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  1. sshdjhfdf broke af i know this so well too sobs i keep spending on costumes i'm so bad at saving up really i wish you all the zennies! there's just so much to buy it will never end haha the longest journey ever ww aw thank you! i'm slow as heck but i gotta do my berry best for the cute costumes here
  2. LMFAO we can't help it sometimes laziness is too powerful! but you're doing great so far *__* keep up the good work!! tosses up another commission that's complete ww emi pairs are lovely in other news i managed to get the cute sprouting pet so now i'm just dying trying to collect heart chocolates rip
  3. thank you jazzy! i really appreciate it your chibis are adorable ww i hope you're having fun making them!
  4. quick relaxing sketches for me and my friends because today is otp day i love sketching hair ww
  5. did a chibi couple commission with northern lights platform ww i still haven't made any additions or samples to the first post because my laptop can't open photoshop (': screams into the void that being said feel free to PM me if you have any questions and such happy heart day everyone!
  6. another commission before the month is over! a bunch of sketches have been approved and are lined up for february ww feel free to message me for any questions or personal updates! thank you for popping in
  7. stuff i finished this month-- because i figured an end of the month update was easier this time another given chibi opportunity! i will be adding this option to the first post eventually they're still a challenge to do but i have been enjoying the chance to pick up on background practice full bodies are more towards the items in my wishlist but i'm open to other offers as well as usual feel free to PM me if you have any inquiries! i tend to respond as soon as i can on both forum and discord ww i hope everyone's enjoying making the new scarves in game!
  8. thank yOUUU/// so so much for the blessed opportunity and all your hard work, GMs!! big congratulations and happy holidays to everyone as well!!
  9. IGN: Ardinda GM Spica Challenge: Add a Christmas cake somewhere in your artwork. + 1 GM Alisa Challenge: 12 Days of Christmas! - Include twelve (12) Christmas gift boxes. +2 GM Creed Challenge: Nobody should be left alone for the holidays. Include Antonio (either being naughty or nice). +2 GM Lance Challenge: Include TamTam in your artwork. +2 GM Gowther Challenge: Incorporate a gingerbread house with a white cat in the door in your artwork. +2 GM Haru Challenge: Include a hot drink in your artwork. +1
  10. takes away lozaki's thunder bad pika! commission done of @Kisuka*'s smol champ
  11. LKJSF LMFAO i'll definitely trust a high priest with abs that's for sure-- thank you so much bassbuzz! i appreciate the visit and the thought!
  12. aw i hope real life lets you have some fun once in a while! ganbare rinny!! finished one and a half art for @Yuren !! boy i have been living under a rock because i wasn't aware that star emperors had such a cute design (which i tried my best to follow) wew
  13. says the pro!! aw i really love doing line art 8397352 times more than colouring tbh so i'm glad it shows! haha no worries! it's still under consideration since i have to debate on the pricing and such ww and if i open any it'd probably be 1 slot at a time when my list is a little more free i'm flattered that you're interested though!
  14. ahh thank you so much! and for dropping by as well
  15. you! are the cutest!! shoots hearts back at you please draw more too! (and blackjack--)
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