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  1. You're welcome! I'm glad you liked it I'm so happy to have drawn this character!
  2. Commission for @jessu done! Thank you for commissioning me! I love the color scheme of this character because my favorite color is blue!
  3. Hello! Welcome to art corner! Your art style is really catchy! Love the way you bring out the realism in those drawings! Good luck with your commission! I'm sure you'll get a lot of customers with your talent!
  4. Welcome to the server Silent Raven! I hope you'll have fun leveling up and looting all those monsters' drops! Don't worry, as you level and sell those loots, your zenny will gradually increase as well! Have fun playing on the server! ^_^V
  5. o/

    Hey ya Tezha! Welcome to the server! ^A^
  6. Hey there Bones'N'Things! Welcome back to RO! I hope that you'll have a good time playing on the server >3< I'm also a returned player and I am still slow at getting used to the commands, events etc. But a lot of players on the server are really friendly, so you'll not have much problems if you seek help. If you see my IGN Nox Levon, do say hi!
  7. Welcome to TalonRO server Seap! I've played RO before and I'm new to this server, so I don't know much about a lot of things! It seems that you're more of a veteran here and I hope that you'll enjoy your time! There are a lot of players on the server are really nice! If you ever come across a character named Nox Levon, do say hi cause it's me XD
  8. More finished commissioned artwork for @Arya I was really excited to draw them when I got the reference pictures for these two amazing-looking characters!
  9. art shop

    I'm loving those adorable looking chibis! *____* Lol, I always get sidetracked when looking for gears as well! RO costumes are soooo goood
  10. Hiya! I was browsing through your posts here and I gotta say that I am in love with your talent! *______* The poses and expressions that you drew are so natural and the characters appear to be in captured motion! ^A^ The recent wip is also pretty awesome! Looking forward to the completion of the picture
  11. Thank you for the warm welcome Awww yesss! It is for me too! High five! First and forever! ;3;
  12. Will try to do moar when I have the time hehe! Would love to fill my Tumblr with other Mysme characters too! ^A^ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finished with @Wise's character! *u* Thanks you so much for commissioning me! <333
  13. Agreed!!!
  14. I've seen your artworks on Instagram! All those Mysmes!!! *________________* Love the way you draw them all! The fluidity of your art is amazing! <333 *stalking mode*
  15. art shop

    Congratulations on your 1 month anniversary! *_________* I would love a spot in your wallpaper This is my wizard, Nox Levon. In one word, I would describe him as friendly Thank you for the opportunity! Looking forward to your amazing wallpaper <3