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  1. IGN: ~~Rikku~~ Title: TamTam's Vacation The Joyous mascot of TalonRO TamTam took her summer vacation.
  2. IGN: ~~Rikku~~Job: StalkerBase Level: 94Job Level: 62 SPRING IN OUR HEARTS Spring is here. Summer is there. Say Good bye from snow. Say hello where flowers grow. Spring, Spring is over soon. The smell of flowers that blooms. Love and Laughter is the best sunshine. The birds sing us a lullaby. Music in the ears that sounds bright. Bright, bright, brighter like your smile. The Smile that gives us light, glowing upon us every time. This wonderful time of spring. We will start a new beginning. It is the season where we start to grow The season of spring, it’s time to go Summer is here, let’s make it clear. With the friendships formed and good times shared. For all the people that I cared. A life well lived is a legacy. The joy & pleasure playing with you is a lasting memory. Playing Talon RO, it makes me happy. Meeting new friends and creating new memory. The Adventure of Rikku, still remains. The hours she spent playing in the game. In Prontera, Splendide, they are all the same. People in Talon RO are all friendly. But sometimes they are all busy. Leeching, Vending & most of the time farming. Obtaining zeny for them is everything. Spring in our hearts is a poem I wrote. To thank all the people who helped me grow. The time that you helped me to get better The memories we shared together. A wonderful spring has come to an end. Our journey continues till the end. Time passes like the wind. Soon, Spring will come again. A Spring which everyone enjoys. The SPRING IN OUR HEARTS that will give us joy. ORIGINAL SCREENSHOT
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