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  1. managed to sneak in one more to end the night ww commission for @Rense
  2. did a few more for the weekend ww commissions of @~Izleen's cute children
  3. ahhh you're too kind ;__; i appreciate it!! thank you so much for the interest ww i'd love to have you as a customer in the future!
  4. haha i do miss drawing them and it's been so hard to draw with uni work lying around (': thank you so much, manda! i hope you've been well too and enjoying some summer racing maybe?
  5. doodles of my beans before beddy bye zz
  6. squeezing in my weekend! another two commissions for @Yuren
  7. my hand is okay so far! i take more precaution now to ice it after a long day ww i wished i had the time to race though ;__; work comes first but i'm in loveee with the new costumesss T__T!! your character is adorable and so are you n_n!! thank you so much rinny! hope to see more from you too ww
  8. they are for a friend i believe! and that's good to know LOL that means i got the description right haha thank you naght! i hope you're enjoying the summer race
  9. two more commissions for @Orchestra slowly but surely ww
  10. wahh yes of course! i'll be happy to inform you when i have the opportunity! thank you so much for your interest ww
  11. ww you're the coolest! i'll be sure to update the thread again when i have time for more art! thank you so much for your support ;__;!!
  12. oh nooo ;__; your art is soo cute!! an art trade sounds fun and thank you so much for considering the offer but unfortunately i'll have to decline for now T__T only because i'm super swamped with commissions atm but if you don't mind the wait i may poke you some time for one when i can! i hope that's okay?
  13. aw that's so sweet of you! that's entirely my fault because irl just grabs you hard sometimes ww and we're all slaves of the almighty zeny but thank you so much for dropping a comment and the warm welcome!! i hope to update more in the next few days and i hope to see you around some time!
  14. LSKJF i hope i'm tasty! (nice to see you around still!) also my photoshop died a while back on this dumb laptop so i can't make previews pretty anymore cries so i missed this update,
  15. thank you naght!! iduna was whispering to me to update my patch but my characters are still kind of buggy (void heads and broken hotkeys lol!) so since i can't do anything yet i'll just sit around in eden and attempt to go through my list when i can ww
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