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  1. Congratulations! Your entries look good. ❤️
  2. I heard that anime was great lol. I wanna watch it. XD I watched too much Gordon Ramsay and TLC. haha
  3. Thank you! This is the product of me watching too much TLC, Food Network, and Gordon Ramsay. hmmmm. I hope they still accept one pic with my name on a paper cause, my family already ate my other dishes and I only have one dessert left. 😞
  4. "Moral Support Menu" Apologies for the late edit I was very busy with my thesis but here is my TalonRO story now *tada!*. The Moral Support Menu There was once a noob chef aspiring to do something unique, something passionate and not just making zeny. She always thought that, that wasn't her way of life. She knew that she was made for something bigger. And then while going to her favorite place... she saw someone. A guy with blonde hair and lonely blue eyes. She was struck... why could someone so beautiful be so lonely? The Noob Chef: Uhm... so this... awkward. Unknown Man: Not at all... please sit with me. *sits* So why are you here? The Noob Chef: I was thinking about doing something else here in Amatsu. I feel lost. Unknown Man: Same... I feel lost. So what are you upto? The Noob Chef: Hmmmm. I love cooking. Unknown Man: Oh you do? Well you can go to Pront Castle and try to learn new skills there. I heard they are also having a competition. The Noob Chef: They do!? And after hours and hours of conversation... they were left, wordless. They cannot utter a word... while they look into each other's eyes. The Noob Chef: Wow... uhm. I-- I think your eyes are... Unknown Man: *smiles* I think you are very lovely. Cherri blossoms suddenly fell slowly, dropping into their hands... Time stopped. As if they were finally complete, The Noob Chef: My other... half- I mean! I should go. *stands up and swiftly walks away leaving the unknown man speechless* The embarassed Noob Chef went as soon as possible and applied there. Hoping that she will find her way and her life with utensils in her hands. The Noob Chef: I want to join! Madeleine Chu: Woah- careful there tiger. You must have the right skills. The Noob Chef: I am up for it! Charles Orleans: Oh my! my! Such enthusiasm. I love that but I love my glorious self more. But! You noob chef is what I like to see cook! Show me your enthusiasm because we are having a cooking competition and whoever wins shall be Tamtam's Personal Chef. The Noob Chef: So what do I need? Madeleine Chu: You need to have the skills, guts, and most especially a menu with the right ingredients with a huge dose of PASSION! The Noob Chef: I am a noob but I shall do my best! And so the Noob Chef trained and trained and TRAINED!!! But she was still looking for the right inspiration, an inspiration that she will not doubt and will trust. Days passed, she haven't found the right inspiration yet until Starlight Soiree arrived, the unexpected happened. Unknown Man: Hi. The Noob Chef: Oh gosh! I never expected to see you here. Unknown Man: Well... expected the unexpected tada! The Noob Chef: Well yeah. So I am doing the competition now. I've been training really high and low killing Obeaunes and looking for the perfect slice and such. Unknown Man: Nothing less than expected. And so, they chatted again for hours like it was never ending until Starlight Soiree was almost over. Unknown Man: silence he.. he.. he.. Oh well... uhm, uhmm... The Noob Chef: uhmmm... Unknown Man: I know you don't know me... not even my name. But I really can't forget the day at Amatsu. And I- I- want to ask if... you want to go out? blush The Noob Chef: Well that was fast... Unknown Man: uhm-- I'm sorry... walks away The Noob Chef: Hey! Where are you going!? I haven't answered your question yet... silence I would love to go out with you. blush Expected the unexpected they say... and so they went out and eventually they went out too much. It felt like they've been beside each other for years. Is this her inspiration? Is he her inspiration? Her mind was full of memories of the unknown man but she tried to focus. focus. focus. Days passed the Noob Chef kept cooking and training to pass the standards of Tamtam and be the masterchef she really is. Also, along her masterchef journey is her journey with the unknown man. Teehee The Noob Chef: I NEED TO FOCUS!! Gahhhhhh. bumps head into chopping board Suddenly one day to her demise, she knew