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  1. Patoche

    Vamp LK w.o. Berserk

    The problem with katana is its absolutely horrible 60 atk. You should maybe consider loosing a slot with Krasnaya and almost quadrupling atk (Because more dammage means more heal which means more survivability which means bigger mobs trains which means more heal...). Also, does Bowling Bash work with sniper card ? (Forum research says yes... Then it says no... Apparently it does.) Because if so, the idea of your build (not using Zerk) is to be able to use skills. Spamming BB frees the need to use Baphomet and Dopple : What about Krasnaya [Sniper] [Sniper] [Sword Guardian] ? Or maybe Veteran Sword [Sniper] [Sniper] ?
  2. Patoche

    Halloween Cosplay Contest

    Spooky Firefighter Theme IGN : Tata GM challenge : The GM Luna Challenge: Flame on - +1 Light the darkness with a headgear(s) that embodies the flame of fire. Mob cosplayed : Remover (Bio Laboratory - Lighthalzen Dungeon 1 & 2) Happy Halloween to all Talonians and staff team.
  3. Patoche

    Bolter Prof questions

    I'm planning on starting a bolter prof, and I couldn't find all answers in the forum. I have a low budget, and can't afford SQIs nor many mvp cards. - Is Thunderstorm Cloud good enough to sacrifice kaho ? - What about the [ pocket watch + principles of magic + librarian glove + monocle + memory book ] combo ? It's fairly cheap and provides : HP and SP Recovery + 15%, MATK + 7% INT + 5, HP + 700, Attack Speed + 5% SP + 20 MATK + 20%, INT + 3, SP Recovery + 5% INT + 1, MDEF + 2 And still has room for Dragon vest / manteau combo, boots and kaho. - Is +4 book of the dead really better ? If so, then what kind of accessible gear should be used ? - Does the sniper card work with autobolts ? If so, is it worth it to maintain a sufficient heal pool ? - Do I go dopple + sniper, sniper + sniper or dopple + dopple ? Other alternatives ? - Do I really need to go with a slave soul linker or can I go solo on certain places ? - Places to farm ? I've read abyss lake is good, ice dungeon. Other ideas ? - For shoes GEC is the way to go ? Here's an example of the build
  4. Patoche

    GEC cruz -> Schield chain Palli

    Finally got my hands on a pair of GEC shoes ! For both builds what are good not-so-expensive accessories ? For GC earrings seem way too expensive for the small boost they provide, I got shakles but they don't even count as decent. What about hat ? I got Fin Helm & Iron Cain and just myst case carded hat. It might be enough for now, I need to set priorities on future buyings. I was also thinking about platinium shield, as it provides nice tanking bonus (huge mob train incomming^^) and even nicer on undeads, and its price is in my range. Is it better to buy it with some other things or keep everything and eco for angeling card ? Woops I didn't notice platinium shield is rebirth only, it will have to wait ^^ When you start novice already with GEC, the least would be doing all quests without reset until rebirth, which is what I aim for. Cruz/Palli looks really fun.
  5. Patoche

    GEC cruz -> Schield chain Palli

    Thanks for your answers. I'll go with a crusader from scratch the hard way, it should run decently with GEC. I just need Haeddongun (Andre cards ?) and NPC gears right ? Angeling card seems a little expensive for me and will have to wait. When I rebirth I might keep going for GC or change for SCHA, depending on which I will enjoy the most. For SCHA what do I put in main gauche ? Any idea for something fairly cheap and polyvalent ?
  6. Patoche

    GEC cruz -> Schield chain Palli

    I'm new to this server/game and very interested in a Shield Chain palli. My idea was to farm as a GC palli until rebirth then go for shield chain, I have a few questions : - Is shield chain a good build for solo ? For parties ? - Is it doable with cheap gears ? - What kind of low MVP will I be able to solo with SCHA ? I have for now a 98 hunter, 97 sage, 10M zenys and Odin Blessing, Silk Robe. My idea was to keep farming until 14M to buy a GEC card (is it ok to waste it in Shoes[1] ?) as I read it would make both builds much smoother. This mean I probably won't have angeling card. What do you guys think ? Thanks