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  1. Doubts about card's effects

    gift box contains a lot of nice items. To name a few - OPB, OBB, various dolls, various stones, dyestuff... these items may be sold or used for quests, crafts or mixtures
  2. Gift Box bugged!

    it is just miniboss - not MvP yes, he naturally spawns on 3 maps (and also in endless tower) and afaik he has santa poring slaves. The droprate is regular card droprate - it is not supposed to be big (if you ask me, it is already HUGE) DB is not a good way to farm cards - yet, for some reason, most of times when we had DB party, we dropped some random card. There are also other ways how to change monster into different monster as for the original question - give me some more time to "investigate" or wait for someone who knows more about this issue.
  3. Gift Box bugged!

    I do not know about the discussed change, but I will check on this - if there is such change, I believe that there is a good reason behind it. nope, you dont need to buy 50m worth of anything to get the card - if you cant get one on your own, consider getting it from someone else for <2m so, checking the price @reward guru - I would say, that 5TC for santa poring is less than TC price for MVP cards - so - no, I dont think that santa poring card > mvp card And this is another change that I am not aware of? It does not drop from santa poring anymore?
  4. Extremely New Here

    welcome! as Lamia mentioned - visit wiki for guides - such as this one: https://wiki.talonro.com/Starting_Class_Player_Guide Priest is pretty good idea for "returning" player - you will go through few dungs and soon you will remember - important note - we have "crosstrans" option - you can trans to different class - so you can start as priest and reborn to High Wizard or something else server runs on GMT+1 (Europe) Have fun!
  5. Help with Abbey Leech prices..

    leech is bad - it steals away the fun! If I wanted to know, how much is something, I would probably check on the place where they sell it - in this case, Marketplace/sell However, you need to consider expgain/hr - people pay for gained experience maybe the best way would be searching for one of these threads where rates for leech are discussed every now and then.. also, checking @market channel online can give you idea what rates people sell at..
  6. Crusader/Paladin Shield Boom Card set

    Welcome! take a while to see how does our forums work. you are searching for something related to specific class and its build - such discussions are held in "class discussion" - in this case - swordman - https://forum.talonro.com/forum/64-swordman/ we have also "search" option, to make it easier for you - check out this thread - it is about shield chain - see if you can find some for boomerang as well Martyr - check here: http://irowiki.org/classic/Martyr's_Reckoning Have Fun!
  7. TalonRO's Mainstream Leveling While Farming Guide

    job 50 may depend on class - some people say, that job lvl is important only for trans chars - I say, that job 50 does not slow you down that much and that every char should go from job lvl 50.. So it kind of depends - if you need the skills or not - and how much do you love your char - I love mine, so job 50 for me when you become 99, you can live as 99 as long as you wish - once you decide to go for trans, you can reborn and will become 1/1 trans - high novice
  8. Stalker Basic Gears for Odin

    I suppose that you are talking about Odin F3? lets have a look at it - what would you like to do there? Think how you want to be useful - DMG dealer? - check the monsters there and use calc to see how would you do agains them: https://calc.talonro.com/ the main target in F3 are skeggs - you need high hit and high flee if you want to fight close range - do you have equips to achieve this? Maybe your party would rather have you to deal with frus/skogul? check on calc to see how you will do.. this is quite important, as it is good idea to wear armor against monster that will be hitting you most. maybe it would be better idea to fight long range - or with bow, or with magic? unless you already have some nice equips, that will let you survive fighting them melee, I would really suggest long range - it is easier and safer - with wizard in party, I would use bow, if the party doesnt have wizard, I would go for SG build.
  9. Help on making Buff slave

    you mean where do you get your buff slave? it is not something that you receive somewhere - it is simply another character - only it is not controlled by another player - it is controlled by you. It is also known as dual clienting. you just need to make new game account under your forum account - https://panel.talonro.com/ create new character on your new account, make it priest/linker/sage/bard/dancer or just whatever support char you need, run the client again, this time logging in your main character and thats it.. one client will have your main and other one your slave to support yourselve
  10. What mvp skills bypass GTB + cicada?

    I think it should be only part of SBK dmg - IIRC something like - skills that can use % cards are blocked by cicada
  11. Priest starting gears

    if we talk about ME priest, I would rather go for sting rosary. 150 is not needed - you can live fine with lower dex - check what is suitable for you - little trick - if you cant cast ME, try sanctuary 1st, that will slow down the mob and give you time to cast ME DEX food is really your friend - check the prices and see which is cheapest and make the build according to it.
  12. SN SQI question

    SQI bonus is given only to the char/class that it belongs to - if you want bonuses to djin, you have to be alche/creator as SN, you can have bonuses only on BoA - the other ones will be without bonuses - only the raw stats of given weapon
  13. Advice on Character/ Job Suitability

    he ment that he did not enjoy sinx at all however, the comment shows the beauty of RO - there are different chars for different folks I feel the same about HP - not even +10everything would make me like to play it, yet a lot of people cant immagine better char for them. If you feel, that you may like sinx, talk to sinxes and find out what they have to say about the class - people who play the char for long can tell you most cons and pros... BTW - I am currently making my 2nd sinx - for fun (1st one is cheap PD sinx) - why would I do it, if it was not fun?
  14. Advice on Character/ Job Suitability

    check it out
  15. Uru says hi~

    Welcome! check our guild directory to see who is recruiting Yesterday, I had few moments of nostalgia, when I remebered these old times - old Payon, Morroc before Satan, wizards without amplify... Have fun and enjoy the ride. if you have questions, feel free to ask - ingame on @main channel, here on forums, on our discord channel...