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  1. Patoche

    GEC cruz -> Schield chain Palli

    Finally got my hands on a pair of GEC shoes ! For both builds what are good not-so-expensive accessories ? For GC earrings seem way too expensive for the small boost they provide, I got shakles but they don't even count as decent. What about hat ? I got Fin Helm & Iron Cain and just myst case carded hat. It might be enough for now, I need to set priorities on future buyings. I was also thinking about platinium shield, as it provides nice tanking bonus (huge mob train incomming^^) and even nicer on undeads, and its price is in my range. Is it better to buy it with some other things or keep everything and eco for angeling card ? Woops I didn't notice platinium shield is rebirth only, it will have to wait ^^ When you start novice already with GEC, the least would be doing all quests without reset until rebirth, which is what I aim for. Cruz/Palli looks really fun.
  2. Patoche

    GEC cruz -> Schield chain Palli

    Thanks for your answers. I'll go with a crusader from scratch the hard way, it should run decently with GEC. I just need Haeddongun (Andre cards ?) and NPC gears right ? Angeling card seems a little expensive for me and will have to wait. When I rebirth I might keep going for GC or change for SCHA, depending on which I will enjoy the most. For SCHA what do I put in main gauche ? Any idea for something fairly cheap and polyvalent ?
  3. Patoche

    GEC cruz -> Schield chain Palli

    I'm new to this server/game and very interested in a Shield Chain palli. My idea was to farm as a GC palli until rebirth then go for shield chain, I have a few questions : - Is shield chain a good build for solo ? For parties ? - Is it doable with cheap gears ? - What kind of low MVP will I be able to solo with SCHA ? I have for now a 98 hunter, 97 sage, 10M zenys and Odin Blessing, Silk Robe. My idea was to keep farming until 14M to buy a GEC card (is it ok to waste it in Shoes[1] ?) as I read it would make both builds much smoother. This mean I probably won't have angeling card. What do you guys think ? Thanks