a secret that she should've known sooner. The Unknown Man was the head chef of Prontrera, Gordon Ramsay. The Noob Chef: Why did you tell me sooner!? That you are the Gordon Ramsay! I can't do it like this. We can't be together. Gordon Ramsay: Please be with me... stay with me. The Noob Chef: I can't... I have to go. I can't stay by your side like this. I don't deserve to be yours... Please wait for me until I am worthy to stay by your side. And so the Noob Chef left. Days passed and the Tamtam Personal Chef Cooking Competition day arrived. After killing so much Obeaunes, stealing mangoes, and talking to npcs for herbs and honey. She finally created her dishes inspired by.... inspired by the one she loves, Gordon Ramsay. She cooks while having him on her mind. This banquet called "The Moral Support Menu" was made for him for unending love and support. Till dark and good times, he was there. He was there for the noob chef. The Crystal Spirit Bruschetta was named after her journey with him to Nidhoggur. They picked the crystal spirit at the same time looking at each other eyes. This appetizer was made from eyes that don't lie. Eyes that are just for one another. The Lemon Glazed Obeaune Tail with Edible Green Dyestuff symbolized her hardship as a novice. How she hunted for those obeaunes to get the perfect slice and the edible green dyestuff was inspired by how evergreen their love is. And finally, the dessert "Starlight Panna Cotta", the symbol of a new start. The symbol of hope. A passionate summer just them, only them. How he asked her that night, it was perfect even though it was simple, to Noob Chef it was the most perfect time for her to actually realize that she was already in love. After hours of prepping and cooking, of sweat, blood and tears, the moment has finally arrived! The Noob Chef won the competition! It was surprisingly remarkable and Gordon Ramsay saw the whole event. GM Boreas: I chose her because her dish isn't banned-able. Remarkable! GM Howl: flex Good source of protein! GM Seiren: coughs coughs No comment... And so... The Not So Noob Chef became Tamtam's personal chef afterwards but she felt a sudden chill. She was incomplete. There was something missing in her life ad she thought by winning this competition she'll be whole, she won't be lost, and .... she won't be sad. In her days off, The Not So Noob Chef waited at Amatsu hoping for her love, Gordon Ramsay to come back. 1... 2... days. 23... 24... days and on the day she hadn't counted. Gordon Ramsay: .... oh. The Not So Noob Chef: I thought you wouldn't come back anymore. Gordon Ramsay: Why wouldn't I? If I won't, I won't be happy anymore. The Not So Noob Chef: I am sorry if I left you. Gordon Ramsay: I apologize too for lying who I really am but what matters is that we're here together again from where we started, right? The Not So Noob Chef: I promise I won't leave again. I don't want to be lost anymore. I have found you. You complete me. Thank you for reading. I named this menu moral support menu because of my friends' and family's trust and faith that I can accomplish this. Also, this menu is inspired by their favorite dishes. lol. I would also like to thank my guild, Friends4Lyfe and special participation of HelloMellow and Tainaka Ritsu.
  5. AWWWW THIS IS SO CUTE! <3 Saving blessed spot too. *prays* The TRO family that cooks together stays together! <3 Food coming through in the future.
  6. GAHHHHHH! It happened so quick. GM Seiren said maybe and maybe not. Damnnnnn! Here it is. Goodluck to us foodlovers out there! 😍😍😍😍😍😵
  7. I see thanks! <3 And isn't there a calndar for the amazing race and such? I am kinda lost always. I don't want to miss anything.
  8. O_O but.. but.. I'm kinda shyyyyyy on me skills in sketches. Teehee
  9. Yes a day before the deadline HAHA. I was sooooooooo busy.
  10. Hi! This is my version of the repackaging contest. >:) The anime/cartoon was made by me and others are taken from the internet (credits to Google for Phen). I used Lay's Smoked Salmon Dijonnaise chips pack for Salmon, GM Kuma's challenge. "Phen-phen-de-SARAP-phen" IGN: Everdeen~
  11. Hi here is my first entry: https://twitter.com/micsongco/status/877561102774685696 Shroom Squad, Party's Rad at Mora for Spring <3 Second entry: https://twitter.com/micsongco/status/877568905887088640 Siesta Time is more fun at Odin! <3 IGN: Everdeen~
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