hard to do, so I would like to say nice to meet you. Nice to meet you again.


      I wish all the best in your life

      god bless u 

    4. GM Spica

      GM Spica

      It's hard to say goodbye to such a sweet GM as you, Elixia. Still, I wish you all the best! It has been a pleasure to work with you, let's stay in touch, neh? /kis2

  2. GM Elixia

    Back after many years..

    Welcome to the server, ggomg! We hope you enjoy your time here! Feel free to ask questions if you need help!
  3. GM Elixia

    Well hello you ;).

    Why, hello to you too!
  4. GM Elixia

    Never a Big player - Returning to one more try

    We don't age here! We just level up!
  5. GM Elixia

    yes hi hello

    Welcome to the family!
  6. *poke*poke* NOMNOMNOM

    ELIXIA | #13.png

  7. GM Elixia

    Pneuma ArtShop [Closed]

    Oh wow! This is awesome! I'd love a chibi slot please :3
  8. GM Elixia

    Hello TalonRO, ViatorLipsia is here :)

    Welcome! Welcome! The TRO community is all sorts of friendly and I'm sure you'll be making new friends sooner than laters! <3
  9. .....aaaaaaand the WINNERS are out! Now that was a hard job! /?? 

    Hats off to everyone who joined! You have not made picking the winners an easy job for us! /fsh


  10. ▶ 2018 CONTEST WINNERS! ◀︎ ✿ ✿ ✿ Happy Day, Talonians! ✿ ✿ ✿ Out of tens and tons of entries, these final 3 rose to the top! On behalf of me and the rest of the GM team, we would like to say thanks to everyone for their submissions and amazing support! All participants should be extremely proud of themselves for creating such great artwork – seriously (and like always!) – this contest gave the GMs a really REALLY hard time picking the winning lot! There was just so much good stuff that we hope the pixel fairy godmothers answer our prayers to turn everyone's submission into actual awesome in-game armory! You are all winners in our book! But of course (for most ), what you're interested in are the kind of winners who get to take home the PRIZES! So without further ado, we're pleased to announce the following winners....*drumrolls* ✿ ✿ ✿ ▶ THE WINNERS ◀︎ FIRST PRIZE — @agilazo 1 Exclusive Pet "Moonlight" | 1 MARCH Costume Box | 15 Talon Coins | 500 Eden Merit Badges The GM Mikzie Challenge: +1 Mermaid Melody : Create a headgear inspired by the ocean! SECOND PRIZE — @jassietea "Teddy Tales" There once was an especially gifted sorceress named Aeria who gave birth to a baby girl named Lissa. Her daughter was the apple of her eye and her joy and pride. However, her happiness was cut short and her world was shattered to pieces when the kingdom's most well-respected fortune teller delivered her grave news. The mystic warned her that her baby wouldn't live beyond the age of three due to ominous forces that wanted to claim the child's precious life. Aeria took matters into her own hands and cast protective spells all around their home that repelled dark energy. She also hand-stitched a small teddy bear and bewitched it with a powerful incantation that meant it would guard her daughter from any evil. 1 MARCH Costume Box | 10 Talon Coins | 250 Eden Merit Badges The GM Venus Challenge: +1 Shape Shifter : Create a headgear inspired by animals. The GM Spica Challenge: +1 Pink Madness : Create a headgear that has pink in it! THIRD PRIZE — @Chirii 1 MARCH Costume Box | 5 Talon Coins | 100 Eden Merit Badges CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL! The prizes will be given out in the days to come, once again we would like to thank all participants! Until next time!
  11. /kis

    1. GM Luna

      GM Luna

      Peek a booooo ~ /kis

  12. GM Elixia

    TalonRO Custom Headgear Design Contest

    That’s it everyone! Thank you for participating and for all your outstanding, amazing entries! We all can't wait to get the judging started! Winners will be announced soon, so please keep yourself posted!
  13. Hi everyone!

    For those who haven't submitted yet, we only have a few more HOURS until the end of this forum contest (extended to tomorrow MARCH 31st, Midnight Server time!)

    The chance to win a really cute exclusive pet "Moonlight" — and — EDEN MERIT BADGES among other lovely prizes /slur So submit your entries before time runs out /??