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  1. IGN: Supportive Meme: Confused Mr.Krabs Main Entry: For the lulz:
  2. *_______* Can't wait! Also... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RelL4BS2lEQ
  3. The boy who cried wolf IGN: Supportive
  4. If I'm not wrong, you upload your entry onto an image sharing website like imageshack.us, then reply this thread with the forum link.
  5. There we go. Coins = Snowflakes only obtainable by the monsters on the east and west maps of the X'mas village.
  6. Were you referring to the snowflakes or the permanent pets and costumes when you said that it/they were account-bound? Also, how many pets and costumes are there?
  7. Lust, your siggy.. I can't stop looking at it! D: Darn you Lucky Star!
  8. (just writing for the fun of it! ) Behind them, Barnine was... riding on a sleigh with Santa Claus?! The group scratched their eyes, thinking that it was a dream. But it wasn't, everything was real. "I told you Santa Claus was real, you wouldn't believe me!" Barnine shouted to Elph and Soulix as Santa Claus released presents from his sleigh and onto everyone's hands. Santa Claus then signaled his six reindeers to land. The reindeers reduced their speed, scour the area for a landing spot before finally settling down on the ground. "Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas everyone!" Santa Claus said as he and Barnine alight from the sleigh. "Check out my new mount I got from Santa Claus - a nine tailed fox!"said Barnine, a professor. Everyone's jaws dropped. The group opened their presents with much anticipation. To their surprise, everyone got the same gift - a wooden carved reindeer. "Aww, it's adorable!" Rurin said as her eyes were glued to the texture and detailing of the wooden reindeer. "But, you don't exist! I... can't believe it! Who are you? Where have you been? Why did yo-" "I'm sure you have a lot of questions that you wanna ask Soulix, but I'm afraid can only answer the first one. My name is Howl. Nice to meet you." interrupted Santa Claus Howl. "I... completely understand. Nice to meet you too, Howl. And how do you know my name?" "There's not a name in the world I don't know, my boy!" "I... see. Suspicious, but I'll let it pass." The group gathered around Santa Claus and his reindeers. Some bombarded Santa Claus Howl with questions, while others couldn't resist patting the cute reindeers. "So Barnine, what brings you to Morroc?" questioned Elph. "Well, I'm sick of staying at home doing nothing, so I decided to come to Morroc. But while I was walking, I chanced upon Santa Claus. He offered me a free ride to Morroc. Of course I agreed! You wouldn't believe the view up high~" Barnine replied. "I see. Some men have all the luck. I mean, meeting Santa Claus is like trying to get a card from a monster!" Barnine burst into laughter. The sun slowly sets. Darkness now shrouds Morroc. Thankfully, the Christmas decorations were already done. A Morroc citizen switched on the electricity for the decorations, and the whole of Morroc was lit up. Light bulbs of various colors were dangling around every house. The middle of Morroc, once a crater, is now replaced with a huge Christmas tree. A bright star could be seen at the top of the tree. Everyone came out of their houses to admire the scenery. Laughter of children can be heard as they ran around, curious about almost everything. The adults took advantage of the huge Christmas sales and bought many gifts for their loved ones. The city was now lively and bustling. "This is beautiful. I can't believe it! Is this.. a dream? No no, it's real... I think." Soiatna, wanting to make sure, pinched herself. "Ouch! I knew it, this is real!" "Ho ho ho! Ho ho ho!" A mysterious voice echoed from the skies. Everyone looked up. "Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year!" Santa Claus said as he flew away with his reindeers. "Wasn't he here with us.. a couple of seconds ago?" Soulix said. The whole group looked around, and realised that somehow, Santa Claus vanished and was now flying high up in the skies. "Brr, it's getting really cold, could someone make a camp fire please?" asked Soaitna. "On it!" replied Rurin as she gathered up some firewood, then fire bolt them. The group gathered around the camp fire, trying to keep themselves warm. A radio somewhere near the group started playing a slow, peaceful song. Soulix stood up and asked Soaitna, "Care to dance with me?" "Yes!" Soaitna replied with enthusiasm. They both held each other's hands and started slow dancing. The rest of the group followed suit. "Merry Christmas, you guys. And a happy new year!" (due to time constraints, I could only do a lame stickman drawing)
