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  1. Toneworks

    TalonRO's Winter Lottery

    6 IGN "ToneWorks"
  2. Toneworks

    S>Gears :)

    Hm for the HOB buffalo?
  3. Toneworks

    Lion Egg, Pets, Costumes and some Gears

    How much for eversong. PM me here or leave an in game mail @ ToneWorks
  4. Toneworks

    Ring [0] to be included in Reward Guru

    Because it is very hard to farm. Like hard lvl 99
  5. Toneworks

    B< Tarou Card / Ring [0]

    bump. Need 1 more tarou & 20 Rings. If somebody can point me out to a place where these ring drops as well
  6. Toneworks

    B< Tarou Card / Ring [0]

    PM me offer or by discord "ToneWorks" Tarou Card need 2 pcs Ring [0] need 20 pcs
  7. Toneworks

    Seals Service From Aldebaran Est.2016 [OPEN]

    Could you tell me time availability of the service? I play around 7:00PM server time
  8. Toneworks

    S>WS Vamp Item

    Can you reserve the rideword for me?
  9. Toneworks

    Gelo666's Abbey Leech Service

    PM per our rate. Thanks
  10. Toneworks

    B< Ice Pick (with stat)

    Please leave offers below. Thanks
  11. Toneworks

    S> TAKE A LOOK :)

    is IP still available?
  12. Toneworks

    S>Gorilla egg

    hm for this?
  13. Toneworks

    Pifty's Low level Thor leech service(Hiatus)

    Recommending this leecher as well Getting another service from him days from now!
  14. Toneworks


    hm for odins robe bathory?
  15. Toneworks

    S> ITEMS

    whats the last price for Artemis TTT & SQI Valkyrie Helm [ Gyphon card ] Pm me pls thanks