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  1. Chloe Burbank

    Rain's Crayon Chibis

    Hi! I am opening slots for this month! This will be really cheap too~ Crayon chibi style (5m each character) Sample works: I also make some digital/traditional art with a diff style. Non chibi: 10m/character (i mostly draw sad looking stuff btw haha) Chibi: 7m Background: +5m Additional monster/ pet: +7m Sample works: Thanks! You can also PM me in game, IGN: Reginleifr You can also reach me through Discord: smol rain#9433 I also have a facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/anaestheticart/ THANK YOU!
  2. Chloe Burbank

    Christmas Cards Winners!

    i won aaaaaaaaaa thanks gms!
  3. Chloe Burbank

    Christmas Cards from TalonRO

    IGN: Reginleifr1. ✽ The GM Lance Challenge: Let it Snow - +2 Must include a snow-filled background setting. aaaaaaa 2. ✽ The GM Venus Challenge: Everyone's invited! - +2 Include a Christmas themed monster/s in your entry. Tatachos are the best~ :3
  4. Chloe Burbank

    Autumn 2017 Loading Screen Contest

    IGN: Reginleifr Last minute submission aaaaaaaaaaaa