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  1. Advice on Character/ Job Suitability

    Well can suggest you if wanna try real deal and one on one Boss with mvping even High ends(In party), Go for Whitesmith They are BOSS in Farming and Hunting mvp with proper gears and can even do High end and low end easily, WS can muster alot strenght / Damage and can also go for mustering Defense and can kill many of mvp... Secondly can do try Lord Knights Zerk Mode for mvp and they are Farmers as well.
  2. Error opening TalonRO

    Sorry mate then for trying to help out, and i failed D: , Will suggest update your comp and Do install all Drivers and then try reinstall fresh copy of TRO in it and maybe that can work,

    Awwts, it was Pretty.. D:
  4. Lvling tips and build for assassin

    Sidewinder cards i guess not that really costly (Can farm as well), However can then try Crit weapon and Chick Hat it gives you Double attack. For Crit gears i guess you will just need Morrigane set for start and you can be full crit with bit of luk in stat points. dont need to invest alot on Crit jurs like those Sedora , Mobster , SS, and Gryphon cards. And later on stage just buy 2x Thief rings
  5. Lvling tips and build for assassin

    Can also try different way easy as well, make Thief all Dex built and use Bow (Gakkung or Burning Bow with Fire Arrows) and Hunt in Geographers ,Immovable monster good exp till you get Assassin lvl, Use npc items for geographers in Ein_fild04 and can level up easily. Its currently Tamtam Region can getting Bronze and Copper coins and really good exp. Even Gearless you can hunt it. Can use Any type depending on your gears, Dual Dagger more Damage and can also go for Critical Assasin just need 50 Crit rate and they are fast as well. Can also if get Sidewinder Katar can go both Crit+ Auto Dual damage, Its lovely.
  6. Error opening TalonRO

    To resolve this error i had to follow these steps from General tips of TRO , please follow. Download and Install "Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86)" and with this it can over come that error.

    How much for Winter Scarf Red..
  8. Pifty's Low level Thor leech service

    Alright, thanks but seems DG need that Access to Spider's Nest..Quest killing Satan morroc, i guess.
  9. Pifty's Low level Thor leech service

    i want to get my Hunter from lvl 96 and some 50 % to 99 lvl what will be bundle price, Please leave me message ingame on Warcry or here. and how much time will it consume.
  10. Error opening TalonRO

    Yeap just download its free, its small file as well
  11. I need few PC for Items

    Yea bit expensive.. got Kaho in fine price
  12. The most frequently asked question is asked again

    Regarding Headgear can also try other best alternative for AOA, can check out Tucano Hat which is DEX+3 along with Slot can use diff card of choice and costs not much as well its Farmable , who knows maybe lucky get quick drop. And regarding GEC can try out those Rental Mini shoes (Lasts 1 week )which works like GEC card , and for 60 BC i guess which is 3 time daily quest HBQ quest..Until you can buy GEC for own
  13. Error opening TalonRO

    to Overcome this Error try Downloading this file MSVCR100.dll from (https://www.dllme.com/dll/files/msvcr100_dll.html ) and copy that file and paste in your Windows/System32 folder and then retart comp/ laptop and this error will be resolved. Lemme know if this work or still prevails error. For me it worked.
  14. I need few PC for Items

    Buyed one for 53.5
  15. Well depends on which type or LK you want, Spear or 2 Handed .. For Spear can go for Hunting spear or Nibel (If Rich) and if 2 handed swords then can go for Voilent Fear, Invoker of Death cos 20 Pdodge + Parry Or or That Great Dungeon Bapho weapon Tae Goo Lyeon for mvping cos it increase Attack to good is Great (Zerk LK) If Zerk LK then can go for Elemental armors with Tao gunka for more Zerk Capacity. no need high refined stuffs cos Zerk defense goes to "0" And for Abyss its all different elemental so will suggest go for Angeling armor. Rest is Try and Find out more