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  1. GM Havoc

    Pvp announcements

    I believe what you saw that day were mine and Copal's announcements when we were hosting Rumble Madness. These don't happen regularly and by coincidence were being held at the same time you were in your instance.
  2. You should check out the guild section of the forums. There are sufficient PvM guilds who have regular ET runs. For your convenience, here is a link: https://forum.talonro.com/forum/15-guilds/ Good luck.
  3. I would recommend checking the Class Discussions on the forums. https://forum.talonro.com/forum/64-swordman/ You could also simulate a build and gear layout, check damage output, etc. At https://calc.talonro.com
  4. Welcome to the server! May your Ragnarok experience here be one you will remember forever~ Good luck on your journey!
  5. GM Havoc

    Time on chat

    Our official Discord server also provides a #main_chat channel where you can see who typed what, with the appropriate time shown, you know.
  6. GM Havoc

    oh hai :V [FULL]

    One slot please. I'll PM you with details.
  7. GM Havoc

    Fun PVP event

    Changed Status to Declined Sadly any event that promotes betting also could be used as an exploit to gain money. Players would pm each other who they'd want to win and abuse the betting system. For this reason I must decline.
  8. That is my point exactly, rewritten. Anyways, as for the topic of the suggestion regarding the removal of berries, I believe we all have a mutual understanding.
  9. GM Havoc


    Here on TalonRO we do not have skulls drop when you kill someone. You are left with the same satisfaction, the same thrill, the same personal reputation and the map is litter free. To prove to someone that you are unkillable simply be unkillable, your point will come across I'm positive of it. A warm welcome to the server, you are welcome to try out our Vanilla and Unrestricted modes as you please. See you on the battlefield.
  10. In the case of a competitive PvP scene which would you prefer? Having a limited range of weaponry with access to every single elemental property or have a wide variety of weaponry, each with specific enhancers, with limited elemental properties? Buying yourself only one weapon and then abusing elemental converters on it seems a little dull when we're talking about competitive gameplay. Especially since the ability to switch armors and weapons to your advantage is the meta for being competitive. If it pleases, you may open a new suggestion regarding your concerns and I would be delighted to have a look.
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