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    Same account gear sharing system

    We all have that feeling. You feel like playing your wizard today, but half of your gears are on your priest, ARGH, never mind. System Detail: You can hand in your piece of a gear intended to be shared among your alts to a NPC ( EG: Celeb Ring) The NPC will give you multiple copies of ACCOUNT LOCKED version if it back. (There could be a limit such as 3). You can then put them on your different characters. If you want to sell or trade your Celeb ring back onto the market, you will have to return the ACCOUNT LOCKED versions back in full quantity. Please spare us the pain from going through the out dated inventory system of Ragnarok.. (Endless dragging, going through storage...) And for coding different versions of items, I know it could be alot of work. the item list could be restricted to often shared items, such as Kaho, Celeb Ring, GEC shoes/sandals etc. Thank you.