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  1. takes away lozaki's thunder bad pika! commission done of @Kisuka*'s smol champ
  2. LKJSF LMFAO i'll definitely trust a high priest with abs that's for sure-- thank you so much bassbuzz! i appreciate the visit and the thought!
  3. aw i hope real life lets you have some fun once in a while! ganbare rinny!! finished one and a half art for @Yuren !! boy i have been living under a rock because i wasn't aware that star emperors had such a cute design (which i tried my best to follow) wew
  4. says the pro!! aw i really love doing line art 8397352 times more than colouring tbh so i'm glad it shows! haha no worries! it's still under consideration since i have to debate on the pricing and such ww and if i open any it'd probably be 1 slot at a time when my list is a little more free i'm flattered that you're interested though!
  5. ahh thank you so much! and for dropping by as well
  6. you! are the cutest!! shoots hearts back at you please draw more too! (and blackjack--)
  7. uhuhu both are SUPER CUTE thank you for your kind words reira ;__;!! i appreciate it considering i can't draw as much or as fast as i used to nowadays i'm thinking about it which is why i'm trying to practice ww that one alone took me about a week to get the sketch down laughs and cries into the ground they're much harder to do than my normal styled commissions!
  8. intense artsu training wish granted for @M a s h i` Desu starting to like the idea of platform chibis since i get to experiment with a bit of background too and odin knows i need the practice LMFAO this was fun to do though ww
  9. ahhh thank you sO MUCH ;__;!! i'm super happy and i appreciate having my entry picked! thank youuu sobsss into the ground i'm amazed that there's been a lot of wonderful entries lately tRO's talent pool keeps growing and growing ww it's fun to see everyone's beautiful art styles and take on each theme-- which i do hope to see more of in the future! big thank you GMs for the given opportunity and all your hard work! it's also really nice to see that there's consolation prizes given out ww they're all wonderful entries and definitely deserve the spotlight! congratulations everyone!! you've worked hard!
  10. chibis are awesome but it's so hard to make them look cute! especially cute like you! aw thank you khrei! big fan of your streams btw i do have a lot on my hands (because gosh uni work is insane) but i'm happy to see you drop by! if you're interested i can always ping you when i have some free time for a quick commission ww
  11. IGN: Ardinda GM Kuma Challenge () : Include a pot of honey GM Mikzie Challenge () : Include TamTam wearing a costume GM Radius Challenge () : Include at least 7 pumpkins GM Gowther Challenge () : Include a white cat sleeping on a pumpkin
  12. yeah maybe! ada gak intai2 facebook community tu tapi banyak iklan la plak hehe tegur je! kadang2 tengah lukis je kadang2 tu afk makan huhu nak mintak tips tunjuk ajar ET ngan GMC curious lak aw thank you so much xing!! i've been trying to save up since forever to support other artists too except that i always fall victim to the shopping bug ;__; but i understand the feeling 100%!
  13. omg small world! so is @noxeric haha we're buddies irl
  14. too kind thank you always! ramai lagi ke malaysian main? payon cam sunyi je
  15. fumiddition

    Rate your leecher!

    01. Date of leech: 15/10/2019 02. Name of leecher: FerrisSG 03. Price and Duration: 7.5m for level 79-99 NT at around 74-ish minutes on the clock 04. Map of Leech: Odin 3 05. Experience Gained: From level 79 to 99 Please rate the following on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best): 06. Friendliness: 5/5. Very friendly from the start and helpful with my inquiries. Don't be afraid to PM them if you're interested! 07. Professionalism: 5/5. They let you know beforehand what items are needed to get to the safe spot and they were tying casually while fighting, so definitely a professional. 08. Effectiveness: 5/5. Rushes to the rescue back in time whenever the safe spot was under attacked. Luckily they have their Soul Linker and High Priest parked there as well, so they were my meat shields too LOL. General Questions: 09. Would you recommend this leecher to others?: Yes! The process was quick and smooth. They do take payment upfront, but they'll get the job done, so no worries! You'll get your money's worth. 10. Do you feel like it was worth your time/money?: Of course! 11. Additional comments: I wanted to buy a leech for a friend and there's usually none available at this hour for me (about 1:30PM server time), but I conveniently caught their advertising in the market channel, so it was a pleasant experience in the end. Also out of topic, but I like how their name is Ferris because the Star Gladiator's skill looks like a ferris wheel ehehe..
  16. LMFAO rip naght thank you so much for always supporting me luna!! then i'll have to befriend this abbey god so that i can voyeur-- ww you're cute! omg LOL blankets you right here have a good rest
  17. YES that's totally what i meant-- i'm totally that figure behind him breathes excuse me the feeling is mutual! you pru!! commission for @GM Luna with @GM Lance and @GM Spica in santa GM outfits! i'll confess that i rarely draw chibis because i find them crazy hard to do (more power to all chibi experts out there!) but i want to keep practicing so i might offer some chibi commissions like this one soon ww
  18. i'm suuuper late to the party but welcome to the art forum katja! i absolutely adore your chibis and your usage of bright colours makes everything look so fun and cheerful would love to see more from you ww but also sneaking in an ENJOY DISNEY WORLD!
  19. please don't die i need more con art from you!! resu!! two more commissions for the cutest @~Izleen!! thank you so much!
  20. aw thank you so much ;__;!! there's just so much life in ro and i really love it here ww i hope you stick around for a long time as well no worries! i understand zeny is tough! i tell myself this a lot too but alas i get.. really hooked onto buying costumes.. and thus get very broke every day cries i need to be nicer to my zeny..!
  21. wah i haven't snuck a comment in here but welcome to the art corner brisha! your style is super lovely ww i especially like how well you portray poses and the lighting on your colours! all these pieces are turning out stunning and even your wips are nice to look at keep it up!! (and all the best with kuma's contest! which i do hope to see you join!)
  22. nooo you have to live! think of the con art!!
  23. i'm also a qualified cpr giver i mean-- commission for @Kisuka*! i'm such a big fan of this cute sniper boy also full bodies aren't displayed in the first post (just in case you're confused) but still a doable option if offered to trade with costumes or gear ww feel free to PM me if there's any questions though!
  24. LKSJF more from con too please! the world demands it!!
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