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  1. Woo! New cooking entries! It looks like we have some very talented chefs and bakers on the server. They all look so yummy. I love all the twists we have all done to transform a dish into something RO related. I want to eat each one, but also don’t want to ruin the presentation! Very good job to the other contestants, you all nailed it! Pats on the back to all!
  2. Man, I sure woke up today with a sweet tooth! So let's talk inspiration for today's dish! Hatfun and I were lazing around Malangdo, trying to think of something to do. You know, another one of those days where you talk about the things you could be doing instead of actually doing anything. But then we saw it: GM Alura annoucing one of her amazing events, and she had a surprise guest! We just had to be there! Turns out, Alura's special guest was none other than Santa Claus himself. When we arrived, there were newbies all around us! Everyone couldn't wait to see what event was planned with Alura and Santa Claus, it had to be fantastic. However, Sleepy couldn't resist but to poke fun at the other players. Mocking armor choices, hairstyles, and even some costumes! Santa didn't find his jokes very funny and decided to punish him by casting a magical spell at Sleepy to teach him a lesson. *BAM*, the spell bounces off Sleepy's platinum shield and bounces right back in Santa's direction. However, the spell misses Santa and hits Alura, turning her into a cute poring wearing white fox ears with a little bit of pink glitter on their tips. Santa is not happy at all, apologizes to Alura, but then readys another cast. As Santa lets loose another spell, Sleepy jumps behind Hatfun hoping this burly knight could tank the hit for him. *POOF* Hatfun shrinks down into a poring leaving him with nothing but his romantic leaf and helm. Santa has...had...it. Santa rushes Sleepy, picks him up by the slack in his High Priest's Collar, knocks his shield to the ground, and blasts him directly in the face with one last spell. *Zip Zap Zoop* Sleepy drops down into a pile of pink goop, turned into a poring with nothing but his fashionable sunglasses left. Santa apologizes to Hatfun and Alura. Unfortunately, the spell is irreversible and will need to be waited out until the New Year begins. He assures them their stockings will be extra full this year; however, Sleepy needs to learn his lesson. Hopefully, this helps Sleepy become more humble in the following year and he treats others with much more respect and kindness moving forwards. Now, let's get started! The Ingredients: The Baking: The Balling and Dipping: The Icing for Decorating: The Finished Product: GM Challenges: Thank you all for taking the time to go on this baking journey with me! If you have any further questions about this recipe feel free to ask! Happy Holidays Sleepy
  3. IGN: Piercing Arrow & SleepySupports ------------------Backstory--------------- Our friendship began over TalonRO, in Dewata, I was watching as two girls picked on Arrow’s fashion choices in town. This is the part, you might think I stood up for the man being bullied for choosing poor color schemes and even worse costumes. However, you would be wrong. I chimed in, offering my own sassy critique to the barrage of fashion insults. What can I say? It’s how I show my love. It took a couple months for us to really start playing together, even though we were in the same guild. It wasn’t until Seals for Dummies took off and we gathered into a friend group that did the old seals every time we got together. That is where our friendship really blossomed. Then Iduna came, removing seals and we started doing small party ETs being able to complete the tower with only 2-6 people. It might sound like to some like we are serious players that like to keep to ourselves, until they join our voice chat and they hear the uncontrollable laughter and joy we produce when we are together, along with the others in our guild. How often we are just testing things out and laughing at one another for the mistakes we make...or the surplus of one particular person’s ping. Our goofiness has become a cornerstone of the guild we are in, Sempiternality, and I am happy to say that many others get to enjoy that with us. When Covid hit, Arrow disappeared for 5...whole...months! Of course, I checked on him every week or so to see if he would respond, but he didn’t even have access to discord. The culture of Sempi was still there, but wasn’t quite the same without his presence for me and I know others felt the same. When he did come back, it was like he never left. Everything went back to how it was, except the additional built up roasting he had missed out on during his 5 month hiatus. Once Arrow came back, we spent even more time together doing more ridiculous attempts at different instances, killing MVPs, or mobbing Thor depending on the mood. Covid has been rough for both of us, and we began sharing more deep stories with one another about ourselves and getting on true best friend levels with one another. I am happy to know that, even through all my bullying, I know I have a solid friend in Arrow. Thank you, Arrow, for ~That Sempiternal Healing~. ---------------------DAY OF-------------------- ---Enter Thor 3--- Arrow: Why did you want to do Thor 3, and why Glacial Hearts and Frozen Roses? Sleepy: Arrow, you are my best friend. In my worst times, my heart goes cold and I just want to freeze out the world. However, you are there for me filled with warmth and help thaw me out back to reality. I figured this would fit our friendship best. Happy Valentine’s Day Bud. Original ScreenShot: Bonus Ifirit Photo Bomb:
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