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  1. Wah nice~ @~Izleen Hai! It's nice to know that you're Malaysian too
  2. More finished commissions for @Emi and @~Izleen I had a good time drawing these beautiful characters Also, slots are now open. If anyone is interested, feel free to either reply to this thread or send me a pm!
  3. Hey ya~ Sometimes I prefer a much more simpler style too And regarding your inquiry, I've sent you a pm~
  4. Aaa~~~ Thank you so much! You are too kind
  5. Another finished commission for @Amissapanda This character is very pretty and I really enjoyed drawing her
  6. All yours! PM me with your details anytime
  7. Finished 4 commissions for @Mei Magnolia for @Amissapanda and for @~Izleen They were all interesting characters and fun to draw! One slot is still opened if anyone is interested!
  8. Hello, everyone Slots are now opened, so PM or reply here for it!
  9. No worries~💗 I'll be re-opening once these commissions are done
  10. Yes it is~ Sure, the slot is yours! Anytime you're ready, feel free to pm me your references
  11. Hiya Izleen! The slot is yours! Feel free to pm me your references anytime
  12. Hai Mei! It's nice to see you too~ 💗 It's been such a long time! Hope you've been well ☀️ Sure thing! Feel free to pm me your reference whenever you're ready
  13. Hey, it's been a while! I'm taking a break to experience Iduna but also because I simply miss RO-ing lol anywho, Revisiting this thread to open 3 commission slots (2 singles and 1 couple) to start off! I've cleaned up the first post, so if you're interested, the prices and samples are there. PM me if you'd like one!
  14. ❄️ IGN: Nayrue ❄️ GM Neza - include a clock, a countdown, a calendar, anything that relates to time! ❄️ GM Seiren - include hot chocolate Hey TalonRo! Happy holidays!!! Here's my entry
  15. Hello! The name's Nox and welcome to my art shop! I've been very busy IRL, but I still like to jump in game once in a while, so I will try to offer commissions when I can. Please scroll down below for details. I have also posted past commissions I've done throughout this thread, so you can browse those as well. I'm offering, Half body singles for 25M zeny / 25 Talon Coins aka 1 character like below. This is the basic price without weapons / pets. Additional 5M Zeny / 5 TC is required to add them. Half body couples for 60M zeny / 60 Talon Coins aka 2 characters like below. This is the basic price without weapons / pets. Additional 5M Zeny / 5 TC is required to add them. My style is fairly simple from the samples I've given. I'm still trying to tackle armor and dynamic poses. But, if you're interested in commissioning me, PM me with the following details: >> Commission type (single or couple) >> Character sprites, headgear IDs and/or any art references >> Hair colour >> Eye colour >> Brief personality (one or two traits) >> Other detail (anything else you'd like to add!) Please note that I accept minor edits, but not a complete change of pose. Once we have settled on an agreement, please mail the full amount to my IGN Nayrue and I will work on your commission right away! Slots Available: Name Commission Type Payment Status N/A Single / Couple N/A N/A Single / Couple N/A N/A Single / Couple N/A Check out more of my art at noxism @ tumblr If you have any questions at all, just ask. Thank you for your time!
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