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  1. Stucked at The Sign Quest (Mysterious Stones).

    I was able to get 2 pieces of spirit but I already spam those 8 stones. What to do? Help!

    My bad is I forgot the sequences that Mad Man says in the quest.

  2. Can i hop there guys? I am from Mirage guild but heres the thing they are not active as before, always alone in the guild
  3. yaobu1


    Bump and updated!
  4. Help! Currently doing The Sign Quest (Part 4a: "Sure, why not?") and stucked at the Cursed Spirit (walking thru the spirit) all it says is to pick up/touch the book, no pull up. How can i complete this quest? thanks!

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    2. yaobu1


      @howrah yea man, i tried both options but it always popups "pick up or touch the book" and the quest will be finished if the popup message becomes "pull.."

    3. howrah


      hmm, strange, I would submit a ticket..

      I suppose that he would not talk at all if you missed some step?

    4. yaobu1


      Stepped on every panels, still the same. hahah

      i also copy the position of the character

      LMAO its done howrah, the nictu message is white thats why i cant see it lmao!

      and the pop up msg is correct tho. pick up = pull lol

  5. bump for this! So pro and quick, thanks alot again guys! <3 +100
  6. +1STR Sigrun's Wings [Incubus] = 12m is this ur fixed price man? ty!
  7. Price for 4 seal quests and how long it will take? New to this service. Thanks!
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