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  1. I can't believe I'm doing this. Like someone else already said in this thread, some classes will get taken on parties, others not. My knight won't get taken on Ice Titan parties a lot, and if I do get taken as a mobber, then I'll be a lucky knight. Any other knights wanting to do their daily are pretty much screwed. There aren't enough parties to go around taking every class with you. Hell, I've played on a LR server with free teleport to abby3, with increased mob rates, and even there, it was hard to get in a party as a knight. Simply because you can't contribute enough. Why settle for subsubpar when you can have par? As agreed with Boreas, I'd wait this change out, but I can't just let you voice an opinion based on something that isn't being debated. Yes, it is more challenging, fun and less repetitive, but do beginning players, for whom the hunting board actually means a lot, really needed this?
  2. Yeah, I thought me putting it in italic would make it obvious. I'll play ball, just don't write this issue off as me being a nay-sayer, because this is a serious detriment to the servers accessibility, and I'm sure i'm not the only one who feels this way. I'll await the next update.
  3. So basically, what this tells me,is that if people don't party themselves, you'll force us to party? This is a step back in player freedom to try and promote community activity, and that's bad imo. The whole reason I liked the hunting board is because it's an easy accessible way to get to your dailies, which is a very generous way to get to powerful rental items, that are usually great for leveling. Now you take away the choice we had, in name of "diversity" (but secretly to promote parties) If you didn't know what daily to choose from, write them on a piece of paper and draw them from a hat. More mob diversity is a good thing though. In the end, I really hope you reconsider this, the thought behind it is great. But the execution regarding this leaves me angry big and green behind my keyboard.
  4. The new hunting board is a good idea on paper, but it's terrible in reality. I want to kill leaf cats on my lv 61 knight to get my rental gear faster. I don't want to be forced to go kill Isis and god knows what tomorrow. This feels like such a downgrade.