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  1. GrimHyde

    Blade of angels query

    Well Also i can suggest you can give a try Accessory combo Quve and Lude card they are specific for SN class and are great and fun in using.. i guess combo is Agi and endure and bonus HP/ SP i guess so
  2. GrimHyde

    Is Icepick really necessary for a knight leveling in sleepers?

    Vit knights can Mob more than 3-4 at time along with Pungus as they have Endure Skill Which is Good point for Knights / LK and more VIT = more HP as well more recovery when spamming meat.
  3. GrimHyde

    Is Icepick really necessary for a knight leveling in sleepers?

    Good Goodluk lvling and Farming all together
  4. GrimHyde

    Is Icepick really necessary for a knight leveling in sleepers?

    i do have Ahlspiess +7 but trust me you do not want to loose that Resistance or Shield Defense you get from Shield. At time knowningly or unknowingly big mob you end you KO with the mobs. happened alot with me xD. But if you are sure that you wont mob big or alot , you can go for it and in Market Ahlspiess cost only 250- 300 k.
  5. GrimHyde

    Is Icepick really necessary for a knight leveling in sleepers?

    Rental Brocca is same effect as Ice Pick , Rather if your ASPD is slow its of no use cos you Mob couple of them and Hit them Bowling Bash which does not require ASPD, And even Sleepers die in one hit BB so really not required to buy Ice pick. It will be great diff if it is Ice pick [1] (Can use Carded )but again it is costly. If you want aspd for normal hitting, use berserk pot and do increase chivalry mastery skill of Knight / LK to increase ASPD while riding on Peco2. Basically people do go for Vit Knight cos we mob according to our tanking capacity and availability and direct hit Bowling - All Insta Kill To point remember Rental Brocca got more Attack compare to ice pick as well some bonus Damage. Along with Rental Brocca you just need 30-40 dex and 110-120 STR (Including Blessing) for One hit KO those Sleepers.
  6. GrimHyde

    Amazing Summer Race | Seasonal Event

    Woah that means total of 53 DAYS !!
  7. GrimHyde

    I changed to Priest at 45 Job, was it a mistake?

    Well i will suggest you can rebirth and make it 50 Job and save some of Miliions / TC for the RollBack - I m sure you will be wanted to become High Priest or Transcent class after that. Question 1 - You will have to do the Job levels again or or Simply make a new Acolyte and get the 50 job which is not that hard. Question 2 - You are definately gonna be Transcending it do it will be all new , or else if such shortfall of Dex and Int can go for HE enchanhed Gears (Bit High price than normal gears) and can boost it.
  8. GrimHyde

    Amazing Summer Race | Seasonal Event

    IT IS AWESOME !!! Gonna end i guess on 1st September.. as 1 month will be completing
  9. GrimHyde

    Need tip Leveling Spot for 70-79

    Can also try if you have good INT, SoulStrike to Anubis.. But have to hit and run back to avoid Anubis's Damage... Soul strike is no cast time so easy to Hit and Tele and Hit and tele around.. Anubis gives good exp...
  10. GrimHyde

    SinX build capabilities and costs

    I can Suggest if Sinx DTT / DPT MES and IP along with some Agi or Valk helm with Stormy Knight / or Valk Helm with BK or simple Kaho is enough good as well.
  11. GrimHyde

    S> Full set VAMPSMITH

    Solar God Helm Kaho, you can see in my Signature below on my LK (Without that Thanatos Odium Mask)
  12. GrimHyde

    PC on couple of Costume listed Below Please

    Thanks for your details info on this
  13. GrimHyde

    S>These. Negotiable, send pm

    OMG !! Iwanna buy it.. price it. ( Any Discount Coupons available :P)
  14. GrimHyde

    S> Full set VAMPSMITH

    I have SGH Kaho, willing to trade with your +7DBSnSn.. Lemme know if interested,
  15. GrimHyde

    Tam Tam's Tiki Bar | Prize Giveaway

    WOAHH !!!! Awesome Give away Quest.. Hope i get Alot Costumes