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  1. FuTr3ZkA

    Charity | TalonRO Gives Back!

    Happy Holiday... i made a donation and i receive an email from donations@networkforgood.org but i forgot to my ign during the donation..can i send in support ticket a screen shoot as a proof of my donation? TIA.. Happy New Year
  2. FuTr3ZkA

    SG Odin Checkh

    question can i replace the 2 AK (+25% dmg boss type) around 12m each for a cheaper card like butoijo card (+20% dmg on angel) or Orc Skeleton Card (+20% dmg on holy property) .. skegs was holy2 property and angel race..
  3. gud day..i see some of your post w/ the skill tree of the SG..how can u make your skill tree like that (the horizontal) coz mine was the old skill tree (the vertical) just like that in the picture

    Old Skill Tree.png

    1. MoonSun&Stars


      Press the minimize button on the skills tree. Top right beside the cross.

    2. FuTr3ZkA


      LOL thats its...i try to copy some files from other RO to be like that..hahaha tnx men..

  4. FuTr3ZkA

    Skill Tree HUD

    My skill tree hud for now is like in this picture,,i like to change it to the new version of skill tree
  5. FuTr3ZkA

    Skill Tree HUD

    Good day i just asking how to convert my ancient skill tree hud into the new one like in the picture..coz im always go to browse the net everytime i reset my skill. Hope someone can help and teach how..tnx.. .
  6. FuTr3ZkA

    Oct 1 update error

    on the talon after i click the "Start Game" the first error was the "bad constant...." then when i click "ok" the second error tittled ReqAccName pop up.. but what i make is to delete all the file in TalonRO/System except the LuaFiles514 folder and i can log in now into the game
  7. FuTr3ZkA

    Oct 1 update error

    what can i do w/ this error the patch update and i got this error.. i tried to reinstall again and it repatch i still have this error..
  8. FuTr3ZkA

    Weapon upgrade

    GM what item do i need to use the weapon refine skill of the whitesmith..it always says "You cant create items yet"