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  1. sorry for the late reply, yes we alive. c u next year!
  2. Simply just here to have some fun, my friend. We like entertain ourselves, since the game can't anymore.
  3. Not being able to WoE yet, doesn't disqualify you from joining a WoE guild at all. I applaud you for even asking despite the position you're in. Give me a forum PM so we can help get you settled in, we're always willing to help new people onto the battlefield.
  4. We snatched a castle today and got lucky... 2 birds with 1 stone. That Maya Purple Card drop though...
  5. I'm liking what i'm seeing, everyone. Keep this up! Looking forward to the next WoE! LF> More sexy-as-fuuuu voices and singers.
  6. Keidan

    WoE Discussion 2-4-2017

    Please don't speak for my guild as one that holds grudges. Plenty of us don't have any personal grudges against MotE or Summer as a whole. To be honest, there are Poseidon members who really wanted Summer to actively continue to WoE are now inactive due to "lack of activity in the current situation of tRO's WoE scene". Our guild tries to make do with what we have on the scene. Simply put, with everyone spending effort and time out of their day to come to WoE. We try to make that 1 hour as entertaining for everyone as possible. With that said, a good number of Poseidon members who are currently inactive were there for the scene and never actually interested in throwing offensive remarks at another guild. Especially our newer members who haven't the slightest clue.
  7. We gotta keep doing this kawoeke nights more often.
  8. We welcome our newest member... the DJ Poseidon music bot.