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  1. FuTr3ZkA

    Oct 1 update error

    on the talon after i click the "Start Game" the first error was the "bad constant...." then when i click "ok" the second error tittled ReqAccName pop up.. but what i make is to delete all the file in TalonRO/System except the LuaFiles514 folder and i can log in now into the game
  2. FuTr3ZkA

    Oct 1 update error

    what can i do w/ this error the patch update and i got this error.. i tried to reinstall again and it repatch i still have this error..
  3. FuTr3ZkA

    Weapon upgrade

    GM what item do i need to use the weapon refine skill of the whitesmith..it always says "You cant create items yet"