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  1. xxXSquaLLXxx

    Solo Crusader/Paladin Builds

    actually no, I maxed out my paladin from soloing abbey with this build (incomplete set) sometimes all I need is 1 necro + his minions to replenish my full hp at around 26kish.. as Aoko said GC's high damage output to undead makes the life leech effective especially with 3 sniper cards.
  2. xxXSquaLLXxx

    B>Aegis Shield= CLOSED

    already bought 1 , pls. close topic thanks
  3. xxXSquaLLXxx

    The Eden Group

    Awesome job to the admins and GM Phoenix, when GM Seiren said it would be a big update . I never thought it would be this big.. thanks for the effort
  4. T> 3x Dracula Djinn to Staff of Magi (DDD) or + zeny to clean Arte/ Bris - pm for offer Pm me here or mail me in-game : - w e s -/ Knuckle Fu Thanks
  5. xxXSquaLLXxx

    Frozen boy answers

    Oh silly me lol.. thanks so much ..
  6. xxXSquaLLXxx

    Frozen boy answers

    Thanks for this guide it was really a big help... unfortunately I am having issues with the quest so prolly game over for me. I don't know if its a bug or so called "intended" but 3 of my chars already got "stuck" every time I encounter this riddle Pattern ④ Original text Erd, ongear, lwyleo, grnee ... npstere ifev fo hte dsonec loorc ot em ni tifur fmor! Analysis Red, orange, yellow, green, present five of the second color to me in fruit form! Answer Pass 5 Orange. The creature won't give out that blank space to put your answer.. so no way to finish the quest.
  7. xxXSquaLLXxx

    Black Friday Costumes

    previous: Tam Tam costume 25m current: Snow Rabbit Knit Hat 20m
  8. xxXSquaLLXxx

    TalonRO's Winter Lottery

    25 Ign: A I r W a l k
  9. xxXSquaLLXxx

    TalonRO's Winter Lottery

  10. xxXSquaLLXxx

    Halloween Event 2017 - School Quest Guide

    Thanks for the guide sir
  11. xxXSquaLLXxx

    Seals Service From Aldebaran Est.2016 [OPEN]

    My first post in the forums , goes to this AWESOME team.. the quest was done professionally and fast (waiting for the other team to finish was longer) .. these guys are real PRO's 100% recommended service.. thanks so much guys ~ Anti~Hero~