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  1. Leftovers [PvM/Social]

    Bump for this guild ^^
  2. Afk leveling homunculus

    Occasionally picking up items every few minutes resets the afk timer right?
  3. Farming Mystic Frozen

    Currently one of the best ways for newer players to make money and farm is going to Sleeper map and farm for Great Natures and breaking them down to resell. Because of this, this map is completely crowded and people have spent endless hours of farming Sleepers can find it repetitive. As the server continues to grow, this could be an issue as all maps are getting more crowded. Problems: Lack of farming map variety; not many places for newer players to farm Makva and Sleepers get crowded really faster, especially during peak times during the weekend Sleepers and Makva can be very repetitive Geffenia and Magma maps require high funding gear Looking up other greater elemental ores, Mystic Frozen increased rate would be the best one to implement into the server. If you change the rate drop for Mystic Frozen on either Piranha or Iara (whichever the staff sees fit), it could be a similar map to Sleepers. Also currently there is no real incentive to go into Brasilis dungeon other than ancient tooth, this can encourage players to check out Brasilis and it's dungeon. Piranha in bra_dun01 has a (80) spawn rate on our server similar to the Sleepers map. Or on the second floor bra_dun02, Iara has a spawn rate of (110). I suggested these monsters as they: Have no game changing drop items that could hurt the economy No card drops from Piranha and Iara Piranha is easier for magic users to farm, which encourages a wider use of different classes as well Makes use of the new 25% more thunderbolt damage card, as these monsters are weak to wind element Encourages new builds, 1 miming card on 99 SN will 1 shot with thunderbolt Gill, Fin, Ancient Lips, and Ancient Tooth can also be used for SQI bonus similar to Sleeper drops Higher HP on this server in Piranha and Iara can compensate for the lack of high def difference on Sleepers, and they hit harder as well. 18.9k HP on Iara 0 def/ 15.8k HP on Piranha 5def vs 8k HP on Sleeper 49 def Make use of an existing dungeon that is rarely used Populate a map that is usually deserted, thus spreading out the player concentration away from other maps This solution would help out more weekend players since they can't play during the weekdays and are able to take advantage of another map instead of fighting with other players for Sleepers or at Makva. This could be a great solution to the two most overpopulated farming maps.
  4. S/T> Nibel [Clean]

    Message me your offer please.