  9. Sorry, I lagged and posted twice. My entry should be Reply #3 ._.
  10. (Owl City Fan) Song requests: Hot Air Balloon by Owl City (great slow dance music! D:) Speed Of Love by Owl City (great dancing music lol)
  11. "Well then, shall we?" Soulix said as he stood up, while trying to endure the immerse pain he got from shielding Soiatna. "No Soulix, we can handle him ourselves, you have to heal yourself first!" Rurin said as she tossed a white potion to Soulix. "Ah... alright then. Promise me that you girls would win this fight!" "We will!" Both Rurin and Soiatna said in unison. As Stormy Knight approached them with a loud, thunderous roar, something caught Soiatna's sight. A gypsy and clown duo was hastily running towards Stormy Knight. It was... it was a clown and gypsy duo! "Feel the wrath of my song, you beast!" shouted the gypsy. She then started singing a song. Her soft, tranquil voice was similar to that of an angel's. All of a sudden, the area around her glowed green. (to the tune of Please Don't Forget Me/Slow Grace) Oh my darling, where have you been? I've missed you... Minutes seemed like hours as I waited for you. May Odin watch over you, let him be safe! If only I could whisper something to you, It'll be, "Please don't forget me", oh please! "My Odin, I can't believe my eyes! Is it really.. Isabelle White's legendary move, 'Please Don't Forget Me!' ?!" exclaimed A Morroc Guard. Isabelle circled around Stormy Knight. The effects of her song was starting to take effect on it. As Stormy Knight tried to swing his mighty ice sword, he realized that its movements got slower. It got more and more furious as it fails miserably trying to adjust to the new 'speed'. "Don't bother trying, Stormy Knight. It's over now. Quick Zack, finish him!" "On it!" Zack smirked as he placed arrows onto his trusty violin, and swung it towards Stormy Knight in a speedy, machine gun-like fashion. "No way, it's Zack's most deadly move, Arrow Vulcan!" A passer-by said in astoundment. Arggggggg! Stormy Knight growled in pain, gave a spine chilling look at the duo, before finally falling down with a huge crash. Its body broke into small ice crystals, and there it laid, the rare, shiny Zephyrus. Rurin, Soiatna and Soulix could only watch in amazement as the duo defeated Stormy Knight effortlessly. "Oh, what's this? A Zephyrus? This should be a nice Christmas present for our daughter, Ruth." said Isabelle in delight. "You guys don't happen to be the famed White duo, right?" Soulix questioned both Zack and Isabelle. "Yes, yes we are." Zack said with confidence. Rurin and Soaitna quickly tend to Soulix's wounds. "I'm so glad you're alright!" Soaitna said as she glomped Soulix. Soulix blushed. The citizens cheered for the duo as they made their way to the acclaimed and renowned restaurant in Morroc, the Bar9. "You guys fought well, please do join us for dinner, our treat." The duo said. The gang, wanting to show gratitude, nodded in agreement. The city's carpenters started on their reparations of the destroyed buildings. Several Morroc Guards were cleaning up after Stormy Knight. The citizens were living peacefully again. Morroc was now back to the way it was before. As the gang walked into Bar9, they were flabbergasted at what they saw. The restaurant had Stings as waiters! "Don't worry, they're not aggressive. In fact, they're friendly, are really good at doing their jobs and are especially great... at giving you a hand. *giggles* " Isabelle said as she chuckled. The whole gang burst into laughter. A sting handed all of them menus. "Well then, order as you please." I hope I didn't go too off-topic with the introduction of stings.
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