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  1. ❤️ another day of fun and I won't win in any mini games again. hahahaha
  2. I only know MS Paint too HAHAHAHA I want to try to join just for the fun ❤️ Thank you for this event
  3. One of the shortest events but definitely one of my favorites. Breaking the monotonous grind for awhile... this event is very relaxing and can be a great bonding activity with friends.
  4. Oh Im already here... >< Im just guessing but thanks GM!
  5. no clue? like a poem or something haha
  6. TILL ORC BABY DO US PART CAKE Orc Warrior x Orc Lady The love that never fades. Stronger than the hurricane. Everlasting than the seasons of the year. Happy Valentines Day! I made this cake for my friends and for true love. I chose orc lady and orc warrior because they are not that featured as a couple and it's quite funny how they have a baby and orc lady drops a wedding veil. It was supposed to be a Mavka Melon Cake because I love Mavkas and I love flowers but it was a Valentine's event and I want to showcase love. Love that is unconditional. It may not be perfe
  7. Lol 14 days eeeeeeeeeyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! +.+ *game face on*
  8. damn you Lami I am gonna lose to this hahahahaha
  9. IGN: Everdeen~ The GM Copal Challenge: Spreading Christmas cheer! - +2 Include someone giving or receiving a gift. HOT CHOCOLATE FOR TAMTAM THIS CHRISTMAS! <3 yey.
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