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  1. topsykretts

    Les population

    Isn't these are Les?
  2. topsykretts

    Les population

    There's many at 2nd floor. Try it out.
  3. topsykretts

    Make the number of voting points to redeem selectable

    +1 I was about to suggest this too.
  4. topsykretts


    Afaik, all of your characters can go to Moscovia Dungeon just wearing the Gusli and walk near the dock. Just sayin'.
  5. topsykretts

    Halloween | Melodia Haunted Festival

    If not possible for the tradable bandit egg within forum account. Can we make it atleast claimable too in the Vending Machine.
  6. topsykretts

    Halloween | Melodia Haunted Festival

    Can we make the win count on BJ / GTN stays event you got disconnected? Because it's killing me just to win 2 rounds then you got disconnected. Please, please, please!
  7. topsykretts

    Android/iOS Game Version

    You should search before suggesting as this suggestion is suggested repeatedly and have been declined over and over again.
  8. topsykretts

    B>+7 Dragon's Breath [clean / Devi]

    Still Buying!
  9. topsykretts

    B>+7 Dragon's Breath [clean / Devi]

  10. topsykretts

    B>+7 Dragon's Breath [clean / Devi]

    Message me here or mail IGN: Skullhound
  11. topsykretts

    Change homunculus sprite

    I agree with Howrah, some people invest on embryos to sell or to get what sprite they want. And also spend time to level it to see if they can get the good/perfect stat. After seeing that it is not, they delete it and consumes embryos again to get the sprite and level it again until they got what they want.
  12. topsykretts

    Item DB QoL

    Iirc, we have this feature on the old DB. When you clicked on the price, it will open a tab that has a list of the item in market even compounded or not, if it is a card.
  13. topsykretts

    "Every Job" option for advanced item search

    Then just ctrl+F "Every Job". Not an issue.
  14. topsykretts

    "Every Job" option for advanced item search

    Uhm, yea? Because even if you do add that option to the selection. It would still suggest the same item that has been listed without selecting applicable jobs. Because sometimes the "Usable on" description list it as "Thief, Merch, Aco, Swordie, Archer and Mage". And I think that it will still display items that is applicable on "Swordie, Thief, Merch" item still. That will also count as any job class as it list more than one job class.
  15. topsykretts

    The Starlight Soiree | You’re Invited

    Thank you for the Event I enjoyed coming to this party. Pic with the Queen.