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  1. topsykretts

    Time Stamps

    What I do when I AFK is to enable "/am" or automessage and put there. "I am AFK for a moment, can you please give the time you PMed me with the time server, thank you". The only downside is somme would do and would not.
  2. topsykretts

    Mid Drops

    I don't think that he's referring it to the newbie that wants the mids. What my interpretation is that he wants the MVP killing for middle/high tier would be more rewarding. Besides, if this is Implemented. The items would be more accessible for raw zeny farming for lower price than the TC price just like MVP Cards. Rather than trusting on your RNG with Chiqita and drop rate of Copper Coins.
  3. topsykretts

    B>Turtle General Card / +10Mace[2xPecoEgg,2xKaho]

  4. topsykretts

    B>Turtle General Card / +10Mace[2xPecoEgg,2xKaho]

    Still Buying!
  5. topsykretts

    B>Turtle General Card / +10Mace[2xPecoEgg,2xKaho]

  6. topsykretts

    B>Turtle General Card / +10Mace[2xPecoEgg,2xKaho]

  7. topsykretts

    B>Turtle General Card / +10Mace[2xPecoEgg,2xKaho]

  8. topsykretts

    Authoritative Badge in Prontera

    I don't see this is a bad idea, as long as this will only affect PvM. Newbie/average player can utilized this item so they can maximize their farming. Farming this is item is not also bad, however not so newbie/average player friendly as it will take them time to gain little rather than farming. Buying however is not a problem too if you think this is a neccesity for your farming. While the supply and price on market will increase depends. IDK.
  9. topsykretts

    B>Turtle General Card / +10Mace[2xPecoEgg,2xKaho]

    Looking for new items!
  10. topsykretts

    Suggestions For Next Xmas Event

    Yea, and this also happens in the last Hallowern event. Getting a costume from the box that is on the Costume Raffle. And for me it's not "KINDA" redundant and disappointing, it really is.
  11. topsykretts

    Les population

    Isn't these are Les?
  12. topsykretts

    Les population

    There's many at 2nd floor. Try it out.
  13. topsykretts

    Make the number of voting points to redeem selectable

    +1 I was about to suggest this too.