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  1. Name: Bartendering Appearance: A regular Poring with a moustache, wearing rimmed glasses, a black bow tie, and a Poring backpack Drops: Spammers Heaven (ID#8951) Seductive Bathory (ID#8952) Sting's Slap (ID#8953) Blossoming Geographer (ID#8954) Drip of Yggdrasil (ID#8955) Venatu's Beep (ID#8956) Myst Case's Surprise (ID#8957) Matyr's Mix (ID#8958) Old Dracula's Mix (ID#8816) Sour Sidewinder (ID#20593) Raydric's Tonic (ID#20594) Moscow Headless Mule (ID#21077) Backstory: There was once a Jejeling who strived to become like his hero growing up. Each year, he would go to the city and sneak past people ten times his size just to get a glimpse of his idol in action. The steadfast little monster watched in awe as the Bartender of Port Malaya whisked him away to new exhilarating heights. Never has anyone seen such a Poring with bigger eyes than his. Summer after summer, he gazed at the barkeep; studying his ingredients and learning his techniques. Through years of training, he had achieved his goal to become one of the greatest cocktail masters in all of the kingdom of Rune Midgard. But being at the top didn't stop his passion to douse out, he thought of a new purpose: to help the other little monsters outside the castle walls. One day, he grabbed his supplies and set out on an adventure to tutor younger monsters all over the continent the art of bartending. IGN: King Jack *image source from TalonRO wiki page
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