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  1. art shop

    Oh gosh I hope the surgery goes well and that you get all the rest you need! I've had 2 of mine removed before too and they healed in about a week, so may yours heal as fast as well (or even faster!)~ Fighting, Arcelle!!
  2. art shop

    AHAH almost time to jump into my cart~
  3. art shop

    Hehe hey sugar sugar Aw hello, thank you so much for the kind compliment! It's not too much to ask at all! I've added you in and will let you know when I'm ready for your references!
  4. art shop

    I never mind one bit!! My inbox and cart is my home please visit me anytime hahaha~ Ooh I appreciate you pointing that out *__* I like drawing them and especially hair as well since anatomy can get a bit hard sometimes LOOOL omg those were great puns thank you for sharing hahaha Puns for life~
  5. art shop

    You're welcome! Glad to have you aboard! Finished commissions for @ilya ☆! Full sizes have been given through PM~
  6. art shop

    AHH AW ;__; Thank you so much for your kind words, Manda!! Sometimes I get to a point where if I don't draw by the end of the day I'm like what have I been doing today LOL but in all honesty it's just my own expectations and I definitely have to look past that and tell myself that I do do other things as well aha. Multitasking RO and drawing sounds great, but clearly impossible uhuuu Oh yikes I bet it's terrible rubs your hands I hope it hasn't bothered you much and that you've been in good health as well T__T I'll be careful and try to find my balance again! Might have burnt my fuel out too soon haha THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS <333 LKJSFSF I laughed out loud omg this gif is beautiful Thank you so much!! I've added you in and will let you know when I'm ready for your references! Ahaha I knowww ;__; I must shorten it soon!! Anytime!!
  7. What a nicely made model! Love it to bits! Any plans on making more?
  8. art shop

    Oh gosh been slacking off a bit on art and trying to level a bit in-game lately (because I want less fragile characters sob) sorry about the lack of productivity here! I need to grow 20 arms for the multitasking T__T;; Aw yes of course! Thank you so much for your interest - I'll have you in and let you know when I'm ready for your references! Yes you may, thank you so much for your interest! I'll let you know when your references are needed!
  9. Haha it's alright! Photoshop doesn't work well with my tablet unfortunately, but painting in it sounds really nice. Hope to see more RO art from you!
  10. art shop

    Added - thank you so much for your interest! I'll be letting you know when I'll be needing your references~ LOOL yes!! Poses are a fun way to show character~ If they turn out right on the drawing board that is haha otherwise they can star in a horror movie
  11. art shop

    Oh gosh, thanks man! I'm trying to get better at dynamic poses, so I appreciate it! I do love lineart more than colouring haha I struggle with colours a lot most of the time~ LMFAO AHH YES!! I GOT TO DRAW YUNE AND I'M HAPPY!! CAPS FOR ETERNITY LOL <333 Thank you so much for supporting me always, Manda, you're a bae!! Hello and sure do! Would you like to be added?
  12. art shop

    Finished commission for @Amissapanda! Full size has been given through PM~
  13. art shop

    Placed you in! I'll definitely let you know right away, thank you so much!
  14. Hello hello! Welcome to the art corner, ArtJerbs! Gotta love the variety in your art style - your realism works are especially eye candy~ Wishing you all the best with commissions and hope to see more art from you!
  15. Hello there! Your art is astounding - I absolutely love your style, colouring and compositions~ These progress shots are so interesting to look at as you refine it from the initial stage, I hope you share the coloured version as well (and more of your works in general if you will)!