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  1. Nox's Art Shop [closed]

    It's been a while. An update of my life is that currently, I am very busy boooohoooo Another commission for @LieO done awhile back. Thank you!
  2. Nox's Art Shop [closed]

    More finished commissions for @Vivikuri
  3. Nox's Art Shop [closed]

    lolol I love it too! I think it suits the character!
  4. Nox's Art Shop [closed]

    Haha, thank you so much! I'll use them well! Thank you! When I have the time, I'll draw your lovelies! You're oh so welcome! Glad you're liking it! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Commission for @Vivikuri done! Here's Kuri the magnificent:
  5. Nox's Art Shop [closed]

    You're welcome! It's a surprise for you with love ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Free sketch of @Cherrios's awesome character!
  6. Nox's Art Shop [closed]

    You're welcome! I'm so happy that I got to draw him -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a free sketch of @kossploss's beautiful boy that I managed to do in my free time
  7. Nox's Art Shop [closed]

    I'm super happy that you feel that way! Wow, look at them fancies! Thank you so much for the references! I'll use them well ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Finished commission for @Dizzybords . Thank you, your super awesome character kept me entertained throughout the whole process of finishing this artwork!
  8. Hello Furutsu, welcome to art corner! Love the way you draw chibis! Especially those big wide eyes! I enjoy looking at your samples and I hope to see more soon! Good luck with your commissions!
  9. Nox's Art Shop [closed]

    Awww, you're welcome! I'm happy that you're loving it! <3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Commission done for @Vivikuri with love Thank you for commissioning me! I enjoyed drawing and coloring your beautiful character! >3<
  10. Your pixel art is soooo fine I'm so in love! <333 I really want one but I'm still in the phase of trying to earn those zennies~~~ I hope you'll be here for a very long time for me to get a pixel art from you! Good luck with your commissions!
  11. Nox's Art Shop [closed]

    I'm working on commissions right now! But here's another free sketch of @GM Lance's character
  12. Nox's Art Shop [closed]

    You're very much welcome! You're character is so lovely! It was fun to sketch her out
  13. Nox's Art Shop [closed]

    You're welcome! I'm glad you liked it She's a very interesting character to draw! Ohhh thank you so much @jessu ~~~ Yes of course! I'd be happy to do another commission for you! Whenever you're ready, just send me those details! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sketch of @Jieeya's character! Love the hairstyle and headgear! Thanks for the ref!
  14. Nox's Art Shop [closed]

    Sketch of @Stell~'s lovely character~
  15. Jessu's Pixel Shop ♥ [RIPish]

    Wow wee! Very nice shop indeed! I love those pixel artworks that you have exhibited! They looks sooo pretty *_______*