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  1. Marky Mark

    Disable Branches

    I disagree with you, 1540. Nothing is more frustrating then starting a new server and dying to mobs for example like ESL or Thanatos summon the panda looking one and not being able to level MUCH LESS a server with exp penalty.
  2. Marky Mark

    Hello TalonRO

    That's one. But yeah, we'll be around town and settling in. So see ya around folks !
  3. Marky Mark

    Hello TalonRO

    Squall's not with us. We don't beg for items.
  4. Marky Mark

    New player here

    I just joined as well. The community is abundant. I always see players sitting down everywhere chatting. We (Me and my group) have been chatting with some folks and people in the dungeons are nic from what I've encountered. Super friendly.
  5. Marky Mark

    Hello TalonRO

    We assemble.
  6. Marky Mark

    Hello TalonRO

    Hello TalonRO I'm Mark. I'm a new player that will be joining the server soon as soon as our Group gets all of accounts and stuff in order. I'am one of seven.