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  1. Haha someone dug my post from 2017 Thanks a lot @NattWara , this may be late but if the calc can be fixed, that'd be really cool as now I'm already a Sherwood stalker (it's also inaccurate for sherwood, but the trick is to get that 75ATK sqi bonus in-game, and not in the calc, it's almost the same that way). 😅
  2. Fumfos

    LK in DG, thoughts?

    Thanks for the reply NattWara! Almost forgot about that dark GC thing. Hmm what do you think would be better between a 1-h Sword build with GTB/Alice swap or a 2-h sword build with batho/gloom swap? Do you think Parry would be better than having a permanent shield like Alice? What I'm afraid of the most fora 2-h sword build is that meteor assault skill from the morroc angel because Parry is not a fully reduction but rather a chance to block an attack.
  3. Fumfos

    LK in DG, thoughts?

    Hi guys, I've been considering building an LK in DG for fun seeing as even stalkers go there with sherwood. Here's my build (note, most things I put are things I already have). How viable do you think this would be? Here Go there by getting full buffs as well as kaahi. +4 STR from jaguar hat, +5 Str and dex from food and Might swap accessories a bit with hell poodle for healing once mob is dead too. Another way I think of is to use +7Naght[R] with FS enchants and using buffs for one hand quicken, my build here Thoughts? How do you guys think this would fare in DG?
  4. As the title suggests, buying sherwood bow. Got the bow now, thank you for your attention.
  5. Fumfos

    Sherwood alternatives for BB Bow Stalk

    You can check out how I found out BB with a bow is inaccurate with a calc here
  6. Hi there people, this is the thread that I made as a sort of bug report here, that's the thing I'd like to know, but GM Boreas closed it already. First things first though, I'm fully aware of the red text on the top, but as I stated in the post, everything else aside from BB damage is simply spot on. It's just BB damage that's like 25% lower for what I got in-game. Also, does anyone know if BB doesn't use an arrow? Because it appears that it doesn't to me.