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  1. wow i miss playing TalonRO <3

  2. An early HAPPY NEW YEAR art from Penny! Cheers to 2018!!! Year of the Dog yoh!!! Thanks to everyone who has been a part of my 2017! B) Art ref: http://ibb.co/i2LpPw

    newyr copy.jpg

  3. And a new cover photo from Cynischism  ^_^ Very lucky this 2017! Thank you so much guys <3 (follow the Draw the char above you thread at the Art Corner Forum to get your lucky shot at having such wonderful artworks from our talented TalonRO players ^^)


  4. New profile picture from ChenBearPig to welcome 2018:D He did my dancer-Skyerim as an art gift months ago <3

    skye21.jpg.c6f3d9934062550382d274d46b174898 (1).jpg

  5. Good luck guys and may the best composer win! *U* Giving ya'll my support! (I'm not not entering any contest, I was just inspired). Merry Christmas everybody! <3
  6. This art is for everyone esp. my friends!<3 Merry Christmas TalonRO! LOve lots, Penny:wub:5a3f12b6b9703_xmasfinalcopy.jpg.670362127b23d13e386ac809e4d4dafa.jpg

  7. Just something that I drew 3 years ago B) That should be "sage" I think? It still confuses me till now how the outfits differ:))


  8. Today's Advent Calendar art is mine woot woot! Hurrah! B)

  9. Thank you so much GM Team and happy holidays! *U* <3
  10. IGN: PennyWhite The GM Luna Challenge: Season Greetings - +3 Draw three GMs of your choosing wearing Christmas themed costume, in order to win all three GMs must like your entry. Submitting a trad art coz laptop is still dead..but still hoping to get those 3 likes *_* salamat!
  11. My hard drive passed away yesterday so can't play for the meantime..I'll miss yah my friends <3 I shall return on dec...

  12. A party is a party,not a solo play.And just because you're so strong doesn't give you rights to be rude to others../x 

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      My Wife for Hire




      RAWR :3


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      @My Wife for Hire OMG OMG OMG I so love you! Ohana? hahahaha!

  13. "Something 'bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman.."-A.Grande  

  14. Stitch is gone??? :o 

    1. SkyeReed


      hahahaha! I'm kinda feeling so pretty at the moment but I asked Stitch nicely so no worries lol He might be back soon when I'm feeling ugleh again:)))

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