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  1. topsykretts

    S>+7Dragon Set[AGI+3] and Overups Weapon

    PM for Price or Offer IGN: Tatsuya Himuro
  2. topsykretts


    You always have some suggestion but you fail to explain or include some details.
  3. topsykretts

    Ghen Corps [Shoping Mall] [Leech] [Freebies] - Updated Everyday

    Hi, good day to you. I would like the Orlean's Uniform if possible Thanks. IGN: Onyok Velasco
  4. topsykretts

    Optionally re-colored kaho horns

    Purple please <:
  5. topsykretts

    bullet maker

    But if you do reduce the weight of bullets. Don't you think that Sniper won't be complaining about arrows too? As the bullet and arrow have the same weight?
  6. topsykretts

    Include seller NPCs when using !shopjump and !whosell

    And really, you can @sj "item" and see if that's NPC-Buyable.
  7. topsykretts

    Costume Requirements

    Explaining the same reason why he wanted this. Again and again and again. Still make no sense.
  8. topsykretts

    Costume Requirements

    Solution: buy Reclusio's vend store of said "scraps" titled costumes.
  9. topsykretts

    Disable Dead Branch in Sleepers

    Thank you for response. Will be more aware of those spammers.
  10. topsykretts

    Disable Dead Branch in Sleepers

    This happened just now. Please, for what I know GMs said that it can't be used there. But there still more that can be summoned there. Losing EXP is </3
  11. topsykretts

    Add @hold Command

    Yea, that would work. The confusion ailment used by Evil Nymphs and Bathories.
  12. topsykretts

    Add @hold Command

    Same.. Haha.
  13. topsykretts

    Add @hold Command

    Ofcourse it's in the hotkey/shortcut. You know, slow net sometimes be very confusing. When you thought that it didn't sit after first press. Then you press it again. It stands up.
  14. topsykretts

    Add @hold Command

    Yea, but you don't know the struggle of slow internet connection.