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  1. Disable Dead Branch in Sleepers

    same thing as if they were hidden - only it is difficult to prove the intention.. I would send the report anyways - timestamp may help with the logs. people with no respect to others, botters and scammers should be removed from our community.
  2. Disable Dead Branch in Sleepers

    DB is part of the game - so is opening DBs - Thats why is it possible to open DBs on fields. DBs were not ment to be used for trolling - thats why it is perfectly OK to report such trolls. Nobody likes to be restricted to use something only on given place - and this is actually issue only because of few very stupid trolls. It doesnt really make sense to restrict everyone because of few rulebreakers - better to remove these rulebreakers right? That way, there will be no need fo restrictions. the post bellow sums it up - it may be old, but it is still valid. So please, go ahead and report them. If we can get rid of all these "oh look, I am so funny, I just upset 20 other ppl" trolls, I personaly would be superglad.
  3. Rogue to Stalker Build

    try checking thief section on forums: https://forum.talonro.com/forum/68-thief/ while you are at it, check the whole forums, so that you will know what can be found in different sections. This forum is full of really great advices, guides and brilliant ideas - but you have to do your part of the work - search and read it - it is good idea to ask yourselve "is there a chance, that someone already asked the same question?" if yes, try searching before posting - you will be surprised how many responses are there and you will get the reply you are looking for much faster - here, you had to wait 11 hours to get some reply - if you searched...
  4. Strong Shield v.s. Cross Shield

    cross shield has +30% dmg - so it is better. Try to play with calc to see how much is the difference for you.. the refine lvl has very minor effect on your dmg - but it is still good for def..
  5. New hat for talon coins.

    it seems that it only has sprite - but I cant fint the item itself in db.. I can immagine using the sprite, but I can not immagine having 2 or 4 slot headgear on TRo..
  6. New hat for talon coins.

    it seems to be custom hat from other server. it is not even in rms or iro database. I dont think this will be added, bacuse it seems as extremely strong item - HR item if you ask me.. I would suggest getting customized kaho horns with the same/simmilar sprite - thats about the closest to it you can get
  7. Understanding Shield Chain, DEF modifiers and weapon role

    if you mean it seriously with some class, you have to invest.. if you dont have the cash for expensive weapon, you can get cheaper one - like race/size specific weapon - it is pretty common to have a set of weapons.. race/size specific weapons can be used by other chars as well.. for normal farming, some +atk should be OK, since you will 1hit the target anyways..
  8. Hey Everyone

    welcome! make sure that you check on the customs that we have here - some things are a bit different from what you may remember.. this is correct - it all started in Germany over 200 years ago - only in that time, it was not called Germany
  9. pretty nice guide.. this can give people inspiration.. I will also add a little: shield for switch - I also like to have all shields the same so that I need only 1 key to switch, but some like to have GTB in different shield, so that they will be 1000% sure that they are now switching to GTB.. consumables - I carry panacea instead of green pots.. my favourite accessory is dia ring - for additional HPs.. weapon - mace wins - it can not be broken (and acolite class can wear it as well - talking about sharing equips with my other chars) skills - I would not sacrifice auto guard - I would rather have shorter devo.. tip and trick number 9 - awesome! thank you!
  10. halp mi pls

    once you dig a bit deeper into the char, you will know if you want to try it or if it seems like something you already know.. if you like it, you will make it to 99 and will play it and return to it.. besides, you will find out what equips other people use, which is also good and may save you a lot of money on unnecessary purchases like on this ninja, you dont need the card, because the stones are not expensive and you dont really spam the skill - other skills are way better for killing :> so it is better to use HW carded mid..
  11. halp mi pls

    no it cant, since it is not gemstone... you can buy these stones if you want to.. or you can learn more about a class that you want to play - such as basic equips - if you read some of the guides here, you will learn that there is pingu card... really, learn more before you start the char - this way, you will get them all to 80 and discrad them as "boring" - you will never experience what they can do..
  12. How can i achieve insta-cast with mine current build?

    you dont have option to have bless? would you really discard these and exchange for +dex cards? wouldnt it be better to keep them and go for the foods? switch gloves to orle gloves, get some +dex enchanted armor (if needed) and the foods and you are all set.. btw do you really need 150? 148 is is also very very fast and is enough for most situations.. weapon kind of depends on place where you want to go - DTS is fine..
  13. Vanilla Sinx

    on top right of your screen, there is a field with "search" written in it. go to thief section and write in "vanilla". Hit enter. you have just found a lot of topics about vanilla enviroment.. read it and come back with additional questions BTW - these two "areas" that you talk about are "unrestricted" (aka unres) and already mentioned "vanilla" - and yes, with speacial cool events we do have vanilla and unres dungeons..
  14. halp mi pls

    seems that you are in a stage where you make chars to lvl 70 and quit them I know the feeling.. you have to find out what class you really love (HW) and quit the other ones for a while It is good idea to make some expanded class, since that does not require too much exp and it is a bit different, so it is fun.. ninja is fun, but to me, it seems that you are repeating the same all the time.. super novice is fun for sure - everyone should have one gunner - with the elemental bullets, it is a lot of fun - I have been surprised how much I enjoyed the class.. SG - this could be it - if you can fund the book (seems like you can), you can start going with odin parties - they will love you, it is fun, big parties, lots of new friends..
  15. Gear to get

    I dont think that lvl 58 player should go straight for vampsmith.. besides HoB+Thorny combo is trans class only.. with cheap gears, you will not be able to do too much.. anyways, check on vampsmith if that is something you like - if you do, start getting the equips (the weapon is most important).. you can change the build so that it will work with nontrans char as well - maybe you will not get 190aspd, but you can live with less - just dont mob too many. if it is out of your reach for now, think of different ways - cart revolution is nice AoE skill.. see what seems viable to you and ask additional question if you need..