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  1. Hello, Can we get Jan 13th (2:30 am server time) plz? Thankies -Optimism -Fresh Start -Scrubs
  2. Hi Everyone , Christmas is around the corner! Green trees, red ribbons and white snowflakes are everywhere! Most hearts are glowing, friends and families are celebrating 👨‍👩‍👦 , gatherings of happiness and sharing! Lets remember that Christmas is not only about spending money for expensive gifts and dazzling decors , but essentially the blessings of peace , beauty of hope and spirit of love! !! Merry Christmas Everyone~ Spread love 💖in our server and dont forget to vote for TalonRO! (everyday)🎅 My Artwork Includes GM Challenges : @GM Spica- Starry @GM Amor- Post Card IGN: Chichiri~
  3. hiiii

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      @GM Haru OOH<3 u finally saw my work! thanks haruuu/gawi

      We dont only share same name also ur my fave one!


    4. GM Haru

      GM Haru

      But you should love others, too, okay! <3 And you did well! Good luck!

  4. INGAME NAME: Chichiri~ Guild : Optimism FIRST OF ALL, I WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL THE T-RO TEAM FOR GIVING US (PLAYERS) A CHANCE TO EXPRESS AND SHARE OUR TALENTS. I REALLY THINK Y'ALL GUYS ARE DOIN REALLY REALLY GREAT JOB! I AM NO "PRO" WHEN IT COMES TO THIS BUT I LOVE ART<3 IN ANY FORM OF IT! SO YEEAH! ILL GIVE IT A TRY (ALSO ID LIKE TO ADD, THE PROCESS ON HOW I MADE THIS) ------------------------------------------------------------------------SECOND ENTREE----------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GM CHALLENGE: The GM Phoenix Challenge: +2 Mythical Hat : Create a headgear that's based on Norse Mythology, or another real world mythology of your choosing. The GM Mimi Challenge: +1 Vision Impairment Is A Chance For Fashion : Create a headgear that covers the eyes!
  5. I wanna thank the people behind this event of this server! Y'all guys are awesome!!! I LOVE IT!! IGN:Hanz0 Hattori
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