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  1. New Treasure Poring

    Nice history!
  2. Most expensive Costumes

    Never seen that one before... where they come from? Hallowen box?
  3. More about The Dagger of Edda

    I thing Hephaestus is the master blacksmith, he says: "Master forge continues working". When reading all the posts, looking a treasure poring can drop the Plans of Dagger... but the in database don't appear the drop... until now I kill 10 treasure porings... no plans and one treasure poring without portal. Still looking...
  4. Most expensive Costumes

    How much that ones and the first ones? Vicious Aura - ??? Red Vicious Aura - ??? Flame Muffler Costume - ??? Ghostring Tall Hat - ??? Whisper Tall Hat - ??? Thanks Yujinori and other players!
  5. Most expensive Costumes

    Hi guys, want to know about the price of the more expensives costumes in the server... Vicious Aura Red Vicious Aura Flame Muffler Costume Any more to the list?
  6. Three sugestions...

    Perfect! Don't know this command. The correct is !reward. But works perfect! Thanks!
  7. New Treasure Poring

    Hi, just another suggestion... why not create one more treasure poring? We are so happy when find one... Maybe a Hellring (Firering)... with drops from fire elements, like Ifrit... Fireblend, Lucius Armor, Flame Heart... things that have a value like the drops from the others porings... Or a Windring... Watering... Earthring... with the same idea. Thanks! Keep up the incredible work with the server! Cheers Christian
  8. Three sugestions...

    Perfect! Thanks Boreas!
  9. My SB Champion Build Guide

    Ops... sorry! Don't see this "LITTLE" detail... Thanks!
  10. My SB Champion Build Guide

    Why not use Platinum Shield with Alice and GTB? It is not better than Stone Buckler?
  11. Treasure Porings

    Good sunday for you!
  12. Treasure Porings

    Thanks Seiren!!! Just the last question (for now... hahaha): 1 - Every time have one of each type of treasure poring "released" in the world? Ex: The Rainbow poring can be in Thor floor 3 of Thanathos tower now... so nobody found him there for some time?
  13. Treasure Porings

    Hello everyone, I found the topic regarding this and server changelog from june, 2016, but still have some question about Treasure Porings: 1 - I already see all the porings, except Menagering and Rainbowring (God poring of course). That two porings are still active in the server? 2 - What drop from Ginnunggap's Gift? 3 - If kill a Rainbowring and if the portal are open, the whole party are warped or only the character that enter? 4 - Still have the possibility of craft Dagger of Edda? Thanks in advance!
  14. Three sugestions...

    I think the server is almost perfect! I loving play Ragnarok this way... but have 3 suggestions: 1 - Put Bubble gum drop on Old Purple Box... I think with all the other itens that come from a OPB, it's be really dificulty to get a Bubble gum... and it's a great item to have on server (no way in reward guru - NEVER) 2 - Put a time countdown in bonus bundle (like rental itens). This way we can prepare to renew the bonus bundle. 3 - Tamtam Gift Region Suggestion: Glast Heim Maps (with exception of GL prison) Thanks for awesome server!