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  1. Halloween Cosplay Contest Winners!

    Thank you so much GMs!
  2. A party is a party,not a solo play.And just because you're so strong doesn't give you rights to be rude to others../x 

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    2. Jopax



    3. My Wife for Hire

      My Wife for Hire




      RAWR :3


    4. SkyeReed


      @My Wife for Hire OMG OMG OMG I so love you! Ohana? hahahaha!

  3. What Are You Listening To?

    Touch It and Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande
  4. My stories

    Welcome welcome! I love No Face!!!! hoping to meet yah in game Lucie:)) my chars all have 'Pennysomething' too hahahah! I'm usually at Odin and Abbey so see yah!
  5. "Something 'bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman.."-A.Grande  

  6. Stitch is gone??? :o 

    1. SkyeReed


      hahahaha! I'm kinda feeling so pretty at the moment but I asked Stitch nicely so no worries lol He might be back soon when I'm feeling ugleh again:)))

  7. "Cause every time I'm w/ you I go into a zone..Take me all the way..Cause every time I see you I don't wanna behave..I'm tired of being patient so let's pick up the pace..Take me all the way..ain't nobody gonna touch it, touch it, touch it..."- A.Grande

  8. Makeup Tutorials :wub: when i get better..I shall post my cute face here lol. I <3 Christen Dominique's youtube vids so girls you might wanna check her out *winks*

  9. Back to TalonRO

    Welcome back! wowoww that's some cool chars!it's my gaol to be able to try all jobs too... *U* hoping to bump into yah in game all my IGN have Penny in the start like PennyLights :))
  10. Happy Halloween!!!! woot woot! ft. my orgmate Hans and me as the killer/gg


    1. howrah


      ...poor little Hans...

  11. Halloween parties tom heheh cant wait :3
  12. ButXer randomly accusing me of botting at orcs. I wonder how many times she's done this but oh well pft I print screened just in case. She teled away, such a weirdo.... 


    1. Ryoushen


      Pfft. People need to spend less time being trolls.

  13. Hi guys! I just wanna share one of my achievement as an artist. I am part of an art organization in my college called UP Painters' Club. We do an annual exhibit at galleries or malls. One of my most memorable moment was when my art was featured in someone's blog^^ I just remembered it again coz today is the last day of our annual exhibit and sadly I wasn't able to make a painting to pass hehehe. Next year I will<3  here's the link to T's blog 


    Mine's the Nature's Light Amidst the Darkness. 4x3ft Oil Canvas Painting.

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    2. SkyeReed


      Thank you Khimmy!!!! <3

    3. raz


      Great work. Your strokes are consistent and your choice of color-pairing is nice, making it easy to just look at and marvel. I like how your piece depicts the idea of finding bliss from nature's simple things.... splendide!

    4. SkyeReed


      wowowow omg thank you so much raz! Now i have to follow you hahahaha! <3

  14. Autumn 2017 Loading Screen Contest

    IGN: PennyWhite Click the image to view it clearer or click this link http://ibb.co/hFKjfm Stitch wants that Pope pet..
  15. TalonRO Official Facebook Page! :O

    I just follow GM Radius' FB account where he posts every events and news on TalonRO