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  1. Reading the Class Discussions on Extended Classes gives me headache >_< stars..moons..sun..kaa..kaahi..ugh! I just want to make a kick ass kung fu kid! /desp

    1. elijahsp


      It's taekwon not kung fu/an

  2. Lets Make a Random Good Story

    The llmas of Venus' then tripped over Officer Banana's peel.
  3. I'm here for the nostalgia

    If you are 20 base levels below 60, we can even share exp when in a party so even if you're just 40+ base level it would totally work ;D
  4. New to the server, old in RO

    WElcome Keruberosu!!! Imma lend you my whole arm let's go hunt some monsters and level up together! my Wiz is level 60 sumthing right now hehehe we could go guild hunting as well ;D IGN: PennyStrife (I have more chars but when u see a name w/ a Penny, that's prolly me )
  5. Comment About The Person Above You

    Why? How? When? What???!
  6. Wizard tips

    The gallion trick was helpful to me thanks @Neutral!!! I used my bf's assassin cross to tank the gallion and roweens(coz they'll just miss) then used heaven's drive hehehe <3
  7. Comment About The Person Above You

    Who's your Wife for hire?
  8. Aww sent Slagve 10m... sorry i missed an extra e..
  9. I'm here for the nostalgia

    Let's plaaaaaayy and find a guild!!!! I'll be playing till 4 hrs from now hoooyaaaah!!!
  10. I'm here for the nostalgia

    Welcome Saretete! my Wizard level 60 needs a companion to level hehehe just PM me anytime when you want to try partying ;D IGN: PennyStrife
  11. Stitch Wants to Draw You

    Yahoo done w/ another one featuring GM Venus! hehehe goodness I hope someday I get to do all the GMs^^ gotta do Mei Magnolia's next <3
  12. When will we ever have a winner
  13. Stitch Wants to Draw You

    Hiya hehe long time no post >///< finally I got to finish an art again.. so sorry busy w/ job. Anyway teeheee GM Elixia's the feature of the day! I hope you'll like it guys Back to photoshop again..doing GM Venus ;D
  14. Individual Voting EXP rewards

    what???! WHAT? rental items doesn't help leveling significantly as well as field manuals???! Oh god help us with this man... me and my friends as well as the newbies we've helped have been dependent on Rental Brocca, Rental Bloody Shackle Balls, Rental Ballista, Rental excaliburs, Refined Epsilon..and soooo on coz these items have HIGHER ATTACK POWER THAN THE NORMAL WEAPONS and you say it doesn't help lvling significantly??? just wow. HAVE YOU HELPED NEWBIES HERE??? THEY DONT HAVE A FRICKN ZENNY SO WE TELL THEM GO HUNT FOR MONSTERS AND GET THOSE RENTAL ITEMS. And you say "free items helps the end-users far more than new-players" wow again.Have you read the forum section on Class Discussions???? A LOT of newbies started off w/ rental items and then asking of what weapons to use next coz they want the items to be theirs and put cards in it. Even the pros at Class discussions will say to other players to go rent for items if you do not have the zenny (esp the famous ones like the rental ballistas and broccas. I can give you links if you want proof for a person who doesn't believe in the power of rental items). Do you really care about the new players??? Have you worked your ass off to get those rental items every single week?? coz I am sure now that you haven't coz you've just said how "it doesn't really help lvling significantly" and field manuals being "pretty usesless". Field manuals are even part of the starting kit you get when you first landed on Talon to help you level up FASTER!! My bf even asks for my field manual I got from the Tiki Bar Event coz the difference it makes IS NOT PRETTY MUSH USELESS as you perceive it. He's a lv 98 sinx which makes leveling the most hardest and he says "BABE LET ME HAVE UR FIELD MANUAL" but I can't(coz that field manual can be used for lv 60+ and is transferable only I think to your other accounts and can be obtained through events which I think you did not participate on) but he got his field manuals thankfully he participates on events. l need names.. NAMES.. of people who says field manuals are pretty useless and take 'em off their ungrateful hands and just give it to my bf lol jk maybe give it back to the GMs!!! 25% more exp for 30 mins! WE EVEN HOPE THEY MAKE IT TO 1 HR COZ IT JUST SHOWS HOW IT IS NOT PRETTY USELESS AND IS LIKE A GOD GIVEN GIFT SENT TO US TO LEVEL UP FASTER. YES IT IS TRANSFERABLE! please next time think about what you say like x10 before you post it????!!! Yes I am using a lot of CAPS coz you triggered inside of me that makes me a SHEHULK.
  15. Individual Voting EXP rewards

    Today you are asking for exp boost. Tomorrow, not just a CC but a free TC. Next month, who knows? a free headgear?lol THERE IS NO END TO THIS AND ONE WAY TO AVOID THIS IS CONSISTENCY... CONSISTENCY TO REFRAIN PLAYERS FROM BEING TOO GREEDY OF FREE ITEMS.. FREE ITEMS WHICH ARE ONLY BONUSES. Play hard and play well to get those exps you are wishing for to have for free..getting free exps by voting..tsk..so easy to get like how a lazy person will ask for free zenny or gears on Prontera.. seems to me you're just pretending to care 'bout all this and then thought of that it's a good chance to suggest to have free exp.. wow!that's really helpful for players who are already level99 eh? like WOW! THANKS! ;DDDDD Anyway you're suggestion has been declined already so maybe try again and better luck next time.